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  1. Agreed, Wolfpack is def Top 10 AVA songs for me. I liked Verse 1 in that demo a lot until we found out it’s wayyyy too similar to that one song, second verse above is definitely a throwaway - I think they released the best version tbh. Also I have decided Euphoria > K&T, so good.
  2. Ghent’s role should be #OriginalAngel Do we have any others?
  3. At least 5 lurking TomBots are gasping rn seeing this
  4. I’m not following @JarJarBlinks? @Elisa I didn’t try to get tickets to either of those shows so I’m not sure how quick they went, but I know several folks who scored VIP tickets easily. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was a limited amount though, esp for VIP. On the other stuff, no one knows what’s coming over the next 11 months and as I’ve said even a few limited items and some early access will be worth the money to me personally. It’d have to be pretty terrible for me to consider $4/month an absolute ripoff but I’ll report back in a year I suppose!
  5. I genuinely wonder when it was exactly that Tom changed his view on fans? I assume when they blew up and it became uncomfortable. It’s crazy how many stories I hear of Mark going out of his way to be cool to fans, and how many I hear of Tom going out of his way to avoid them.
  6. We all know Tom is fine, I’m supporting Matt/Ilan/David/TTS tbh. I wasn’t on ModLife so I’m not sure how that ended or how it left people feeling, though I typically hear good things about the M&Gs and access I thought?
  7. Would you pay $4/month for a blink club or is this a Tom thing?
  8. @NotNow both of those are courtesy of pirating, not sure what your point is. I prefer to support people/jobs. Sad as an ex-#Dreamer you support this tbh.
  9. Already have had 2 behind the scenes videos, live Q/A with Tom and early access to VIP tix. Not worth the price of a Happy Meal to support artists you enjoy? 13 cents a day?
  10. Any Tombots complaining about the live stream Q/A Tom just did for #membersonly that was rad? Well worth $1.02
  11. I definitely dig it, but like much of Tom’s lyrics dating back to Love/NH I can listen 25x and still can’t recall what he’s saying in the verses. Crushes RG/ATLIL imo.
  12. First single “Euphoria” is officially out, along with a few shows announced. Empire Club Members have access to buy tix now:
  13. Two things supposed to be announced with.
  14. I’m not allowed to confirm clips but the chorus has “mother f*cker” in it FWIW...video starts on a motorcycle and has the K&T chick in it in a thong. Supposed to drop Tues.
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