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  1. i dont think i have a favorite record of all time that never changes. i've got about five go to records that are timeless for me though....right now my favorite record of all time is : Everything Everything - A Fever Dream best lyricist of this generation IMO
  2. I wish i had the proper knowledge to judge if tom's hairline is receding or not. Please teach me your ways
  3. great video, the band shots look amazing
  4. Jmjust finished a 9 hour crash bandicoot session with friends on the ps2. Its5am. What a great evening. Best buy regarding gaming in a long time!
  5. One of the main differences is: tom was "out there". Super extrovert and outgoing, chasing the spotlight. Matt, even in his own band seems like a very introvert kind if type.. Though ibdont like fall out boys music, or any of the other bands that do the same shit.. a cocky bloke like pete wentz or alex gaskarth could've done much better than what skiba does. Hes being polite and respectful and i think that are some good traits as a person. But there is nothing exciting about matt being in blink.. I probably woukd bitch much more about an extrovert replacement for tom. Lets be honest, if blink would have chosen to accept that their prime is behind them in 2009, everybody would respect them
  6. the problem is that none of these songs work as a three piece without samples.... without all the bells and whistles, these songs are nothing ava is also guilty for relying on a lot of sample tracks.... if a song is great, it works with just an acoustic and vocals, the acoustic performances of the new material showed that they dont work in that setting... I'd bet money on the fact that none of the members in current blink knows how to play every recorded part on nine....
  7. Tom posted from the studio referencing box car racer again. Travis commented: never will sound like bcr without me... Travis and tom collab would be great. Mark would be so pissed though
  8. I Know this might be a very unpopular opinion on here but as far as releases in the last 5 years goe drumwise: Ilan Rubin > Travis..... by a mile! travis' drumming was so special and you'd hear it was him a couple seconds in, but since they ditched tom and whent to the industry professionals, apart from a couple intros and stuff, he's exchangeable. Ilan rips on everything he does: paramoe, NIN, and the new ava stuff are marvelous drumwise
  9. No matt in the picture, i think the honeymoon phase is over, matt will quit /be kicked out soon. Maybe They'll do another tour for nine, but i dont think there will be a new blink album with matt
  10. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    I dont believe someone like skiba who has been in the business for decades fucks up this bad and doesnt notice. He either has absolutely no musical ear or he has some other issues. I fear its the latter
  11. ABsolute trash guitars from China. If you want some decor to put up on your wall, go for it. but if you actually want a guitar to play, i'd stay away from those. met a guy with one and it was absolutely terrible, and everything i heard was mostly negative. they also forge the gibson logo, which is legally troubling. I'd suggest t just get a Epiphone dot studio for the money. I heard Oliver is great at guitarpaint jobs,
  12. Here's hot it will go down: people will care for the first 5-8 polls then won't be arsed with it anymore.... no way this will actually happen. don't waste your time dude
  13. I just bought a ps2 and cant wait for it to arrive! First crash bandicoot session with friends is already settled. What a great console that was; plays ps1 games and plays dvds. No wonder the console is the best selling console of all time Most people just bought a ps2 when they wanted a dvd player. Best console of all time, nqat
  14. No, phoebe's jokes are way over the top. but lisa kudrow is very sympathetic to me. she does no harm, so i can blind her nonsense out easily. monica craving to get a fancy life is like nails on a chalkboard.
  15. amy santiago, i enjoy, but monica? nah! maybe she reminds me of one girl in my circle that annoys the shit out of me with her opinions and craving to be fancy...
  16. it was so random that i was quite amused by it. monica had a annoying opinion about relationships in general so her going for a billionaire was no surprise. worst main character nqat
  17. the biggest prick in the whole series has got to be richard though. what a giant knob
  18. my girlfriend watched friends for the first time so i joined her for a rewatch. changed my vote. Ross reminds me too much of myself. Hate that guy. You're welcome @Kay
  19. I think that tom forced his voice to sound like an edgy teenager from enema till untitled. That shit is unhealthy. Everything he sings on those records doesnt sound natural. After wdntw he wanted to drop it, but he never acrually learned how to sing with his natural voice and its clearly been damaged by the years of trying to sing the way he did. If you learned to sing the wrong way, and even toured that way for years, its almost impossible to fully recover and learn how to properly sing. I do think though he is making progress, but he still has a long way to go to find a way where he can confortably sing with the voice he really has. On a side note, i think tom always had good pitch, much better than mark, but i feel like how he sounds and how he wants to sound are very far apart and he needs no recognize what his voice is and build on that.
  20. If i hadnt heard of blink before and this was what i heard on the radio i'd have absolutely no interest in checking them out, ever. They were pop punk pioneers once ffs, put in some effort goddamn
  21. I love when bands do these radio performances. But please just take a day to tey and figure out how to arrange your song for a radio performance. This wombats song is a synth pop banger on recors and they rearranged it marvelously for radio.
  22. Jesua fucking christ, this is how bands sound presenting their first song on college radio. If you dont feel comfortable playing acoustic on the radio, just don't do it. Lol at the awkward claps after darkside
  23. Honestly i never cared for that shirt. Tom is ava, it was his main musical passion and was back on that tour and he was very open about it .mark should sport his SC sweater too. Who the fuck gives a shit what they are wearing? Its not like they wear offensive shirts... They wear what they are passionate about and what they want to promote, and they should. They are the reason people are showing up for those shows. The can do whatever they want. Its not like you'll be at a blink show, tom is wearing is ava shirt and people go like: ah yikes i should ditch blink and support just ava.... Tom was all about his weird ava shit since 2005. If he wears thst shirt or doesnt, doesnt make any difference....
  24. Damn those are some great pics marik. Glad you got such an awesome experience. Next AvA tour handful of dates confirmed, fingers crossed for Europe!
  25. the claps are the best! In other news, i got the neighborhoods vinyl i ordered and listened today to that bad boy. Fucking hell, that album ages like a fine wine. Love everything about it, including the struggle they had back then which is audible in the song arrangement. But it's an exact display of what blink was at that time and i fucking love it!
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