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  1. Just the body is Warmoth. Thanks. The inlays are stickers. You can get them off eBay.
  2. I've accepted I'm never going to hear the DR demos, which is a massive disappointment.
  3. I'm wondering if that one sticker behind the bridge is a CIV sticker?
  4. Thread for deciphering the mystery of Tom's backup sticker strat. It made a couple of known appearances (one of the Nile Theater shows in 1997 and an October 2 1997 show in Montreal). Here's a screen grab from the Oct 2 1997 Montreal show:
  5. Redditor provided more info to support the Squier theory:
  6. Guy on reddit, based on looking at the headstock in that photo, thinks it's a 90s made in korea squier. Shared this photo for comparison, said Tom's headstock when zoomed looks like an S with the made by Fender underneath it.
  7. LOL. Yeah I have no idea if the Sticker Strat or the LP got the Invader first because remember his LPs were stock in 98 for a bit. The Recovery Australia videos show stock LP (stock pickups with covers, pickguard, all the knobs still there - I based my replica on this config).
  8. It's on reddit already dude. No point now lol
  9. It's already on reddit dude, you can leave it up at this point!
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