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  1. Not everybody is a tombot or calibot, Jesus Christ. I think Tom’s a whacko and I think the idea of this for blink without him is stupid. In fact, now that things have settled, continuing blink without Tom is stupid. It’s not blink without Mark AND Tom together. I’m over it.
  2. Lol. Welp I supposed that part about not speaking to Tom went over my head lol. I just wanted to get my prediction out before it happens haha
  3. Is this real? I can’t listen at the moment. I haven’t posted in a while but I wanted to comment that Tom was gonna make a guest appearance with blink. Reason #1) tom stated he was doing something his core fans will be stoked on and reason #2) Travis sent a cryptic tweet response about possible guests/features on the new album. So if this Soundcloud song is blink with Tom y’all won’t believe me, but if it’s not..I’m still calling this now lol
  4. So is a kid who loves TBS trying to argue he some how holds a higher moral ground than someone who listens to Sum 41 lol. You gotta listen to actual good music and original sounding bands to be able to trash generic uninspired bands like this
  5. I can’t stand losers that have your negative mindset. Nobody ever try to follow your dreams! Just be a sheep like NJ.
  6. That’s because you’re a pussy that won’t make anything happen. Keep living in your can’t do attitude. That’s exactly why you listen to TBS
  7. Still not gonna listen to this garbage. TBS is not above Sum 41 no matter how many tears TBS helps you let out at night
  8. I’m not heated. They make me cringe. And someone who loves them so much shouldn’t be on here ranting and raging against people who like Sum 41. He just makes himself look weak and dumb. He was being an ass so he brought it on himself.
  9. No matter how much you love or stick up for TBS...they’re still one of the most emo and lame bands I’ve ever had to come across
  10. I was going to say I’m shocked with the amount of ignorance on this site, but I guess I shouldn’t be. I’m not a DMB fan, but their fans aren’t really the rednecks in pickup trucks type, lol. Quite the opposite. It’s more for the hippy crowd. A dude I worked with in college was a massive DMB fan, and was a cool dude. Down to earth, nice to everybody, worked hard, and we smoked a lot of pot. He is about as far away from your judgement as possible. At least know what you’re talking about before you start prejudging people out of your ass.
  11. That’s your opinion. I think every song and every album is garbage. I can’t stand the emo bands. There is nothing punk rock about TBS. horrible horrible cringe band is what they are to me and other non emo people across the globe.
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