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  1. According to billboard, the NA tour earned the boys over $85 million. https://www.billboard.com/pro/blink-182-reunion-tour-earned-85-million-north-america/ Blink-182 is back together and bigger than ever. The band’s iconic lineup of Travis Barker, Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus reunited for their first shows in nine years, yielding the biggest results of their three-decade career. According to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore, the North American leg of the group’s World Tour 2023/2024 grossed $85.3 million and sold 564,000 tickets. This isn’t Blink’s first reunion tour. The trio went on hiatus in 2005, returning in 2009 with the similarly simply titled blink-182 in Concert tour. At the time, that tour became the band’s biggest on every measurable metric. It was the highest-grossing ($22.5 million) and best-selling (660,000 tickets) tour of its career and set new highs on a per-show level, with $522,000 and 15,345 tickets on average. Why Acts Like Weezer and Blink-182 Are Becoming Touring’s New Titans Fourteen years later, Blink is pacing $2.4 million each night, multiplying its one-time-peak comeback numbers by four and a half. These North American shows also set a new high for Blink in terms of attendance, but just barely. The tour averaged 15,664 per show, up 2% from the 2009-10 mark. The band found space to maximize its earnings by playing with pricing. Between 2009 and now, Blink’s ticket prices have exploded, from $34.03 to $151.33. That quadrupled-and-then-some price is due to several factors. For one, touring simply costs more in 2023 than it did in 2009. The price of concert tickets has also exploded due to resale, dynamic pricing and increasingly creative platinum and VIP models. Aside from environmental causes, Blink is in a unique position. The band’s 2009 comeback was highly anticipated, but it was still catering to a relatively young audience who had limits to their disposable income. And while that four-year break created heightened demand, 2009 was past the peak of the mid-’00s emo/pop-punk boom that Blink helped inspire. As bands like Fall Out Boy, Paramore and My Chemical Romance geared up for their own extended hiatuses, the new era of Blink’s career flirted with passé, even as the initial comeback was an unqualified success. Elton John’s Farewell Tour Comes to an End With $939 Million and 6 Million Tickets Blink’s touring in the 2010s was frequent but littered with asterisks. The 10th Annual Honda Civic Tour paired the band with pop-punk successors My Chemical Romance. Blink’s 20th Anniversary Tour stretched from 2012 to 2014 but stuck to small clubs and theaters in North America. Shows continued in 2016 and 2017, but without DeLonge, the band’s defining guitarist. In 2019, there was another co-headline tour, this time with Lil Wayne. Ticket prices pushed closer to $60 on that run, but attendance dipped below the 15,000-plus high, closer to 10,000 tickets per show on average. That makes Blink’s recent North American leg the first proper-proper tour for the main lineup since that original 2009 reunion. Not only is its target demo older (and hopefully wiser and richer), but the band is returning in a more welcoming environment. The group’s 2022 single, “Edging,” was its biggest hit on the Billboard Hot 100 since 2004’s “I Miss You.” Further, on the Alternative Airplay chart, the track spent 13 weeks at No. 1, becoming Blink’s longest-running chart-topper ever on the tally, surpassing the eight-week reign of 1999’s “All The Small Things.” On the live front, My Chemical Romance and Paramore have staged the biggest tours of their own careers by far — 10-plus years removed from their self-imposed breaks around Blink’s first return shows. With its biggest radio success ever on the Alternative Airplay chart, the strength of the current pop-punk nostalgia boom and the added infrastructure of the industry’s bulked-up pricing, Blink was perfectly situated to double, triple and quadruple its previous bests on the road. After 36 shows in the United States and Canada, Blink-182’s World Tour is halfway done. The band will play 24 dates in Europe this fall before heading to Australia for 17 dates, plus a sea of shows in Latin America (a mix of festival engagements and five headline shows). Those concerts mark the band’s first hard-ticket headlines in Oceania since 2004, and its first major Latin American run ever. While there is no direct precedent for Blink’s international success, its North American total suggests a big nine months ahead. With another 36 shows before wrapping in April, earnings will quickly hit nine figures, ultimately heading toward $150 million.
  2. Mark said in discord he was going to do the Burger King “whopper whopper” jingle but opted for no scrubs last minute. I hope he does BK at some point. Would be hilarious.
  3. Mark introduced ATST by saying “not to brag but you might recognize this next song from the Alvin & The Chipmunks movie,” and Tom replied “Pornhub”
  4. How much influence do we think auto tune played in how good they sounded? Obviously the First Date thing has been discussed but I just rewatched part of the show and during Reckless Abandon when Tom starts singing “break a window and bust a wall,” there is a very noticeable change. I am very uninformed when it comes to auto tune and such but from what I’ve seen prior, such as with T-Pain, it’s very obvious. Had it come that far to make it this subtle? Or have they significantly improved their singing? edit: timestamp is 26:12 in the link https://archive.org/details/blink182coachella04142023
  5. “Edging” is the soundtrack to ESPN’s Monday Night Football commercial tonight. I’ve heard it twice in the last ~20 minutes.
  6. I wonder if Ticketmaster is reaping all the benefits of this pricing system? Or if the artist gets a percentage as well. I can’t see many artists sitting by as TM does this to their fans. At th
  7. I debated just trying for Stubhub later on but as everyone else has said, Ticketmaster made it appear as though it was selling out. It’s not ideal.. but I don’t go to many shows so this will be my splurge in that area for the year.
  8. I was checked into the queue for the Chicago show on a laptop and the Twin Cities show on my phone. I checked in between 9:45 & 9:50. For both, I was “2,000+” in line. The Twin Cities queue took about 1/3 of the time the Chicago one did. I wanted seated floor tickets in the center section. When I got in to the Chicago show, they were $1,900/each. However, the same section in St. Paul was $300/each. I ended up snagging center section seats in St. Paul and nosebleeds in Chicago for $175/each. Insane.
  9. Fascinating. seeing how active you are on here, I’d be willing to bet you don’t even care about your own so that’s not surprising.
  10. I can take a joke. however, when some 34 year old on a message board constantly makes snide comments, I’ll clap back. and then you try and flip it back on the other person “oh I was just joking” grow up
  11. I’m not saying this as in I’ve checked who in the band is following who. I’m saying this MORE as “this is how Instagram works.” A bit ironic that you tell someone to put their phone down and go for a walk when said someone posts on this board once every…4 months? And you’re here multiple times daily. KYS.
  12. I know no one here cares, but this isn’t true. There’s some weird thing with Insta where you can look Travis’ “followers,” for example, and Mark won’t show up. However, when you go to Mark’s “following,” Travis IS there.
  13. I don’t want to be “that guy,” but I’m kind of curious… Why drop the news now, after 3 months? This, along with the way in which he worded part of his statement kind of has me worried. Hopefully I’m just looking too far into it.
  14. They have some interesting people available to do it. Of course, the more popular they are, the more they cost, but..
  15. Looks like Tom’s manager is booking a bunch of Cameo videos to drum up attention. You can buy a Cameo from Chris Hansen (To Catch a Predator) For $50 and he’ll do a similar video. Have Tom or Angels post it on their social media and it’ll drum up more than enough attention to make it work it. Smart marketing move IMO.
  16. Only you & Tom know about it? Did he cheat on Jen with you? Or did you murder the women he cheated with? in all seriousness, how would his manager,/bus driver/ security/ SOMEONE else not know?
  17. hey Oliver, now that Tom’s divorcing Jen, there’s no need for the bro code, right?
  18. I have multiple copies of the album ordered already, but can someone PM me the link, please? TIA
  19. Been awhile since I was active here but I wanted to chime in on this topic. I 100% agree that they need to do something different & exciting for their shows. Ever since I became a fan in ‘11, it’s been the same stage w/ some pyrotechnics.. and that’s it. You always see the cool stages that make their way into the crowd somehow, why can’t blink do SOMETHING a bit different to change it up? On a similar note, i saw FOB for the first time recently. I didn’t know the lyrics to too many of their songs, so in the weeks leading up to the show, I just threw different live shows on while I was working out & listened to them. i noticed that their show seems to be so copy/paste as well. Most of the recent shows, Sugar We’re Going Down is led by Pete saying “The first time we toured large arenas like this, it was because of this song. So if you know the lyrics, scream then with us” And, around Save Rock & Roll, he’ll also bring a few fans side stage and asks them “how old are you? 10? Would it make the kids at your school jealous if you were backstage at a FOB show!” It’s the same thing word for word, at every show. I get it. You’re there to get your money & move on. you do the same thing day in & out, the majority of the people at those shows don’t go to multiple shows per tour so they don’t know it’s all copy/paste.. but it’d still be nice to change it up and give us “die herds” some excitement
  20. Anyone happen to see videos from last night or whenever their show in Vegas was? GA looked to be under half full and the entire crowd was still as can be. Saw a video of Feeling This from first few rows and no one was moving whatsoever. edit: link to said video.
  21. For those of you who haven't looked recently, go do some searching about the festival. #FyreFestival on twitter is almost as good as one of Tom's meltdowns.
  22. If you search #FyreFestival on Twitter, you'll see all kinds of complaints/sketchiness. Supposedly another major performer has pulled out as well. sounds like some customers and performers are worried about it ending up being a fraudulent thing.
  23. Mark said today in his interview in which they debuted Misery, that blink will enter the studio at the end of the year to begin work on the next album. i don't know much, but this makes me believe that they're sticking with Feldmann for the next album. This is just a hunch based on the fact that they have a rough timeframe set for beginning the new album, while having just had Feldmann finish up the deluxe album.
  24. That's not exactly what I'd call "random," fans who enjoy music and a band/artist so much that they are willing to shell out $250+ for a VIP experience. Those people are obviously MUCH more likely to know how to play said band's music. if you want a "random" group of people, go to the street and grab the first 30 people you see. That will be more "random" than die hard fans who buy VIP tickets lol. And I guarantee <10% of those people from the street will be able to play a blink song.
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