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  1. An even more bizarre phenomenon is you shitting on blink's music day in and day out, yet releasing that god awful pile of shit I listened to on Spotify. My ears felt they were getting fucked with a rusty nail.
  2. I feel like the closest thing we have to that from this era is Hey I'm Sorry; pretty sure that one was for the most part written before they started working with Feldmann. I do like it quite a bit
  3. https://i.redd.it/ata9hamqtp731.jpg This comment didn't age well
  4. I ask myself that very question every time I come here
  5. This post from reddit is pure gold:
  6. Reading the hate for it on reddit makes it seem like people actually think their tour announcement video is a new single. Bizarre
  7. 2011: "Worst song ever, I'm done with this band" 2016: "Worst song ever, I'm done with this band" 2017: "Worst song ever, I'm done with this band" 2019: "Worst song ever, I'm done with this band" - person who posts on blink forums every day
  8. Oh sweet a conversation I can actually participate in! Normally I prefer reading post after post of incessant hate and constant shitting on the things I love most, but this...does put a smile on my face.
  9. On and on, Relentless obsession Smoke a bong, then you'll understand him Nothing to, provide for proof He'll use this con to lead you on... Yep, you're right @Kay
  10. So if I'm understanding some of you correctly, we just need to be really high to understand Tom's bullshit? Because I was really fucking high when I listened to this and I gotta tell ya, it didn't help. Is there a specific strain I needed to smoke?
  11. Lies! I'll have you know this is NOT my screensaver. It's my facebook cover photo, ya dick!
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