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  1. Mark confirmed that song is not coming out btw which sucks, it sounded sick!!! I suspect Skiba is in for NINE DLX work, let's go!!!
  2. Wow...my swirl finally showed up last week. Thought for sure I was going to end up with a replacement copy like yours.
  3. Dammit is easier to play than that riff. Regardless of love/hate of it, I enjoyed hearing a song with a recognizable non-Adam’s Song guitar riff that packs a punch.
  4. Yeah I’m loving the direction they’re heading with X-mas song/Quarantine, will take songs like those all day!
  5. Decent price already given the corner dings. I still need to pick one of these up at some point if anyone moves one lmk.
  6. Dang, I was a bit surprised to see anyone land a private signing with him, particularly in the middle of COVID...but they seem pretty legit so hopefully it happens eventually. I know they're all fairly against "selling" autographs, so was a bit surprising. (I personally would gladly just pay to get my stuff signed and avoid the awkwardness/having to bother people.)
  7. I feel like my perspective of Offspring is comparable to how most the world views blink. Cool old song I know "Self Esteem" (Dammit equivalent), got big in 98/99 with "Pretty Fly" (WMAA), and "Get a Job" (ATST) and some music videos, haven't cared nor heard much about them since. If they're still making music, cool...couldn't begin to care about songwriting credits/producers, wouldn't know if they got a new member. The thought of hanging out on an Offspring forum would be extremely weird, rofl @ hardcores arguing over eras, and who gives a shit if their new album sucks... BUT, would totally join a friend to go to their concert to drink some beer and have a good time!
  8. Mark said the exact same thing about himself (he’s been posting pix of White Claws), Matt has said he’ll have wine on occasion. We’re not talking black tar heroin. I think when off tour it severely effects his cardio (he runs the stadium before shows, and of course shows themselves are a workout), he’s also had knee issues and was using a cane at his art show. He’s just a night owl odd duck and most blink fans don’t understand him nor his humor.
  9. Yeah I love that new logo! Made a mock of a physical release using it:
  10. This doesn't make much sense though unless 1. Matt wants out 2. Tom wants back in ? If they need an extra songwriter/touring guitarist Matt has already proven he is perfect for this, so I just don't know why they would switch it up for no reason? Especially if Matt's totally down with them doing stuff without him and only coming in when needed. Also it looks like he's in the music video today, so we're probably all blowing this way out of proportion per usual lol.
  11. No Skiba, no blink!!!
  12. Video premiere in 53 minutes... looks like Skiba in the thumbnail?!
  13. @Kelso55 looks 2002-2003, would've been right after Mark switched back to his normal sig and back to "Mark Hoppus" (his MH STAR thing was right before this). Wish I could see it a bit better but I do like it from what I can see. Here's an authentic for reference:
  14. People don't like HAG and DED?! What the hell, absolute bangers!!!
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