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  1. horchata

    Better Call Saul

    I thought the season finale was great!
  2. horchata

    Favourite Blink Lyric of all time?

    Naa na na naaa na Naaa naa na naaaaaa na na na na na
  3. horchata

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I still hope that Feldy kicks Mark out of the band - Skiba, Travis, and FELDY! Thats the real blink. Fuck every other lineup.
  4. horchata

    Better Call Saul

    I don't believe there has, but it has been renewed for another season beyond this one, so at least one more.
  5. horchata

    Better Call Saul

    The season 4 premier was awesome! Those first 10 minutes were incredibly intense following Gene. Do you guys think the cab driver was someone from Breaking Bad, or was it just a random guy who Gene was paranoid by? I could see it going either way, but thought for a moment it might've been an old and washed up Jesse. Stoked for the rest of the season - just great television!
  6. Whoever it is, sounds better than Tom. It would be cool if it was Tom.
  7. horchata

    Chasing Time

    This is a song I recorded recently that will be released on an upcoming full length album. Hope the blink boards approves!
  8. Considering they've been together since high school I doubt it's the money thing - and let's be real, they still have money - just not as much as before. I think aside from that, it's a combination of most of the above, plus the overall state of Tom's mental health. He seems crazy for the last couple years and all the fans are noticing it - imagine what his family must be going through. They're making breakfast in the morning, and Tom starts going off about the toaster, and how he's going to make a toaster that can send bread 500 million years into the future or some crazy shit. Jen might've recognized that Tom's mental state is bad for their family.
  9. That riff is honestly more interesting than any part of California. If only Tom weren't batshit crazy. It'll be interesting as hell to see him tour again.
  10. I miss fat tom
  11. horchata

    Up All Night a look back

    This was one of those songs that to me, did age well. I liked it then, but really enjoy listening to it now. Especially considering what new "blink" music is. Neighborhoods > California
  12. He's actually starting to look insane.
  13. It's sad. They've been together since high school. I'm guessing his craziness and mental instability is what led to this.
  14. horchata

    New Feldmann Topic

    The advantage to the Youtube music videos is being able to track views - I'd imagine it would be pretty difficult to do on mtv and vh1.