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  1. Still exploring these guys, but so far Blaze has been one of the best listens I've had in a long time, love everything about them. So far: 1. Falling Apart 2. Dancing the Collapse 3. Bombs Away 4. Owen Meany 5. Never Stops 6. Automatic 7. Baggage 8. I Must Be Hateful 9. Gun In Your Hands 10. Change Despair 11. Train 12. Angry Days 13. Unfurnished 14. May 16 For my most listened to/favorited songs
  2. Supmark

    it's Krampus


  3. When my early inner hipster wanted to be cooler than DBZ, I watched ThunderCats. I've watched all of DBZ too just for the record, GOAT show
  4. Kablam, while not super irrelevent, is super trippy looking back.
  5. Phil Jackson - Jerry Finn Jerry Krause - John Feldmann Kukoc - definitely Skiba Cartwright = Scott? (Jordan got sick of him and his ways pretty quickly)
  6. Lol, true, but I feel like Timmy isn't petty enough. Paul Pierce maybe?
  7. What now? Because he believes in flat earth? I feel like that or Allen Iverson would be Travis
  8. What happened with Shawn Kemp? He just got old and fat and kept playing at Center instead of forward for some embarrassing reason. The Matt Skiba of Pop Punk one could say.
  9. Yeah...that's pretty spot on actually...can't argue that one. Tracy Mcgrady or Grant Hill definitely. I remember Tmac left Toronto to be his own man (from Vince Carter), pretty Tom esque..
  10. Honestly, Jordan is just the Tom Delonge of the NBA if we're being objective.
  11. If we had to pick basketball players, Tom would be the Jordan of pop punk through and through...
  12. He still had it but not at the same level, he was like 3 steps slower and that effects the defense and overall flow of the offense. I agree his cast was terrible and he could have won with a super team but no way was he the same. 98' maybe.
  13. I mean this is like people wanting Michael Jordan to score 60 every night when he was on the Wizards
  14. I'm genuinely shocked at people's expectations here. I completely gave up on blink/Tom/AvA as soon as the final split after DED. Anything after, California/Skiba/DW/CS were all surprises or pretty drastic changes to me not to know what to expect. I don't know if it's just me but they've all felt like just different entities since then, I knew my life was not going to be waiting for blink music and obsessing over it anymore. Times had changed. Tom's fucking his friend's wives now. I only expected a giant reunion album to end it, which I don't think we are ever getting.. Not that
  15. Wasn't the last double album he did Love 1&2? And it was pretty trash? Give me Chasing Shadows all day and that was like 5 songs. I have a gut feeling this might be the next one of those iterations with the RG/K&T vibe and I'm all for it.
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