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Plus 44

Mark Landon

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Guest Mdecoy

YEAH! we needed yet another topic on this!

But yeah it is. But if it's what's left of blink and it's the only way to hear blinkesk music than I don't care what the hell they are called.

Call them shit eaters if you want.

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ne one realise how there still using the one word and number link blink 182 and plus 44 i no its lame but still u think they could of strayed abit with a totally different band name...and i dunno i think a new guitarist in that band will totally change it all round...

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you never know man.

the killers is a crappy band name' date=' and they have some [b']decent tunes.

a name means nothing really, all about the music.

= no


wow im surprised so many people dislike the killers. theyre pretty decent in my opinion.

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Guest 2point5
the album is shit.

and there lyrics are ridiculous.. 'I got soul but im not a soldier' ...right.

only decent song is mr brightside..

and yes Im aware ive mentioned 2 singles' date=' i have heard the album..

and its a waste of time.[/quote']

You must be having a laugh! The Killers are awesome!!

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