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  1. Yeah I don't mind the lalalas, Feldmann did a food job here.
  2. What's my age again was the song that made me fall in love with Blink. My mom bought me enema and wouldn't let me have it at first, so gave me Buddha and Dude Ranch instead šŸ˜‚
  3. Tf. I never realised what's my age again was actually the first single from enema. Reached 38 in Oct 99, then after ATST it was released and reached number 17.
  4. For context they've had 12 top 40, only 2 top 10's. It ended up 20 places higher than up all night and 3 higher than edging. MTYK charted at 99.
  5. They reached number 28 in the UK, 7 places lower than the midweek update (21).
  6. There's quite a few songs from Cali that I skip when they come one, SOOHM, Sober etc. But the one I never skip and enjoy when it comes on is Rabbit Hole which was slandered to high heaven on here iirc
  7. Yeah would have been mega, shame really, but they're such important parts of the history of blink without being lolink
  8. I wish 'And I' and 'Lillian' were blink songs. Would be mega to hear them live as blink.
  9. I still can't watch the ending of OMT...video without getting teary eyed. It's such a masterpiece of a video.
  10. days until we hopefully see OMT and MTYK live šŸ˜„
  11. We have been pretty shit this season, despite not losing. Looking at the squad we put out last night I'm surprised we got through. At least City were knocked out last night.
  12. Love the Ole's it's about time they expanded their horizons
  13. Yeah massive cunt making that statement at the end of the video. Some things shouldn't be joked about or said in jest.
  14. That's fair but I think they nailed it, the ballad of Blink-182
  15. If I was to have answered yesterday I would have said mtyk was my favourite out the 2 but One More Time gets better every single play. What are people's thoughts after day 2?
  16. This cunt needs to tune his guitars. Sounds horrible on the last chord.
  17. Not sure if anyone plays bass on here but fuck me MTYK is great to play along too. Might be one of the most fun songs to play for the sheer velocity of it.
  18. I only watched the video once whilst pretty distracted at work yesterday. Just watched this morning and wow. Beautiful. Proper chokes you up at the end with all the footage.
  19. Your music opinions are almost as bad as your football ones.
  20. Right I've listened and calmed down after a couple of hours and now ready to share my criticisms One More Time... Nothing it's perfect More than you know Nothing it's perfect Thanks for listening. See you next time.
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