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  1. Never seen this until today. The making of all the small things video. Pretty funny.
  2. Was listening to HAG today and forgot how bland the song is. Feels so forced. Definitely would say No Future in this round.
  3. There was so much potential for Neighborhoods to be the true follow-up to self titled. If they would've treated it as such, it definitely would've been a masterpiece. Still, lots of good songs on there. Honestly, I prefer Neighborhoods over California.
  4. christ, tom's sanity must really be hurting. Did anyone else see the recent article where mark said he's spoken to tom a few times recently, and wished him all the best in whatever it is he's doing? Really wonder what those conversations were like.
  5. Initial listen - it's real good. solid. after a few more listens, i still dig it, but like mark's parts a lot less. sad mark.
  6. That's because he's a respectful dude. Despite not being a fan of Skiba in blink, he's definitely been more respectful than tom.
  7. Definitely agree that Skiba is better in Alkaline. Alkaline Trio works for him - blink feels forced for Skiba. I honestly think Mark has trouble coming up with anything witty, clever, or original anymore - hence the na na na na's and the "teenage" songs. I hate to say it, but I think Tom was the true creative force behind blink. Without him in blink, na na na na's are what we're going to continue getting.
  8. Has anyone seen Leo's latest music video? It's actually hilarious and terrible at the same time. This dude is still trying so hard - which makes it even more funny. The first 3 seconds is the best.
  9. kind of surprised to hear this. They'll finish this tour up, then head out to europe a month later, right?
  10. which is why tom was the dude to have in the band.
  11. Man, so many of the songs people dislike, I really enjoy. The songs I don't care for would be; All the Small Things Love is Dangerous MH Fighting the Gravity
  12. maybe tom is actually trolling everyone. his jokes may just be ahead of our time.
  13. I went to 3 of the Pop Disaster shows and remember thinking how AWESOME JEW was. They stole the show IMO, and had never heard of them before that night. Even though blink was the shittiest, they were still the most fun.