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  1. So crazy that he came up with the intro riff while trying to learn this: Can totally hear it.
  2. This is incredible, Mark goes into detail on the writing of WMAA.
  3. It looks fine, likely from a hound that had him sign a bunch of cheap pick guards that they then threw on cheap guitars. That thing is hideous I wouldn’t pay $50 for that entire piece.
  4. Yeah they asked his bass tech to hold on to them so they could do something cool with them for charity.
  5. This is rad, Mark handmade 100 shirts at his house, and it includes a bass string he used on the #EOTS20 tour. All proceeds go to Children’s Hospital LA. https://www.himynameismark.com/collections/best-sellers/products/hand-screen-tee-black
  6. Just dropped a new "182 News" episode which features special guest @veeRob! This was a rad conversation and I appreciate Rob taking time to hop on. (I'm glad he stumbled upon the forums a few years back!) Rob created the very first blink website, and shared some incredible stories about the launch of Dude Ranch/EOTS, Scott's departure, the original Josie music video, being in the Dammit music video, Dude Ranch demos, and more. He also shared some incredible photos that he took which I will be sharing throughout the next few weeks on our socials. Will also try and get them in here, along with r
  7. Didn't specify but I assume no. He did say that the covid situation has given Tom/Aaron more time and he feels the stuff they revisited is way better than it sounded originally.
  8. *sigh* if only you all had listened to the fabulous 182 News podcast which featured AVA's Tour Manager and one of Tom's best friends who built his vocal booth he is currently using, you would know that the instruments are done and Tom is re-doing all his vox in said booth at his house so that it all sounds the same.
  9. That's incredible @Ghent, can't wait to see the final product!
  10. Taking about world famous Davey Jones of course.
  11. I did for an hour, then went right back to Animal Crossing lol. It's ok and exactly like Tetris 99 - which didn't hold my attention either. Would rather just play the base games...
  12. I like a few of them! Some remind me more of a “Neighborhoods” theme. Cool find @daveyjones
  13. It's so long it won't even fit into normal translators that I could find lol... I don't even know how to begin a TL;DR either. But yeah, I don't know how publicizing the minor spat and sharing private DMs would help the situation... big yikes.
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