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  1. That one actually should be split into two words... I messed up and already had it basically done when I realized it. I tried to fix it, but it royally screwed up the entire thing so I said heck with it and added the (Note: One word) to the right of the hint LOL...
  2. Lol nice! Was it too easy/too hard? There's a few OG songs in there...
  3. Doesn't warrant its own thread, but here is a blink-182 crossword puzzle I made if anyone is bored to death, all song titles:
  4. Listened to these on the way to work and Gary shouldn't even be in the discussion imho lol, great bridge though. Also, made me once again appreciate just how rad it was seeing them play this album front to back over the summer.
  5. Wonder if that’s Rubano on bass now for the new stuff? Also, when will they release “Time Bomb”? We’re going on 9+ months since Rebel Girl, that’s wild...
  6. At one point that eBay seller was asking like $10,000 for it lol. Does look authentic, and cool case I guess...but good lord I would never want some cheap microphone signed by anyone. But, to each his own.
  7. Ehhh Skiba's answer is a bit weird at the end of this lol
  8. Classic case of what I was referring to earlier, new 5 minute interview, Skiba doesn't get a word in:
  9. Watched that over the weekend as well, pretty wild.
  10. His IG comment was hilarious and just him using his dry humor, which he often does in IG replies. Interview was fine imo, seemed caught off guard to actually be asked a question in a blink interview after years of awful interviewers ignoring him in them. Maybe a tad antsy and looks heavier which I guess people are drawing weird conclusions from. Performance was fine so I don't have any real concerns.
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