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  1. Thanks dude! Appreciate the feedback. It is professionally recorded, at my friends studio in Oakland, California. The clean guitar parts are a telecaster, and the distorted parts are an SG and my friends custom built guitar. All mixed with Cubase. And the vox being ordinary is good feedback. Working on a full length right now, and trying to break that barrier. It's surprisingly difficult to break, especially since I'm not a classically trained singer - I try not to sound like blink / pop punk when I sing, but it's real tough, seeing as it's the music I love. And if you like the main riff, you'll like the rest of the stuff I'm working on
  2. As ridiculous as this founds, I could totally see Tom hiring Skiba for the new BCR.
  3. thanks boxelder!
  4. Thanks. I use cubase to mix, though my producer friend is the one mixing.
  5. na na na. it will be ready for the 20th anniversary of WDNTW
  6. It's a scene from Steven Spielberg's 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.
  7. would love for a +44 reunion tour. tired of the stale california songs already. rather than hearing more stale feldman, let's hear some +44, and alkaline trio.
  8. Thank you all! If anyone would like it, it's out on itunes now. And if you don't want to buy it, PM me and I'll email it to you.
  9. Thank you kindly! I have a few other complete songs, though nothing online yet. If you'd like, I'll send them to you though. A realistic goal is to have the full length pressed to vinyl by summer 2018. But with that said, I'd be happy to send over the other tracks. Thanks for the kind words!
  10. can vouch for davey on this.
  11. lol mattskibasucksatguitar... classic.
  12. Been working on a new album for about 8 months now, and I feel like this song is a good representation of the direction it's heading. Changed my old band name (edited) as I am the only member. Calling the band "Nick In The Wild". This song is called "Lost & Found" and is about comparing a relationship to my love for music. Any feedback is welcome
  13. 100% accurate. This is why I personally miss Tom's influence in the band. I know he's a cash grab cow, but when it came to DED, his influence was still quite progressive and fresh. Even some of the catchy songs on California feel stale - and I think you're right - it's because they are catering to the 16 year olds who will make them even more rich.
  14. sure, not a surprise at all. I feel like anybody who spends time on a blink182 forum would have a bit of optimism when hearing a new song. Sure, i didn't like 1/2 of California - though I'm still looking forward to any unreleased songs they're putting out.