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  1. Listened and loved it. Didn't really think any tracks were meh or forgettable. This band has such a presence on each of their songs. I could listen to both their albums beginning to end no problem. Brilliant work, glad there's musicians out there making some great music nowadays.
  2. Because it wouldn't be the same experience as when I saw them back in he day. Why ruin those times, I wanna remember those fun times. Don't wanna go see these bands now and be disappointed. The crowd and fans can take you out of it and ruin the experience very easily. I know I've changed dude, never said I didn't.
  3. Burned it will be listening to later at work.
  4. Its called growing up. The fans of bands like Green Day and Blink get younger and they continue to try and appeal to those people. I kind of semi retired myself from concerts after some 13 year old Blink fans said I could be their father and for some late 20's guy in the pit looking at me and saying "we are getting too old for this". Going to these shows doesn't feel right anymore. I technically could have gone to that show but I would have been so out of place at Irving plaza and would not have put up with that clusterfuck of smushed teens they had going on in the front of the stage. Too old for it. Dude I totally agree with you just some bands, blink and green day being an example, I don't want to see live anymore. Because like you said so out of place being in the crowd, with the fans they have today. Little teens and screaming girls. Couldn't agree with you more though Oliver.
  5. I'll wait for a trailer but dare I say this can actually be good? Ed helms great choice. And I'm a fan of community and Chevy chase on that show. He needs a cameo in the movie I'd say.
  6. They look so incredibly retarded it's not even funny. That alone would actually make me not want to see them again live. You can say what you want. But I saw them plenty of times live back in the day. Just like I saw blink plenty of times before the breakup. I'd feel so awkward at these shows with the fans out there now. And seeing them look like that on stage, I cringe.
  7. For those questioning Lincoln's voice http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history-archaeology/Ask-an-Expert-What-Did-Abraham-Lincolns-Voice-Sound-Like.html?device=ipad Can't wait for this movie.
  8. On a side not since we are discussing, anyone excited next week for Dark Knight Returns part 1? I can't wait
  9. People get on him wayyyyyyyyyy too much.
  10. ugh please no pop disaster 2.0 i went to the first and that was great and all, but dont need another. this big news tom and blink have been talking about better be working on new material and an album. thats all.
  11. Did you guys see the video for Kill the DJ? Horrible, and the 3 of them look incredibly gay.
  12. or are you guys talking about terminal 5. let me know id be down if i can somehow get tickets to termal five i know a few friends going that know some people. i might be able to actually
  13. im trying to get tickets to the long island show, i live in new hyde park. Basically bellerose border or queens/long island. You guys are all down to go to this? id love to meet up with you peeps just let me know.
  14. and it has blood on the dance floor... why do i still subscribe to this magazine? Might be time to cancel that subscription haha
  15. Should of said queer as fuck, with those hair dews and all that eyeliner. Jesus Christ.
  16. Thought the same thing, prob Dexter just thinking in his head options of how to handle things. Like the scene back in season 2 where he tells Deb he's the bay harbor butcher haha. Funny ass scene.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NzpnjVmuCA#ws pants shat, between this and walking dead in the fall. love.
  18. absolutely love this song so pumped for the new album. gotta get this song on my phone
  19. Yeah same I don't really know anyone actually that doesn't like that song.
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