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  1. i love how Tom sounds younger than he has in years. you guys weren't kidding about how good this performance of Feeling This is
  2. do you have a link? I was watching the official Coachella one on youtube and then it kicked me off and now the vid is unavailable 😔
  3. i have a blink shirt that my brother in law bought me. I like it a lot, but i don't usually wear it out for this reason
  4. I'm ready for the judgement 😂
  5. I didn't care for anything by them until their last album, which is super fun. I enjoyed that one a lot
  6. you guys having fun flexing your 9000 iq points over there
  7. according to Aaron, Tom didn't even write the chorus melody for Restless Souls
  8. idk man, the original is just so good. I like the context and extra bits this provides, but the punch of the original lyrics stands stronger on its own, in my opinion.
  9. I actually happened to listen to Love 2 in the car without realizing it immediately. It's so good man. It has such a good flow from start to finish
  10. "That's so romantic. It's cool as shit" - Tom Delonge or something
  11. This is where his lyrics just become subjective; I enjoy this line as well, as it's imagery that doesn't need to be clear in order to be effective, at least in my opinion.
  12. I assume laziness with Tom simply because you can easily change some of his lines and it doesn't negatively affect the flow. "And as I held my mom she'd start to cry I swore for us better life" this would work fine because Tom's lyrics are rarely smooth in the first place. Automatic is the most recent example of this; i like that song, but his delivery is so damn clunky
  13. Tom's lack of respect for grammar has always bothered me so much lol Last line of the first verse in Rite of Spring is unnecessarily trash: "And as I held my mom would start to cry I swore ourselves a better life"
  14. from my little time spent listening to her, she's still much more of a pop artist that's just incorporating guitar and recognizable elements into her music. i doubt she spends much more effort than that into being "pop punk", which i think is the difference.
  15. overall: album sequence isn't great, so I made one of my own and removed No More Guns because it's just boring. probably the first and only AVA song I'll ever completely forget exists one of AVA's strengths has always been cohesive albums, and this isn't that. it's kind of all over the place and that's furthered by the release schedule. Automatic is close to being something great, but doesn't really do enough. it feels like a demo. Timebomb is classic AVA in essence (thus why so many people here don't like it) but opening chorus lyrics drag it down and then the song doesn't go anywhere. Tom's laziness on full display. the original teaser we got on Peter Mckinnon's documentary trailer sounded way better. the whole thing is like 2-3 songs away from being a solid, cohesive work. right now i just feel like it's an EP that I like a lot.
  16. just embrace old AVA now too and you'll be a happier person!
  17. this is so true. I still have two pairs that I've held onto, but I never wore them for an extended amount of time because they were such bad quality.
  18. I feel that. The only one that's really given me that feeling is Kiss & Tell. What an intro
  19. Rebel Girl so far. But each song has been great for different reasons and I really enjoying how much variation there is
  20. Hey @twentytwenty I'm enjoying the new AVA songs, how about you
  21. great song and definitely up there on my list of all time greats
  22. except for when it comes to the things you don't like about AVA. then you're wrong and I don't like your opinions!
  23. your posts used to drive me crazy on there. now i find myself agreeing with your blink posts most of the time lolol. live and learn I enjoy this board a lot. i'm not as personal of a poster as many are, but it's been fun to be a part of it for a few years now
  24. it's not really a burn, as contemporary Christian music is written to be easy to sing along with. not really all that different from pop punk
  25. Me and lots of other people, thank you
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