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  1. Great interview: Edit: Until cringe Tom questions ~22:00 (Though both handled it well)
  2. @Marik he said in the podcast that the original contract stated if they were to use it for merch, they would need to renegotiate. Basically him and the band didn’t use it for 20 years, which was odd to him (and me, but I assume the label didn’t want to renegotiate?). Then with the EOTS20 tour they wanted to use it and thus had to contact him. That’s when they hit him with a lowball offer, which he declined, and then apparently they used it anyway... (That’s why I’m trying to recall if there was an EOTS cover shirt initially?) So that was frustrating for him, rightfully so, and I appreciated his honesty on the situation. And to be fair he acknowledged that the band likely has nothing to do with this and probably doesn’t even know about it, so he wasn’t blaming them. It’s label/lawyer stuff.
  3. Rick Devoe said he remembers this, said it’s Rob Machado and the movie was called “Drifting”!
  4. I can see it now “Man sues his own website for using his image he publicly shared on there that the other owner turned into a sticker.” Btw would love to make a difference on these somehow, thinking maybe $5 each, proceeds go towards protective gear for hospitals in need? Can ship them USA with 1 stamp, need to figure out the cost internationally.
  5. Alright unless anyone has any last minute designs, we should probably start the voting process shortly? Let’s set the deadline as today, we’ll vote tomorrow.
  6. Finished Ozark S3 last night, so good!!!
  7. Hopefully “Time Bomb” or the documentary... no chance it’s the album IMHO, Ilan didn’t know the status of it a week ago...
  8. @Osgod some stuff had to be cut I was trying to remember though, when EOTS tour launched, were they using the official cover on merch? That was what he hinted at, and I thought maybe there was a black shirt at least if memory serves. Seems like the way they got around it was using a cartoon caricature for the backdrop/t-shirts... Offering him $1,500 for full rights was an absolute joke though IMO, and it is interesting over the years that they've never really used that album's artwork (or really most of their album art) for posters, shirts, etc. So I do understand his frustration and found his perspective fascinating. I'm sure this happens to A LOT of photographers/artists/bands/etc.
  9. I had several people reach out saying they couldn't wait for Part 2 of the MrTsurt interview which is exactly what I was hoping for...so at this point as I try to build this thing, that feedback means more to me than Corndog's "I don't even listen to your podcast but here's what you should do." We'll see how it goes, if I start making Joe Rogan money I'll do 5 hour episodes.
  10. It's crazy man, I clicked on it last weekend because I just wanted to see some cool tigers and had NO CLUE what I was about to get into lol... Was on Ozark S3 this past weekend, so good. Btw the new Pet Sematary movie is on Hulu and worth a watch.
  11. @wannabe corn dog I understand that view point and appreciate the feedback but I personally hate 1.5-2 hour podcasts and even a lot of podcasts I listen to are trying to shorten their episodes to ensure people listen to the whole thing... So if I have an interview over an hour, I feel I should split it up to keep people engaged and it also gives me an easy “next episode” to give people something to look forward to and hopefully gain some subscribers from Part 1. (Remember, I’m just getting started and lose money on this each month...lol) One thing I hope to do at some point is potentially release the “full” interviews in video form on YouTube. Btw have you even listened to any more episodes?
  12. Alright we’re submitted, fingers crossed!
  13. Alright I got it, tad laggy but it should work. I’ll put it up on our social and submit shortly!
  14. T-minus ~10 minutes... Ghent is fishing so he’s out.
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