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  1. The 2016 SRC 2x LP press is my go-to, as it has all the bonus songs on Side D which was revolutionary lol. But yeah even without CDs/vinyl, the TOYPAJ I had in my iTunes years ago always had them all and has synced to my phone forever.
  2. TOYPAJ is the goat for me. They had perfected pop-punk, and that BCR angst (we now know) was creeping in. The back half of the album is just phenomenal, Shut Up, ETILFY, GMOGR, PTMH, etc. I’ll put those up against any “b-sides” of other albums all day, and that doesn’t even count the rad bonus songs. (Also so dope to have the different colored versions with special bonus tracks for each.)
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, blink-182 historian and board legend @daveyjones will be interviewed for the "182 News" podcast next week. If you have any questions for him, or topics you would like us to cover, you know the drill...
  4. BTP. TOTTM is such an underrated banger!!!
  5. First one blink picked him, second one he was technically the first to answer correctly... say what you will, the dude knows how to win stuff lol.
  6. I blame this...
  7. Have never understood the hate for Happy Days, classic Mark song that I've enjoyed since the first listen. Fairly raw with super personal and honest lyrics, and I like the simplicity/statement of the chorus... I want to feel happy days. It's clever and powerful, dope bridge and Trav also crushes that song. It's not one I find myself going out of my way to listen to often, but as I constantly listen to First Time and Heaven, I never skip it in between.
  8. New episode featuring “Terminal Radness” is out. He has designed blink merch/posters/graphics, and was asked by Mark to make a bass guitar before the EOTS20 tour, so cool to hear that story! (Mark named the bass “Terminal Radness” and there is a HMNIM pin of it as well.)
  9. Btw Mark said the other day that others should’ve been credited on OSES... anxious to see how many of you hate it now. NINE is amazing, still listen to it everyday.
  10. Tom just said as of yesterday the current plan is new single late Summer/Fall, and new album after the Holidays... followed hopefully by a proper tour and companion movie. We may not even get it this year...
  11. I don't think it's the "work from home" policy so much, it's the "work" policy lol. I'm totally down with Tom beating to his own drum in TTS/AVA land, it serves him best and how he likes to operate...but Rebel Girl dropped over a year ago and the album still isn't out. That would literally be like BIOMY being out over a year now (which it has been, as of last week) and us still waiting on the next blink album.
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