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  1. I haven't caught Diddy saying a single thing about either song yet, other than some gripes about something something "are you surprised?? Like it or leave cult behavior" bla bla. Does he even have an opinion given yet? Weird.
  2. Everyone's allowed to have their opinions dude. Doesn't make one right or wrong. We're both right, and wrong.
  3. You're not getting a link to Dance With Me, sorry.
  4. Idk I think it was a goof on the video. He wasn't supposed to sing along there. Part of why we like blink is the mess ups like that, it makes them relatable.
  5. Get this guy on the boards, tired of the fake fans.
  6. Weird stretch there. We'll find out later though. Probably 60/40 chance.
  7. @Frank Woods you are a legend for holding off on hearing anything. You are going to have the best October 20th of all of us.
  8. I still don't think that's Travis singing.
  9. I know you hate to see blink fans, but maybe read the room.
  10. Looking at the tracklist leaks before, I thought most these songs were going to be milder love songs. So good to know that if this ones this heavy, anything's fair game. I'm guessing this might be their heaviest, and OMT their softest, is why they released them back to back like this. Shit I'm excited. I'm not even mad if this is my favorite song on the album. It's bringing me like a decade back, ripping hill tops and stuff on the skis blasting some Untitled blink Tom going off yelling and shit. URGH, wake me up when Sept and half of Oct ends!
  11. The few people I've sent or shown OMT video to all thought it was just okay (besides my mother). One is like a mainstream fan, so I was surprised. That makes me like the song even more. It really was written for the band and their longer time fans.
  12. Okay, I'm about to ruin this whole video for you though. Once you see it you can't unsee it. Sorry. Forget the strumming off sync, forget the Mark muted bass playing, WHAT IS THIS: How the FUCK does anyone stand like that an entire video? Free Mason Illuminati confirmed.
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