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  1. MGK didn't still my girlfriend. Some low level actor did though, maybe one day I'll share more with you guys and you can help me roast that guy but for now I'm still processing and dealing with too many emotions. Lol.
  2. Kay out here doing the Lord's work
  3. Right. And probably the fact nobody cared about his band anymore humbled him. It’s funny, Tom actually threw shade at Fred in a recent interview. He ripped him for turning down a boxing match that Scott Stapp from Creed challenged him to after Fred talked some shit...Tom’s point was that “Break Stuff” was a massive hit at the time, but Fred pussied out of the boxing match and his excuse was he didnt condone violence...yet his smash hit at the moment was talking about breaking someone’s face. Lol now I really wanna see a Tom DeLonge vs. Fred Durst boxing match
  4. Damn, I forgot about John Otto. Very solid drummer indeed. So yea, Fred sucked but the band was talented and original, MGK has not done anything original at all. To suggest he was even close to their level is absurd
  5. When did I say I liked limp bizkit? It’s quite obvious the opposite, but it’s also obvious they were miles ahead of MGK
  6. I’m trying lol. As much as we bicker I hope you know it’s all love
  7. To all board members, I promise to put my two accounts to good use. From here on out, I solemnly swear to only use my second account to gift Jan with an additional crab on almost every comment she will ever make. If the board shall wish against this, I will respect that. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
  8. I'm no Limp Triscuit historian, but pretty sure that is their worst and most lame album
  9. Wes Borland has more talent in his 6 inch appendage than MGK does in his entire being.
  10. It’s definitely talented and original music. Things I recognize and would never talk shit about. It just never struck a bell with me personally. But I’d never talk shit about them, and it’s laughable that any MGK fan would 😂😂😂
  11. Yea , Never Look Back is alright but seems really cheesy to me. Cannonball would be a great song if not for the lame lyrics
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