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  1. Musicians wanting to create music, play live music, and have fun collaborating with other musicians who ask them, what a revelation.
  2. Never heard of him, but yeah that song has left me somewhere between "Weird, catchy, I like it." and "How in the hell do people get famous off these songs, much less get Trav/Mark to hop on them?"
  3. Yeah that song was teased Dec 2019 and supposed to drop shortly after...wow.
  4. I did the same exact thing @n i k u and 1 of my orders hasn’t even shipped yet... I did get refunded for 1 of the swirls. My red/white order finally shipped a few days ago and should show up in the next few days.
  5. Mark said there was a Matt only song early in the NINE album sessions, just obviously didn’t make the cut.
  6. Grammy nominated albums ruin legacies lol. What a fan-base. If only they would've hung it up after that X-mas EP they didn't even care enough about to physically release, they'd have punk rawk #legacy statues by now!!!
  7. I can't remember the time stamp, earlier half. He said he wasn't prepared for such a long interview, and got in trouble for saying so much (he literally exposed nothing, to the point that it was a running joke from Joe throughout IIRC).
  8. Tom was on a podcast, decent convo. Talks about the the pressure of blink and an identity crisis after the first breakup, also briefly touches on the Rogan interview and new AVA: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tom-delonge-angels-airwaves-to-stars-academy-arts-science/id1084700219?i=1000485679807
  9. Seems like this may have been one of the earlier ones when they ended up coming to the conclusion of “We are recreating California”, which led to them completely re-thinking their approach and going with different producers.
  10. Mark apparently confirmed on Twitch this was a demo for NINE, and wasn’t considered because it wouldn’t translate live.
  11. Yes, in one of Italia’s twitch recaps that I am too lazy to find.
  12. I don’t even really hear it tbh
  13. You guys don’t even like the stuff Feldy had nothing to do with, so don’t blame him lol. It’s a new era, if you don’t dig it, it’s all good. But plenty of people enjoy it and it is absolutely “working”.
  14. I don't find that any more odd than an old lady reading a letter, or an astronaut talking in a song. I like wolves.
  15. Just listened to this again in my car, song is so catchy. Slaps!
  16. Yeah they’re from HMNIM, you can find most for $20-$30 but people slept on the first two so they’re pretty sought after. (Pinky and Craola)
  17. If any of the band members in these bands are on social media and answer DMs, it may be worth seeing if any happen to recall if Scott was on drums that night.
  18. Wow it kept getting better and better! This has to be from the NINE sessions where they started using Trav's beats as a starting point, right?! God I would pay a stupid amount for demos, I wish bands would share this aspect of the creation process more often.
  19. Agreed, but there was a 2 week break following that 6/1 show, with Travis appearing permanently from 6/15 onward. So I'd like to think Scott knocked out the last show of the stretch on 6/1, and whatever happened during that 2 week break was the end of his time in blink.
  20. Mine still hasn't shipped... =( so whack.
  21. The problem is that Mark/Travis want to be full-time musicians, that is why they are always stoked to be in the studio, collab, tour, etc. Tom only wants to be a musician when it is convenient or he is inspired. (Which I totally get, he has earned that right.) That is why you never catch Tom randomly making music with friends, and a song doesn’t start until a riff or melody pops in his head. I don’t see how they ever re-align due to this, but they have both proven they don’t need each other IMO. Multiple times really.
  22. I absolutely LOVE that Skiba calls out people on social media, he gets shit from trolls on every single post, put them in their place plz. And for true assholes like this one, screenshot and expose further! Some clown saying blink fans don’t like the rainbow flag? Gtfo.
  23. Has anyone received their DED vinyl yet? They gave me a partial refund for the "duplicate" I bought, after they changed the rules afterwards and blamed their system (which is fine, whatever), but mine still haven't even shipped...
  24. Not even a tough decision. Parking Lot is a fun banger with killer drums, Rebel Girl is a disco song with Cinderella references. I love Tom/AVA but c’mon now. So throw out all the lyrics/vocals for both, and I’ll still take Parking Lot instrumentals all day.
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