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  1. Classic case of JSA being clueless on blink, these sold for cheap and were "authenticated" and relisted at a crazy price. Wouldn't want them for free: Also the Travis private signing happened, he added "Mutha F*ckin Barker" to most autographs which is insane, so clean:
  2. Thanks!!! Yeah I’ve been kinda on the fence of balancing that because 1. There’s not a ton of news rn 2. The interviews have been long so don’t feel the need to talk a ton at the beginning 3. I’d like these interviews to be found for years really so I hate to outdate it terribly with some random news at the beginning... It’s also a lot easier to just pop the interview in from an editing/my time perspective, so we’ll see how it goes. I just gotta keep finding interesting people to chat with every couple months or so. I don’t want it to become a burden or anything so just rolling with it.
  3. Gave this a proper listen, his voice sounds great. I really do think the next AVA album has a chance to be the best.
  4. Mark has mentioned it before in regards to DJs playing Dammit and not being able to time the beats correctly, and I also asked Mark about it a couple weeks ago on his discord.
  5. Still wild that CC/DR weren’t recorded to a click to me.
  6. The melody is cool, much like "Why Are We So Broken" I would very much love to hear a non-techno version.
  7. I would love to have Matt or any of them on, just in order of likeliness/willingness to hop on a Skype call - Mark/Travis/Tom/Matt/Scott imho.
  8. That was interesting, LOL @ "Yeah I think Skiba does Tom songs, I saw them in 2014 and he did Tom songs." (Skiba wasn't in the band yet, and has since done tons of Tom songs...)
  9. A lot of these folks are approachable and totally down to chat and reminisce, sometimes it’s as simple as asking - most are flattered to be asked to come on any pod. If anyone thinks of realistic guests I should ask, as always please lmk. Mark/Trav/Tom are 100% aware of the pod, I think my best shot would be with Mark one day, but he has a “no pods” rule because he gets asked so often which I understand. (Unless of course Jim Adkins/Chris DeMakes/good friends ask lol) So just continuing to build it up until one day hopefully he wants to come on!
  10. So crazy that he came up with the intro riff while trying to learn this: Can totally hear it.
  11. This is incredible, Mark goes into detail on the writing of WMAA.
  12. It looks fine, likely from a hound that had him sign a bunch of cheap pick guards that they then threw on cheap guitars. That thing is hideous I wouldn’t pay $50 for that entire piece.
  13. Yeah they asked his bass tech to hold on to them so they could do something cool with them for charity.
  14. This is rad, Mark handmade 100 shirts at his house, and it includes a bass string he used on the #EOTS20 tour. All proceeds go to Children’s Hospital LA. https://www.himynameismark.com/collections/best-sellers/products/hand-screen-tee-black
  15. Just dropped a new "182 News" episode which features special guest @veeRob! This was a rad conversation and I appreciate Rob taking time to hop on. (I'm glad he stumbled upon the forums a few years back!) Rob created the very first blink website, and shared some incredible stories about the launch of Dude Ranch/EOTS, Scott's departure, the original Josie music video, being in the Dammit music video, Dude Ranch demos, and more. He also shared some incredible photos that he took which I will be sharing throughout the next few weeks on our socials. Will also try and get them in here, along with r
  16. Didn't specify but I assume no. He did say that the covid situation has given Tom/Aaron more time and he feels the stuff they revisited is way better than it sounded originally.
  17. *sigh* if only you all had listened to the fabulous 182 News podcast which featured AVA's Tour Manager and one of Tom's best friends who built his vocal booth he is currently using, you would know that the instruments are done and Tom is re-doing all his vox in said booth at his house so that it all sounds the same.
  18. That's incredible @Ghent, can't wait to see the final product!
  19. Taking about world famous Davey Jones of course.
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