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  1. kind of surprised to hear this. They'll finish this tour up, then head out to europe a month later, right?
  2. which is why tom was the dude to have in the band.
  3. Man, so many of the songs people dislike, I really enjoy. The songs I don't care for would be; All the Small Things Love is Dangerous MH Fighting the Gravity
  4. maybe tom is actually trolling everyone. his jokes may just be ahead of our time.
  5. I went to 3 of the Pop Disaster shows and remember thinking how AWESOME JEW was. They stole the show IMO, and had never heard of them before that night. Even though blink was the shittiest, they were still the most fun.
  6. Just watched this for the first time in years. Damn, this was fucking great
  7. Cheshire Cat - M+M's, Wasting Time Buddha - Degenerate, Carousel Dude Ranch - Josie, A New Hope Enema - Aliens Exist, Anthem Take Off Your Pants - Everytime I Look For You, Give Me One Good Reason Self Titled - Feeling This, Stockholm Syndrome Neighborhoods - Natives, Even If She Falls Dogs Eating Dogs - Pretty Little Girl, Boxing Day California - Left Alone, San Diego
  8. I wonder if Tom listened to California... Did he ever comment on the future of blink with skiba in the band, or did he avoid that pretty well?
  9. Cool to see him playing something like this again. Whether it's a new song or not, it's cool knowing he still plays. I'm sure this riff will lead to a future announcement though.
  10. I think everything post EOTS would be cool if it wasn't at album speed with backtracks. It might as well be the actual albums with a backing track of an audience.
  11. Really digging this. The quality is obviously not the best, but the style / song is super cool. Would love to hear it if you recorded it in a professional studio.
  12. He sounded horrendous on Bored to Death - but i feel like he even sounded bad on the TOYPAJ and ENEMA songs.
  13. Have they ever played "Left Alone" live? Might be the best song on the album.
  14. Saw them last night in Oakland. I won't be home for christmas sounded really good. Everything off california sounded pretty good too. Everything else sounded horrendous. Mark's voice is really not as strong as it was, even a few years ago.
  15. Would still prefer that Tom ^ over the current version of the dude. Space Tom > Crack Tom any day.