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  1. It still would have been cool and catchy with banger guitars, but they’ve done that a million times now. Part of what made it cool and different was that they dialed it back like that. Also made it more genuinely emotional. I’m convinced Ditty just doesn’t want to like a slow song.
  2. I didn’t find that funny 🎸
  3. Dare I say the album art is growing on me? Someone pointed out it’s a throwback to older punk like the Descendants, now I like it better. I was expecting something new and interesting, but it is meaningless end of the day. only gripe was the pink was already used with smiley on untitled, but the logo is nice af
  4. Led Zeppelin definitely never ripped it like this.
  5. Sorry I don’t have the stall page bookmarked on my life because I listen to more than slow piano bands like blink. Next Thursday it is
  6. I’m a youngin, I clearly remember catching ATST all the time on the boombox radio and possibly thinking WMAA was a different band, then finding Dammit and Josie videos on the youtube and getting hooked for life.
  7. What temperature did your parents keep the car at? I need to know to better understand this.
  8. This was a good song to revisit. Slightly jammy but always enjoyed this one from Buddha. should add a staying power poll to these as well?
  9. Is this fair? Feel free to delete. But we got one more song coming before the album looks like Dance With Me. They've been hyping this one a bit as well, looks to be a fun song. https://www.instagram.com/p/CxyBx-xu791/ Olé!
  10. I've had so many people post this or share this video somewhere.. even people I never see post stuff. The emotional wreckage is real. Tom's voice returning to the 2003 days or w.e brings people back as well (Mark too, but he hasn't left)
  11. It's a toss up whether it's next week or the week before the album. Both would make sense. Any experts know anything on this? What's the dealio
  12. Reptiles confirmed. Jar Jar, you okay? Post a toronto meme if you need help.
  13. Turning the heat on to 76/77 when it's 72 outside is ridiculous. 72 is already too warm. 68 friend. Body temperature ➗ 1.45 is the golden rule guy.
  14. Masturbation jokes are funnier than Mark's CGYMP song attempt at the end of California Deluxe debacle. Everyone loved Built This Pool. I'd say more the backing guitar would get people is more Cali esque than the joke part. Not with you on this one.
  15. The fact that they are leaving that intro part in and is actually part of the song is amazing. Genuinely makes you happy. Didn't expect the riff to keep carrying, it all sounds pretty enticing though. NO MORE SNIPPETS
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