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  1. Can we address coconut water for a second? I know it's not milk, persey, but it flirts with it and sits in the same section at the stores. And it tastes like shit.
  2. Don't make me bring out the video again... Even when Skiba plays it 'right' it's super boring and lifeless.
  3. Their legacy was already ruined with Neighborhoods tbh. While I loved some of those songs, it showed Tom didn't care, has major problems, and also that Mark was done artistically. Like comparing it to their older stuff, it's a different band
  4. RebelGirlsUnite


    Dammit fuck the Raptors.
  5. Tom mimicking blowjobs was more interesting than Skiba acting like a stiff and reading off a teleprompter while fucking up every blink intro.
  6. Meh, they still set up a meeting. Crazy or not, they are just as bad for continuing conversations in the middle of a presidential campaign.
  7. Considering he ended up exchanging emails with the Clinton campaign makes it possible.. I always thought he was trolling us most the time, kind of awkward when we realized he's dead serious
  8. Yeah....I'm a Tombot but he went way off the deepened again in that interview.. "I couldn't tell Mark and Travis the government was talking to me, that's why they were so confused" ...right *Sigh* going back to listen to Rebel Girl and pretend real Tom is back..
  9. I think he should stick with aliens having sex with monkeys, building pyramids, before jumping into government control.. just my 2 cents
  10. RebelGirlsUnite


    Curry is a baller but he influenced the game in a terrible way. No one gives a shit how far away you can shoot a 3. You see it coming out of high school now, out of college, AAU, in the gyms. Everyone just chucks deep 3s it's stupid. It's not good basketball to watch imo. No grit in there anymore everything's extremely spaced out with shooting bigs too and the name of the game is who makes the most 3s with little defensive pressure.
  11. Force Awakens was worse imo. TLJ at least tried something. It's like California and Deluxe to me, have no desire to add to my collection.
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