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  1. I agree to an extent @Njdevils26, but keep in mind you are also on page 692 of a Tom Delonge thread, which is fairly sad all things considered. LOL.
  2. It’s been 50/50 man. Some peeps said they’ve had no problem, some said the venue peeps said nope...some said they had to put stuff away but still just asked Tom. Guy tonight got an Untitled vinyl signed and said it was no big deal at all... I’ll find out on Sunday. I’ve been stressing about it, think I’m gonna just bring TOYPAJ and try to get that piece finished. If it’s going smooth I may have my Short Bus on deck to bust out as well. Just sorta feel bad not having the others sign anything, but there’s nothing that makes sense other than a generic drumhead or Rebel Girl poster lol. Sucks because I’d totally love to have Ilan/David sign something, but Tom finishing the blink stuff is priority.
  3. Yup, new merch company has been a joke. Would love to know why Mr Tsurt is no longer involved, hopefully he stepped down at his own will.
  4. I enjoy his reviews, glad he gave NINE a positive review as he has been on the Cali hate train. Lol @ him saying the cover looks like a unicorn farted!!!
  5. Yeah as I was typing that earlier I was trying to think what would even make sense? Like that bunny is reunion era for me, so Skiba on that isn't right IMO. It would almost have to be something generic like a drumhead, or maybe a cool custom photo with a timeline of the bunnies or something. It would be an awesome project, but yeah Scott will be the hardest... I don't know if he's even "officially" in The Wraith (don't see him on the website), but recently your only chance is to catch him after a show with them. The project would def need to start with him, as he is no doubt the rarest. This is where if he wanted, he could milk blink fans by signing stuff for a fee through the mail. Tons of athletes/celebs do this.
  6. It's Skiba. Also, Pin The Grenade is the worst song on the record. Sue me.
  7. I tried to go back and multi-quote many #teleprompter complaints and just can't get it working and don't have the energy or time. But LOL @ Tom's Angels avoiding this one!!!
  8. Andddd boom goes the dynamite...
  9. I just realized I have yet to see anything California related signed by Tom, surely he has been asked at some point by an idiot/naive/casual fan...but I'm not sure. Would be curious if he would sign the back, or do something weird on it. Also with the AVA VIP thing going, he could possibly be asked to sign a NINE cd before Mark/Trav/Matt lol. Edit with another thought: Also don't think I had seen any item signed by all 4 until this blink bunny a guy on reddit had Tom sign the other day: A full "blink" piece signed by every member would be pretty sweet...
  10. From reddit, Tom leaving last night... one of Tom's Angels had to touch his savior:
  11. "I love blink, I started that band. I love Mark and Travis. It's not something I'm running from, it's just, I wanted to do other things too."
  12. Yeah for blink it’s my fav band so I just like collecting their crap. I’m not seeking a “personal connection”, I’m just seeking cool blink stuff. It is honestly crazy how rare full blink signed stuff (albums in particular) are... most people have no idea. I mean even today, if you want NINE signed by all 3...it is going to be extremely hard. You gotta think, even their highest paying fans at VIP can’t get it... and when else are you going to run into all 3? Like literally if you wanted NINE signed anytime soon, you would have to get Simple Creatures VIP (assuming they play in a city near you, and allow an item signed), pray Alk3 tours and you can catch Skiba before or after a show near your city, or be “that guy” at an art show he hopefully does, and then pray you run into Trav at Crossroads or camp out after a DJ gig...LOL. This is why I would GLADLY pay $100 or whatever to just buy a signed copy and be done.
  13. There are also different ends of the spectrum, for instance, Joe DiMaggio HATED the thought of people profiting from his autographs. He wouldn’t even sign balls for construction workers who rebuilt his damaged house for free... Meanwhile, Babe Ruth would sign for everyone and routinely encourage kids to sell the balls and help their families... Derek Jeter will sign but if you catch him in public he intentionally signs in a weird spot, if it’s a “paid signing” you’ll get a nice sweet spot signature... There are little quirks, it all comes down to the person. Most are pretty cool about it as it “comes with the territory” of being famous, and is a small price to pay for you to live out your dream while making millions.
  14. You can usually tell when people are dealers/flippers. I can spot them from a mile away and have seen it a thousand times at ballparks/after concerts/hotels/etc. It’s typically older goobers with binders full of crap to get signed, and backpacks. All depends on the person signing. I know some athletes who intentionally skip sketchy people like I described above, some who limit 1 per item, some who only sign for kids, some who sign everything in hopes that it lowers their “eBay market”, etc. If I was famous, I would sign 1 per person, and personalize every autograph. That’s all you gotta do. If you put “To Jimbo” on it, it means more to a true fan, and made it fairly worthless to anyone else.
  15. And that’s fine, but it’s a multi-billion dollar industry so it is undeniably “a thing”. So bands should totally take advantage of it. If you can scribble on your cd and turn $10 into $100, while also providing a safe way for your fans to get it straight from you - it’s a win/win. But yeah, people collect all types of weird stuff.
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