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  1. Let me guess, Ghent, Jar Jar, and I = yes. Everyone else who hates this era and wouldn't pay to go to a show anyway = no. It's harmless and better than the same setlist IMHO. People there will have fun, people hating on it weren't going to enjoy it or go anyway. Keep in mind, Tom quit, and then signed off on them continuing Blink without him... he wanted this as well.
  2. As if it's Mark/Trav's fault Tom quit to build a spaceship... and because of that they should magically forget all of their career accomplishments as well... lol It's all in good fun, Blink playing Blink songs, don't see how that's disrespectful. They've performed most of EOTS already with Matt, what's a few more songs to celebrate 20 years and spice up the setlist a tad? It's not like "Aliens Exist" and "Anthem" are some royal sacred songs that Matt may screw up. There are plenty of Tom dominated songs I'd prefer they not perform way before random EOTS deep cuts. (Wishing Well, First Date, Not Now, etc)
  3. 1. No, just knew I remembered that "youth is wasted on the dumb, caught me like a ricochet" line from somewhere before when I heard it yesterday...and used the search function of the website 2. Breaks from real work... LOL
  4. These were from 9/6/2018, and not for Blink, they were for Simple Creatures "Ether" song which they previewed yesterday! I knew it sounded familiar, and the "Youth is wasted on the dumb, caught me with a ricochet" part has been stuck in my head since I heard it.
  5. S.C. Instagram story has some clips of a new song "Ether"... very different from the others. (Actually reminded of "I can feel it, cominnn in the air tonightttt" LOL). The lyrics sound familiar, they may have been posted somewhere thinking they were Blink related. (Stuff about "I swore to god I wouldn't stay, caught me with a ricochet", etc.)
  6. From Mark's Q/A that is happening right now: -More Simple Creatures date announced soon, including Australia/Netherlands/more London -Most underrated song that wasn't a single: Baby Come On -Lettuce (his bass) resides in his studio -Thinks they are playing EOTS in it's entirety for Back 2 the Beach fest...! -Beginning mixing soon on new album -Blink tour dates soon (already knew that August 11th would be on tour with Blink)
  7. From Mark's little Q/A today: "moving on to mixing soon"
  8. Looks like they did fully cover Blitzkrieg last night at a private corporate party show:
  9. Mark: Haven't talked to Tom in 4 years, hope he makes it to Mars Blink Fans: Omg Tom is gonna be on a new Blink song and a 20th Anniversary EOTS tour!!
  10. Wrong, clearly Trav's drums kicked in, followed by Blink sounding guitar riff... and Feldy is not involved in S.C.
  11. Next date is that Beach Fest late April so not surprised on the set list, was just hoping maybe a new song may pop in there if the album is truly coming out in a few months!
  12. Practice today, same set list no new songs other than what I assume is a cover of Blietzkrieg bop:
  13. Mark hints @ 20th anniversary EOTS show(s) with Skiba. On Tom: "There's been no reach out, or talk of getting the original lineup back together." https://www.nme.com/news/blink-182-hint-at-plans-for-20th-anniversary-celebration-of-enema-of-the-state-2462368
  14. That is a low key diss IMO, LOL!! Here's a teaser for some sort of short doc/film about Tom releasing next week: https://www.readmeta.com/blog/2019/3/7/teaser-tom-delonge?fbclid=IwAR1MCYmmuJYQZFPZBPoQrwcWwLO-Tgo6yHnesbLYbSrLBp1B3fGDmNwEkHo
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