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  1. Yeah I have the CD version with Scott on it, it is interesting they re-released it years later in TOYPAJ fashion. Rob mentioned some cool stuff about that song in our interview, he was at that recording session! (Scott’s last which included Mutt.)
  2. Yeah it's interesting... Short Bus was recorded in ~June 94, I find the "purple tint" too similar to be a coincidence. It's also really random to switch up just that panel to a purple tint...so did that purple inspire the Short Bus cover, or vice versa? If the latter, we could presume these "purple J card variations" were released in the second half of 1994.
  3. Here is a J card variation shared with me the other day with a BW tape and lavender insert: It's interesting to me that the Short Bus cover has a similar purple tint... and wow after just comparing the 2, they are wearing the same clothes so these were from the same photoshoot!!!!!
  4. "Nothing To Me" absolutely RIPS, also love "Careful What You Wish For". Trav did all the drums btw.
  5. I’ll have a white sticker version in hand soon and hope to be able to get you high quality photos to determine @daveyjones, if anyone sees any other versions for sale lmk
  6. Btw per Italia - Matt has now been in the band longer than Scott was, and Travis has now been in blink longer than Tom!
  7. Last night on stream folks were asking about the EP and Mark mentioned that he had calls from the label that day about it. He also answered a call from his manager on stream and asked Gus specifically about the EP and he said there is "Forward Progress". Also hinted that a blink-182 song featuring Lil Uzi Vert produced by Pharrell would be on it. So it seems maybe we're back on track for an EP...
  8. I agree with all of your points @wannabe corn dog , but that stark contrast between his recollection and Cam/Pat's is where the mystery lies. I sent Cam all 4 and he said "The only authentic version is the black with white lettering." To me it sounds like the initial run of ~1k were no question black with white lettering, once those ran out (which I assumed they did, but Davey getting one in 1997 sorta throws this theory off) - they went with different colors or whatever they could find per Mark's recollection. FWIW I will note that I have far more examples of the BLUE LETTER TAPE on
  9. Interesting, original with visible white edge:
  10. It's hard to make out Trav's signature even when manipulating the photo but clearly looks like his "short sig", so I would date the autographs around ~2000. I have "WHITE STICKER" tapes on file signed in 1999, 2000, and 2002... So we know they're 20 years old at least, but still could easily be someone who bootlegged a handful in 1999 when they blew up. The mystery continues...
  11. @KhAoS182 Bootlegs we were chatting on IG, thank you for posting this stuff in the thread! That letter from Mark is incredible, and if it truly came with that tape - that's some nice evidence that the BLUE TAPE is "real" (as in, officially came from the band at some point) As for the WHITE STICKER one, the autographs are no question authentic (lol @ having Trav sign it) but the rest of it is exactly what I have been seeing on other "white sticker" examples. (All the way down to the white edge on the pink "Filter Records" side of the J-card). I do not know if they are "real" (again
  12. No set plans just yet, he mentioned it may roll into next year and may even become LP10 at this point. They had 6-7 songs the last time he spoke about it several months back, due to the covid situation I see no reason for any bands to push anything out right now tbh. (This would've been a great time for NINE DLX imo, but it's not happening.) I'm all for working on more songs, and aiming towards a new album this summer...pray shows are back in some form by fall to tour it.
  13. Here are photos of the blue tape allegedly given to this guy in 1994 directly from Mark. FWIW he also sent me pix of his Short Bus copy, and provided some info on a RDK tagging crew blink/Iconoclasts ran with back in the day apparently: At minimum, nice to have solid photos of another blue tape.
  14. I agree, this dude had already sold his so I’d like to think he would have no reason to lie to me. He wasn’t trying to sell me anything, I just bothered him for info from his past. Definitely not setting it in stone as evidence, but thought I’d share. I’ll add his pix tomorrow.
  15. I have “White Sticker” versions on file signed in 1999, and 2002 - so they were definitely around then. I’ve been reaching out to folks who have sold them, and came across a guy who said he worked the door at SOMA and was personally given a copy by Mark in 1994. The pix he sent were the “Blue Letter” version, with what looks like a white photocopy of the letter. I’m beginning to think the first run (black/white) ran out, and they made more (blue letter & red tape) and potentially photo copied the letter to make it easier. But, that doesn’t add up with Davey getting a black/w
  16. Even the ordering itself is a mystery tho... Cam/Pat/Kerry seemed to lean towards “one big original run and that was it”... whereas Mark’s mention of “batches” with different colors throws in a major curveball.
  17. @daveyjones I know you have shared your pix before, but if you could add pix of yours here along with info on when you got it that would be beneficial and appreciated for historical purposes in what I hope is a long lasting thread for Buddha info seekers. And yes I forgot to mention there is also a “blank tape” variation that some claim is the very first run of /100...haven’t been able to find much on that and would agree that is likely fake IMO.
  18. As a blink-182 collector, one of the most sought after items you can own is an original "Buddha" cassette tape. They recorded this in January 1994 at Doubletime Studios and released it through a friend's label "Filter Records". The original run is thought to be around 1,000 tapes, which Mark and friends put together by hand as seen in Anne's book: These tapes are black with white text, and look like this: If the story were to stop here, all would be fine. However, throughout the years 3 more "variants" have appeared which are as follows: 1. Black Tape with
  19. Yeah usually it's an additional ~$10-$20 for "authentication" for these mail-in signings. Though a lot of times TPA "witnesses" just charge by the job or hour so it doesn't really matter how many stickers they shell out, which may have happened here. It does raise the "value/integrity" of the the piece, makes it more enticing to the general public, and raises the resale value IMO...but I am extremely against it. (I know I am in the extreme minority on this.) At least they put the Funko stickers on the side and seemed to have gotten the stickers straight on most. I have seen some horror stories
  20. Tbh there were just a couple of us who had the game initially and we just all started playing together and still do, @Russel Coight it’s amazing... Mark and I both have “Platinum” status on it LOL! He knows about the pod and brought it up a few streams back, I joked saying “Mark we should have you on the pod and we’ll just talk about Ghost of Tsushima the entire time, NO blink.” and he laughed and said “Let’s do it!”
  21. His discord, we both play the hell out of “Ghost of Tsushima” (absolutely incredible game btw)!
  22. Sooo bit of history was made yesterday which is rad. Long story short, I had Rob Perelman on the podcast who shared that he had the unheard (and thought by most to not exist) Dude Ranch demos and offered to share them with Mark if he wanted them. Some listeners wanted to make sure Mark was aware of this offer and have been bringing it up to him quite a bit recently, and yesterday Mark saw the comments about the offer on his discord and wanted the demos! So, Rob sent them over to Mark's manager and they are now in his possession. Last night, Mark said on stream he listened to them and pro
  23. New Tom interview, actually some interesting stuff in here where he opens up about fame: http://www.jenkemmag.com/home/2020/12/07/tom-delonge-skating-early-blink-182-fame/
  24. Yeah I feel like Trav saw that on the first few and thought he had to sign them all that way, and given that it was a paid signing (his first I think) he didn't know better LOL. They all came out so sick though! I know on photos and such they are NOT easy to remove and can destroy your piece. Not sure about a CD but probably not worth the risk. They had him sign some vinyl which will be available (the first few I've seen at ridiculous prices) but honestly that sticker annoys me enough to think twice about them.
  25. @Kelso55I do not like them at all and would've paid much more than $30 per if I had any confidence in them. That's incredible that he added "MF" to each one...that's a lot of extra work for a signer honestly. Idk if the company asked him to do it on a few and he thought he had to do them all that way, or what. Insanely dope nonetheless! Did they give you an option to leave the PSA sticker off? I am not a fan of TPA stickers on my items tbh.
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