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  1. Ehhh there’s times I miss Tom but that isn’t anything special to me. I actually don’t like Tom’s clean guitar tone on that. They still sound good on that song, was stoked to see it live finally:
  2. Yeah he was def saving his voice there, it sounds fine too. I wish they'd write more stuff in his natural vocal range, but they've said he essentially takes the high stuff that Mark can't reach. I'm not sure if producers tell them they are too similar in vocals if they both sing normally or what the deal is.
  3. Here's the others, Skiba is losing his voice a bit having to sing/scream this stuff so high, he's going to need to sing these lower (which he does in certain parts to save his voice, and I actually think it sounds better. Ex: 2nd part of his verse on BTD) I Miss You Cynical BTD WMAA Also this Dad on the rail going nuts is an absolute legend!
  4. Here's BIOMY from this morning on GMA, they censored the ritalin line lol... pretty meh, I like this song a lot but it's a bit of a dud live.
  5. Looks like @Kay was the closest in the "guess the release date" thread: Sept 13 was supposed to be the release date for SC EP2, which will be pushed back I assume. (Though not too far, as they have a "fall tour" supposedly)
  6. We seriously need a "Rabbit Hole" thread, or some other shit hole that you guys can all go WAY off topic in without cluttering decent threads.
  7. We are not worthy of this man!!! Still blows my mind how disappointment in Tom/Mark turns into hatred towards Skiba. I still love how he adds those extra notes on guitar in the bridge of ATST.
  8. They also changed it to "???" on IG instead of "NINE". Would they really name it 9? It's not their 9th studio album, it would be their 8th...? And if you include MTTS/Greatest Hits, then it's the 10th...and if you include GH, you gotta include that silly Icon album... Weird, but looking forward to next Fri!
  9. They added a countdown in their IG story that ends on Friday July 26th at 11am... hmmmmmmmm
  10. New Travis article, more about his hip hop stuff but small blurp about new album at the end (and we're on a dry streak of album news): "The new Blink album is awesome. It's — I don't know — it's the evolution just like how Enema really didn't sound like their album prior to that or self-titled didn't sound like Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. This album is a lot of songs that are, I guess they're songs like “Happy Days” that just came out last month. A lot of stuff on this album was started by beat ideas that I had that I was playing for rappers in the studio. Just like how I said one beat idea got away from the Blink album and went to Lil Nas X, like a lot of times we'd just get in the studio like, “Does anyone have ideas?” And I'd be like “Yeah I have 30 beats to play you.” And that's how we started most of the songs off this album."
  11. Here is their Soundcloud page, I listen to a ton of podcasts and usually enjoy this blink one the most out of the 3-4 I've came across. I actually had a clip on the last podcast and gave the board a shoutout.
  12. Yeah I've seen that but it's overpriced and missing Scott... I would love one of those with Scott (which 99.9% of the ones I've ever seen have all 3 members).
  13. Great interview by the blink-180 dudes podcast with Tom: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-blink-180-dudes-podcast/id1234138516#episodeGuid=tag%3Asoundcloud%2C2010%3Atracks%2F652778093 He said about half the album is done, the plan is to do half, tour, make his movie, finish the second half, then release it Summer 2020 with another tour.... aka gonna be awhile... Also mentioned Trav/Mark “I talk to them all the time. Well I don’t talk to them all the time. But...” lll
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