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  1. California Deluxe -- Reviews/First Impressions

    Short review, but nails it for me at least. First time I won't buy a new record from blink-182. I am pretty disappointed with the DLX and I don't really share everyone's opinion of the greatness of the unreleased tracks and that's because of a few things... 1) The production is really bad! It can't get worse like someone already pointed out. Does blink live on a low budget for recordings? Famous band and dilettante production. Feldmann is a salesman, not a producer and an even worse songwriter for blink. 2) The repeating song structure and melodies. I listened to the unreleased songs today, and right before I heard the chorus, it ran like right through my mind before I actually listened to it, because the chorus had to be that boring way. It runs like a thread through this record. There is no moment where you get a surprise in a song or at least some different chorus structures. They are getting lengthened all the time, which gets pretty annoying and boring. 3) Good riff ideas were blatantly ruined by the most following verses or cringworthy instrumental continuations. 4) Okay, it's a DLX, and wants to be the continuation of California standard. But I wished they experimented more. I hope that the next record makes a huge step into a +44/Alk3 mixture, at least more the 6/8 direction, because blink should sound like that now. Not a poppy puppy wannabe punk rock band from the `00. 5) Anyone remember the announced side project "The Cereal Killers" by Matt and Mark, where they want to make songs for kids and teens? I think a lot of the songs would fit a lot better there. God dammit, blink-182, hire me as your next producer. I will make you sound like Pros and your music will be much better than this stuff! And that for a fraction of the cost!
  2. Wow big surprise. Liked this song. Better than the last 3 albums
  3. Mark Hoppus Bass

    They prepare the release of the new Jaguar Signature Bass. Mark my words! Also Skiba gets a Signature one for sale. 99% sure of it!
  4. NOFX

    Liked it! Love me some angry NOFX.
  5. California discussion

    Is it only me or has anyone else stopped listening to California? I guess I replayed it too much
  6. The TV Appearance Thread

    They have so many techs around. This could be easily done. On a side note: Backing tracks are lame af
  7. blink-182 @ iHeartRadio Stream

    Wow Matt fucked up the WMAA Clean parts
  8. California discussion

    KOTW is growing on me now, but Teenage Satellites, Sober and Left Alone are the ones I skip constantly.
  9. What's your rig? - Master Thread

    Dude, your band is really good, really liked to listen to your performance! Keep up with it and forget the punk rock thing, no one listens to that anymore, sadly! You'll do better with your current songs. Around 2:35 this song is a banger!
  10. California or Neighborhood? Which one is better?

    California by far
  11. Has anyone heard Hey I'm Sorry yet?

    Damn this track is really cool. Why is this a bonus track? Just because it is pre Feldi? Than FU Feldi. I am even more excited for the Ep.
  12. Has anyone heard Hey I'm Sorry yet?

    So if there'll be a kickass chorus. I. Am. In. If not it's a bit boring tbh.
  13. "The Sum 41 Thread"

    Pretty heavy sound. Liked this!
  14. That was golden! Hahaha
  15. California discussion

    California is such a cool closer. Crank your speakers and enjoy!