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  1. Had never seen that clip, but it's funny in retrospect because Trav is making the song recommendations, and Mark doesn't look like he's feeling it... lol. If all the sessions went like that, can totally see why they said "Yeah, let's try a producer."
  2. It's funny how originally I didn't hear the "Blame IT" I just heard "Blame, blame, on my youth" and now it's super obvious. Reminds of me when BTD first dropped somehow I couldn't tell the difference between Mark/Matt at first, even though it quickly became crystal clear. I'm really anxious to hear it live.
  3. Yeah both, photo op on 1, just soundcheck on the other.
  4. As one of the few who loved the first 5 episodes of this season, the finale was quite underwhelming to me. The tension with Dany & Jon/Tyrion on the steps seemed destined for a great episode, but after the Dany/Jon scene it just flat out got boring. I kept anticipating some grand moment with Sansa/Arya/Jon and it’s just like Tyrion talking...yay. Hopefully a proper prequel/sequel of some sort starts up ASAP.
  5. @Marik Indy Weezy VIP, STL Pit, AVA M&G STL. I’d be stoked if I could finish off the year with a Simple Creatures show nearby too!
  6. I will say there are tons of tickets still available at the 2 shows I am going to...and despite the Ticketmaster fiasco with adding pits, the pits still aren't sold out. The price is probably a bit high for most.
  7. I haven't seen anything on it since he told me it was done 2 years ago, and on the brink of a new Blink album I doubt it would be dropping any time soon. Was your alert about his new Suicide Boys EP he produced by chance? That stuff was starting to drop the past few weeks.
  8. Gotta think this is Trav's documentary, right? Slight chance it's his next solo album that was supposedly done 2 years ago.
  9. Yeah I don’t know anything about legal documents/filings but there’s no way Tom was ever NOT a part of the “blink corporation”. Tommy Boy’s smarter than that!!!
  10. Yeah I mean for me I’d much rather pay and avoid interrupting them, and have a proper setting to chat for a bit and get my stuff signed how I want it. But I’m an autograph collector so that’s a big plus for me... if I didn’t collect Blink stuff I probably would’ve just been cool with the quick photo op and saying hey. I do the same thing for baseball stuff, prefer to just pay and go to an official signing than hang around begging or waiting for a “chance” opportunity. I honestly felt weird as hell bothering Matt when I saw him walking down a train track. My buddy froze and I was just like “Hey uh Matt can we get a picture?” I get both sides, it’s not for everyone but if you’ve got the money to blow I’m tellin ya it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Even if they hate every second of it.
  11. Just listened to all of Cali and enjoyed that song a bit more than usual. First time hearing HISALP since having a baby and f’n hell I was tearing up like a child lol.
  12. Jam of the Day: “The Only Thing That Matters” Woke up at 5am with this in my head for some reason and can’t stop singing it lol
  13. My paid experience was worth every penny honestly. And I enjoyed it even more than the random run-ins I’ve had with Travis/Matt...way more awkward when you see them in public and have to think about approaching them or ask for an autograph. My group of 10 I was with were all super cool, no one trying to one up each other. I mean chillin in a room with Blink playing Wii and having them sign whatever was an unreal experience as a die hard. Side Note: My STL show now has a Pit up front...unreal. Has anyone ever gone the route of canceling via the Credit Card company? I am about to blow a gasket on Ticketmaster support.
  14. During the photo op they'll encourage you to introduce yourself (which is kinda silly as they instantly forget it) and shake their hands, and then you'll have about 10 seconds to say something... as Champ said it's usually best to just kinda keep it simple, they've heard it all so just say what you need to say. If you try to get too unique, it can go wrong...like when Oliver asked Mark about a book they had both read and it just didn't go well under the quick circumstances and left him with a sour taste. In the ~30 min meet and greet it was a bit different!!! I was a bit worried like yourself, and basically talked to Matt about Alk 3/Crimson/writing for 2 bands, Trav about his solo album/tatts, and Mark about Blink vinyl...
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