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found an acoustic

Guest Mr.Chocolates

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Guest Mr.Chocolates

i was searching through musicians friend and i found this. i think its beautiful. im usually not interested in guitars other than gibson or fender(with some exceptions), but this guitar looks so great.


has anyone played this or something like it? its acoustic-electric. if it sounds good then i might buy it

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Guest ddv13devo

That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

It looks like something Tenacious D would play for an added laugh.

Not to mention the shape is the furthest thing from ideal for resonance.

Unless the wood inside happens to be curved (which I doubt), you're going to get a ton of destructive interference, basically meaning that a good portion of the sound waves you create by strumming will negate each other, resulting in a diminished sound quality.

Bottom line, don't buy it.

Don't even consider thinking about buying it.

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#1. It's a Flying V body, you're not going to get much volume or bass.

#2. It's a thinline, you're not going to get much volume or bass.

It'll sound like ass.

#3 It's not heterosexual looking, you're going to look like you take it in the ass if you bring it out in public.

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