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  1. You're the "awesomeness"?????
  2. Built This Pool over 6/8, Misery, Left Alone, Last Train Home, BTD and getting ready to beat HISALP or TOTTM? Lmao, I'm done here
  3. It still seems that way, but even if Tom is super inspired and into music right now, you'd have to think it is still going to be at least a year from now before it would be released. They're busy in December/January with shows, and currently have 3 songs done... it will be weird when it's a 10 song album, and 2 of the songs have been out 2 years at that point lol. And remember, Tom said he was going to finish the first half of the album, record a film that the album will be named after, and then finish the second half.
  4. It's nowhere close, Ilan/Aaron were both on podcasts recently and both said only 1 other song was done (and Rebel Girl + K&T were both way better, and it may get scrapped or revisited at this point). It's going to be a long time...
  5. How in the hell is BTP still in this lol... get it out of here!!!!
  6. Every time I see a TOYPAJ signed item it makes me want to cry LOL. @EOTS777 did you hire a hound or fan with VIP at both? Interested to hear how/where they caught them! Welcome!
  7. Awesome no doubt authentic piece @Donald Trump's Bulge I had my eye on it too, but couldn’t get the seller to even look on the inside booklet to see if Trav was on the inside. When you get it in hand, you may get lucky and find Trav somewhere in it. Very surprising he isn’t, as it seems it was done at a CD signing. If not, it may be interesting to see if he was sick on a signing date or something. Let me know!!!
  9. That was a cool Q/A, I don't think he sounded bitter he was just pretty honest about what it was like after the first breakup, and what's it like currently playing without Tom.
  10. Looks like they oversold the Halloween poster, which was supposed to be /100, sold out, and was relisted, and is now apparently /250? Regardless, this new merch company has been absolute ass. MR T SURT WOULD NEVAR:
  11. He just likes wearing a hat... it's easy, and you don't have to mess with your hair. I would rock a hat every day if I could.
  12. Yeah I don't know if he is the mastermind, or just a naive genuine moron trying to flip stuff, but either way it's a classic case of someone abusing my "help". This has happened to me plenty of times over the years (with many other subjects I collect and help people with) and why I am hesitant to help at times. If I wanted to pick up stuff cheap and flip it, I'd do it on my own lol. I also know for a fact there have been decent blink forgeries based off of items I have posted in this thread, which is why I am hesitant to give "tell tale" signs and highly detailed information as forgers are always "listening". It def looks like he's a big "autograph" seller with highly questionable blink items at minimum. I certainly wouldn't buy anything from someone with that much "autograph experience'" who thought that Scott drumstick was real. And lmao @ his "ANYTHING WORTH A SHIT ON EBAY IS MINE" followed by like 5 turds I wouldn't even buy for $2.
  13. When did you get these signed @ebayscammakilla?
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