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  1. Wait, now Im Confused and I feel like an ass. @Patient #48273 was I wrong calling you man?
  2. Yea sorry man I’m pretty useless right now I guess unless I’m with someone local who knows how to record lol
  3. All I have currently are my electronic drums. I wish I knew better recording techniques. I have a computer...if you have suggestions this is something I’ve been wanting to learn.
  4. But it’s a safe space here now. You can let go of your defense mechanism
  5. Hahaha yes I was trying to think of something along those lines. You nailed it! I’ll make sure to give you a cut when I make it big time
  6. I appreciate you but I wasn’t being serious. I was a drummer in a band back in high school, and I miss those days!
  7. I’m an up and coming SoundCloud rapper. Eventually I’d Iike to make a pop punk tribute album.
  8. I’ll trade em both for any decent band without whiny vocals
  9. My girlfriends a hottie...get like me and you can pull in cuties with no car while living at your parents. Just let me know when you wanna step up your game son
  10. Unfortunately I think you’re right, as far as the world being fucked. In so many ways. Sucks to think about. I try to remain optimistic but it’s hard in today’s world!
  11. Exactly. I thought I was pretty open to everyone but i realized there is always room to grow and be more understanding
  12. Yea I gave this argument up man, I concede lol
  13. I’m with you. I think the pronoun stuff if a little silly. But I upset my GF by saying this and kind of arguing how their gender is determined by their DNA, and she kind of got me to the understanding where they know that...but if it makes someone happy to call them their preference then what is the harm in that? So she kind of helped me open my mind a little bit and I’ll call you whatever you want with no second thoughts now! Even you Speedo, I mean ma’am!
  14. File this under things you should keep to yourself
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