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  1. 2 new shows added in Virginia and Maryland...no VIP.
  2. Tom started TTSA 9 years ago? Lol
  3. June 28th - Milwaukee Summerfest just added.
  4. @Scrubber89 welcome to the boards! I’m with you on all of those except the very last part, I do like Hey I’m Sorry. Would put that in my “good” category. Misery and 6/8 are def at the top of Skiba era blink songs for me, love those (and DLX).
  5. Shame that this is personalized (and not by any member of the band IMO, and since it goes over Mark's sig you couldn't try and wipe it off), this is a great 99' piece with an early Trav sig:
  6. I'm sure he'd be happy to answer stuff about other bands so def send in a few you're thinking of.
  7. New show added, Ottawa Bluesfest - July 9-16 Canada https://consequenceofsound.net/festival/ottawa-bluesfest-2020/
  8. Awesome got some good ones! At this point Mr T/Atom have only agreed to answer some board questions I send in typed out, not hop on the podcast...but totally going to discuss the Q/A’s in some episodes along with mentioning who asked. This is the type of cool thing I want to do and tie it to the boards, just gotta take baby steps and build up credibility and we’ll get there!
  9. Taking questions for Mr. Atom Willard... post below, or in the other 2 places I shared it. (Ideally I’d like these in this thread to track, but don’t want people to miss out who don’t read this)
  10. If you have any questions for Atom Willard, post below...
  11. I got Atom Willard to do a Q/A for us as well, send me your questions folks this is not a drill!
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