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  1. So my phone stayed logged in? Cool. Wasn’t on the site you dork , didn’t look at anything since whatever day I last commented. With all of your accusations of lies, I feel some strong projection coming out of you.
  2. I will also address the fact that I made transphobic comments, it was directed towards Patient, whom I mistakenly thought was trans. There’s no excuse and I feel like an asshole for that. I apologize because I don’t have hatred for any group of people in my heart, I was trying to deliver a low blow to this person because they’ve been an asshole to me. Speedo will make fun of me for apologizing, but that’s fine, I will never have a problem apologizing when I’m wrong. I’m sorry.
  3. I don’t live online 24/7 like you, just now seeing it. Sorry.
  4. Thank you Kay. As you said, everything is about context. I never just came out talking about money and getting laid. I brought those up after being made fun of for living with my parents. Saying, whatever, laugh about me if you want for living at home, I still make my own money and get lovin (things people assume you don’t do when moving back in with parents). That’s all. Was it bad taste? Probably a little, and I can take the ribbing for comments like that. But I don’t just go around talking about foolish shit like that , that’s not my character
  5. Never used him as pity you fucking clown. I brought it up as a reason I’m still living at home, after being made fun of for living at home. Get your fucking story straight
  6. See, this is where you’re wrong. I didn’t just come out and brag about anything. It was never bragging. I was getting ridiculed and made fun of for living with my parents. I explained that I could move out if I wanted, but that I was remaining at home because A) it’s hard to find a reasonable place to buy/rent - something my GF and I are currently looking into , and b) my best friend since kindergarden is paralyzed and broke up with his bitch GF- so I’m helping caretaker for now. (Something Speedo is now trying to make fun of me for and claim I’m lying-whatever). He lives a few houses down from my parents, so yea it’s been part of a decision to stay home for now, the only reason I brought it up… Not for sympathy. so after being non stop ridiculed I simply said I make enough to not live at home and I get laid…both things people were telling me I don’t do…so I’m not sorry for sticking up for myself. When roles are reversed…I don’t rip on people for their personal lives and situations. Mad love to @_Bagel and @Depf for understanding context and having my back in a sea of back stabbing assholes
  7. According to you, lol. But you’re like Trump, you feel you’re never wrong. Pathetic
  8. No, you made fun of him, telling me to rotate him and all that. You know what you were doing. For now, I have shit to do, so signing off. Have a great day!
  9. Well then I guess I mixed that up, yes. For some reason I could have sworn you were a transsexual. So, here I am, admitting I was wrong and apologizing. Such a hard concept to understand around here!
  10. It’s all about being an internet dweeb who seeks validation from your two internet friends because nobody likes you in real life , not even your ugly wife . She’s just stuck with you because of Texas law, how unfortunate
  11. Whatever the hell you consider yourself, you’re def not welcome where Speedo lives. At least I accept reality and understand genetics, go have fun pretending to be something you’re not! I hope you heal
  12. You can have fun accusing, but you know you were wrong now. You just can’t admit it, so once again you’re just proving my point of how much a lowlife internet dweeb you are. And I have already posted my name on here plenty of times. All I gave out was my name and nothing else, so congrats?
  13. Fuck off. Seriously, you two should really make arrangements to meet and fuck and suck each other. You sit here and tell me I’m lying and berate me for claiming to make 6 figures, then when I prove you wrong, you still have shit to say. Go fuck yourself. Probably easy for an “it” like you to do. Don’t you know people like you aren’t even welcome where Speedo lives? If he’s free to make fun of quadriplegics then I have no problem making fun of confused trannies like you
  14. If you guys think it’s a win, go for it. I don’t give a fuck, I’m damned if I do and dammed if I don’t. For me, it’s a win…you accused me of lying and I just proved your accusation was wrong. So go suck an egg
  15. Give a fucK if some internet dweeb who spends all his time on a board of a band he claims he doesn’t like respects me or not lol
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