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  1. This is fan film by the YouTube channel "Star Wars Theory" This exceeded my expectations by a long shot.
  2. She completely destroys the narrative consistency of the Star Wars universe by sacrificing herself using light speed. Every movie before it no longer makes sense. Why would they send in fighter pilots to attack the Death Star or star killer base? They could have simply used a couple of droids piloting big ships to light speed the fuck out of everything lol. Therefore nothing is a major threat. completely useless character. And for christ's sake it's not because she's female lol And why did she wait until 90% of the resistance was dead to do this?
  3. Lmao! Gender has nothing to with the qualm! It's the fact that she is a terribly written character with no purpose in the movie. She is only in there to push a narrative. Nothing would change if she was a white male, he would be just as bad. But since you can't bring facts to the argument you immediately pull the sexist, racist card. Theres nothing wrong with liking the Last Jedi. But you really need to stop calling people nazis for criticizing an objectively terrible film.
  4. Are you sure you know what a Mary Sue is? also you keep saying complaints about Rey/holdo are sexist. Well you're the only bringing gender into the discussion. They don't suck cause they're female, they suck because they suck lol.
  5. Mark is the original and only bassist for blink. In response to this topic... It's kind of lame when bands continue with only 1 original member, but if that's what Mark wanted to do then all the power to him in my opinion. Us die hards are probably the only ones who know Scott Raynor lol. Everyone probably thinks Travis is an original.
  6. Mark is the only original band member....
  7. YES! Awesome track. For the first time in 15 years Blink sounds like Blink again. It sucks Tom is gone but he doesn't play a strat anymore and he has a hard on for Bono. Maybe I'm just an old-schooler who is stuck in their pre self titled days lol, but I couldn't be happier that Blink is a real functioning band again.
  8. Steve became a father and had a second kid around the time he quit the band. when sum 41 toured they would usually be on the road for 10-11 months of the year (when deryck wasn't injured). he would have had no family time if he stayed in the band. Also following Deryck and Avril's divorce, deryck hit the booze hard (he actually had slowed down on the drinking between chuck and UH). Needless to say watching your best friend drink himself to near death would take it's toll on you, and I believe that is why there is bad blood between Deryck and Steve.
  9. The album in its entirety is pretty damn good. Another solid NFG album but with a different twist. There are definitely a couple songs directed at Steve.
  10. Sick song! These guys are still going strong.
  11. Auto-Tune plus better production quality. It's been 20+ years and their vocals are still cringe worthy live lol.
  12. Tom has some cool sounding harmonies in Enthused.
  13. Shitty news. These guys have always released solid albums, they're one of the only bands to not try and be something they're not and they're TIGHT as fuck live. Kill it live is unreal.......bummer.
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