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  1. Wow big surprise. Liked this song. Better than the last 3 albums
  2. They prepare the release of the new Jaguar Signature Bass. Mark my words! Also Skiba gets a Signature one for sale. 99% sure of it!
  3. Liked it! Love me some angry NOFX.
  4. Is it only me or has anyone else stopped listening to California? I guess I replayed it too much
  5. They have so many techs around. This could be easily done. On a side note: Backing tracks are lame af
  6. Wow Matt fucked up the WMAA Clean parts
  7. KOTW is growing on me now, but Teenage Satellites, Sober and Left Alone are the ones I skip constantly.
  8. Dude, your band is really good, really liked to listen to your performance! Keep up with it and forget the punk rock thing, no one listens to that anymore, sadly! You'll do better with your current songs. Around 2:35 this song is a banger!
  9. California by far
  10. Damn this track is really cool. Why is this a bonus track? Just because it is pre Feldi? Than FU Feldi. I am even more excited for the Ep.
  11. So if there'll be a kickass chorus. I. Am. In. If not it's a bit boring tbh.
  12. Pretty heavy sound. Liked this!
  13. That was golden! Hahaha
  14. California is such a cool closer. Crank your speakers and enjoy!
  15. No need to get offensive kid. My brain works perfectly. And I didn't say that it sounds like Beyoncé, it was a comparison of Autotune use and polishing the sound to death.