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  1. Wow...my swirl finally showed up last week. Thought for sure I was going to end up with a replacement copy like yours.
  2. Decent price already given the corner dings. I still need to pick one of these up at some point if anyone moves one lmk.
  3. I definitely feel his contributions to blink are more in the lyrical/melody sphere as opposed to guitar work. At this point I don't know how else to take it, other than he stepped in and saved their ass - for which they are grateful and don't want to bother him on every single collab. Save his time for albums and tours. I don't expect him to be in the video today, and that's a bit odd. I said even from their first collab without him - at least put him up there to play air guitar. If not, it's just more dumb comments and speculation they all have to deal with on social media when it's easily avoidable. I truly feel for Matt and hope this type of thing doesn't bother him, that's what bugs me at the end of the day on all of this. Hopefully he's cool with whatever agreement is going on, for all we know he could've asked for this?
  4. For sure, he deserves a ton of credit. Tom said after Love 2 everything was beginning to sound too similar, and that he wanted to change the sound which is why they approached DW the way they did with Ilan. He mentioned on a recent pod how Ilan is real into The Beatles/Led Zepplin, and Aaron Rubin is the same way but loved punk...so Aaron is a great middle man to get them both to meet in the middle. With the addition of Matt Rubano he has definitely surrounded himself with top notch musicians who can push their sound to a new level, I'm really stoked to hear the new record.
  5. Wow some killer photos!!! Btw if there is someone to credit on any of these photos, lmk. I use some of these for our socials occasionally and like to give credit where due!
  6. Every time I see people whine about new stuff they don't like, I wonder if there are Smash Mouth/Chumbawumba/Sugar Ray forums where people lose their shit over song writing credits and their albums never living up to their late 90's releases?
  7. I’m gonna be pissed if this happens on mine, they should have extra BW copies since they went back and refunded duplicates...
  8. This is 100% false, though if that interpretation makes you appreciate it - I'm all for it! It's about an argument with Jack, and was written well before BIOMY.
  9. I listen to NINE more than Buddha/CC/DR/BCR/Untitled/NH and all AVA... 😃
  10. My DED swirl still hasn’t shipped and they’ve ignored my emails for 2 weeks... I am as positive as it gets when it comes to the blink universe but Christ almighty it is hard to hold back on Sandbag.
  11. Wow so rad!!! This may be podcast convo worthy ffs!
  12. 1.5 pages back reading and can't even continue... "gang shit" and "Mark's rapidly aging face" (in 2003!) lololol
  13. Wow!! Were you an extra or how did you end up there? Didn't Trav break his arm at this shoot IIRC?
  14. I haven't heard this story? Any cool pix?
  15. Last +44 show ever was on this day in 2007... =( Love that band. Video courtesy of Famous Burro, and LOL @ the dude yelling at the beginning:
  16. @Tombomb Yeah I think I like I-Empire the best out of the "old" AVA albums, Secret Crowds is probably my favorite AVA song all time. You have a lot to dig in to, start at WDNTW and ride it all the way through! Btw welcome to the boards!
  17. So in your conspiracy, the nominators sat at a big table and said “Who was really good in 1999 that never got awarded and had a very bad album this year we could nominate to help their #legacy?”
  18. I listened to that Oliver Tree album yesterday and actually dug most of it, it’s very catchy. Taking over the world in a bowl cut and Jncos, what a boss.
  19. I feel like a lot of these are just so quick and so random that they don’t even want to waste Matt’s time, given that he has already gone above and beyond everything asked of him. Send the peeps a quick verse, and of course it’s a no brainer to say it’s “ft. blink-182” for both sides. Harmless win/win.
  20. Yeah really dug that one, "Lowlife" is still the highlight for me. Happy for those dudes though, they crushed it opening for blink last summer.
  21. Do you think Rise would even want them to release this later this year, if by some miracle they're done? Seems like you'd push this to Spring and pray shows are allowed next summer. IIRC Tom already mentioned "after the holidays" so it's gonna be a bit regardless.
  22. That remix is dope! Mark's "You take me back to such better days, but those better days weren't good enough." line is super catchy, wish he would've saved that for a blink song. That bridge is dope too "I couldn't change if I wanted to, on my phone here we go..." (love the Green Day nod). Now I'm gonna have to check out more from this Oliver Tree dude...?
  23. There is no “legitimizing” the Skiba era, it is more than legitimized with multiple successful albums, tours, etc. lol. The “how could anyone enjoy this, they are ruining everything” crowd is an extremely small fraction based on nothing more than personally disliking new material and/or missing Tom’s influence. (Both of which are fine, I get it.) There are plenty of people who enjoy new blink, and I don’t know why people try to belittle us because YOU don’t like the new stuff!
  24. Bingo. I think they've reached a point where they are happy to give back to the upcoming generations, and absolute worst case maybe some of that artist's fans will discover blink so it's a win/win. And if you want to say it's about money or the blink name: 1. Imagine how dumb of a person you would have to be to decline such a win/win situation for a harmless feature, much less MONEY on top of that. 2. You know people offered Tom money for the "blink name" and he sold his ENTIRE CATALOG right?
  25. Not really, who knows when these were all recorded, and Mark/Trav both have home studios and are stuck at home during quarantine. Trav is on a ridiculous amount of stuff that most people don't even know about, Mark has had a verse on 5-6 songs in what is likely a ~2 year recording window? That's cake.
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