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  1. This has been my favorite song by far the past couple months.
  2. That's not the worst line ever it's just the fact it's the whole pre-chorus and Mark's delivery in a heavy dad voice is so cringey.
  3. Are you talking about Adventure or Rebel Girl? I agree on the latter, but Adventure drags man. Definitely not worth the breakup for that song. Secret Crowds, Voyager, It Hurts, Mercenaries, Teenagers & Rituals are better too.
  4. Yeah for me the pinnacle really feels like when Charlie goes to save the team and Desmond for his own death... After that feels a bit like living off reputation, main mystery a bit completed, but still a good show.
  5. I kind of lost interest midway through Season 5, it's still great and one of my favorite shows ever for the characters alone, but idk how I feel about the current season - going back to the island, the time travel, the numbers continuing to show up in every single scenario in Hurley's life. It's not quite engaging storyline. I enjoyed the mystery of who everyone was more than the actual displays themselves (Ben for ex). Love triangles getting a bit old. Basically, I got busy, stopped watching, but need to finish soon.
  6. September 10th? That feels so far away, that would be 2 years since rebel girl if I'm not mistaken
  7. Bring back Scott honestly, I'm so tired of everybody but him at this point.
  8. Travis is the type of guy that loves attention so much but pretends to hate it.
  9. Gah, everytime I think Neighborhoods or give it a listen I can't stop thinking about how well it's aged. Every year it gets better and better. Some pure songs on there you just don't get anymore, and most blink records had the intention of sounding a way or sounding good to the fans. Give me Natives, EISF, Love is Dangerous, Wishing Well over Kaleidescope though.
  10. Naw, it's that good, in comparison to everything else that has come about, holds its own.
  11. Was just listening to that. It's one of the better ones, not the greatest in 2021 I'd say though, for it's times, yes. Natives, Kaleidescope, Even If She Falls, Rebel Girl/K&T, Voyager, Overload, Wolfpack, few other AvA, all of +44, Wishing Well, LID, First Time, Heaven, Wildfire, Last Train Home I just realized this may be a troll thread.
  12. Chandler > Ross > Joey > Monica > Pheobe > Rachel > Brad Pitt Sometimes I like Ross more, but Chandler had a great arc. Joey is great but didn't grow much, Monica is the realest. Monica + Chandler is true love.
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