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  1. NBA

    Almost had a heart attack watching that game lol
  2. NBA

  3. NBA

    Tbh this season for the Cavs kind of reminds me of the Heat's last year with Lebron where they were the defending champs but weren't really playing like it and just had a kind of sloppy season and then fell apart in the finals. This Cavs team is definitely having more struggles though. I love how competitive all these teams are right now I'm REALLY excited for the playoffs I do not want finals rematch either and it seems like anything can happen
  4. NBA

    As much as I would love for us to potentially get a star player from the draft I've been really enjoying the run and I'm glad they finally found an identity and have a chance to be competitive again. With that being said it's important to note that a lot of these guys are on a contract year and there's no way we're going to be able to pay all of them next season or if they'll even continue this level of play next season so I hope this doesn't come back to bite us in the ass in the future. But tbh even tanking doesn't guarantee a star player/a good future so I'm just going with the flow and enjoying our current season while it lasts because what we have going is pretty special. I agree with what you said though that tanking was probably the better option but the rebuilding process is such an unpredictable thing literally bad or good things can happen no matter what path the team takes and I just gotta support the team with whatever they decide and they chose to fight for the playoffs so fingers crossed cuz no one in our fan base knows what is going to happen to this team after the season ends
  5. NBA

    Besides the Heat the team I'd want to win the championship is the Spurs though because I love that organization. I'm hoping the teams in the finals are going to be more unpredictable than Cavs vs Warriors rematch cuz meh
  6. NBA

    Heat are in the 7th seed, 23-5 since January 15. It is honestly unbelievable that this is the same team that had that sloppy 11-30 start. The consistency and ball moment/chemistry and the high level that they are currently playing at is just incredible. They don't having any all stars, the way they are striving is just true team play and basketball 101. They truly at the moment look like a playoff team and although I know the playoffs are a different ball game when I watch this team it feels like they can beat anyone right now (in the regular season at least). I'm not a delusional fan I know this team isn't going to the finals or anything lol but I can't see them going out without a fight and I think they're going to be a pain in the ass for any team that underestimates them in the playoffs, assuming they make it of course. And I apologize I know I only pop in on occasion and rant about the Heat I dont want to be annoying I'm just a diehard Heat fan and this season has been so fun to watch so please don't hate me lol, I do ghost read this forum a lot though. But you gotta at least admit 11-30 to 34-35 is pretty special.
  7. Parking Lot - California Deluxe Single (March 17th)

    As someone who loves California and is excited for the deluxe album to sound similar, I want the next actual album to be more experimental, and if not the next album then at least the one after that, and I really really hope they can prove us wrong and manage to do that with Feldman since it doesn't seem like they're going to part ways with him. I think two albums with this style is fun but I'd like them to mix it up with their next album like they've always done in the past and maybe even take more time with the next recording and writing process because although I like California I think they have even more potential and could make something that's truly breathtaking if they put the effort and time
  8. NBA

    Heat are 20-4 since January 15 (best in NBA) and are now half a game behind Wade and the Bulls for the 8th spot in the east
  9. NBA

    Heat beat the Cavs AND we were missing two of your key players We play so unselfish and these players have been playing the best ball of their career theyre such a fun team to watch right now. Our ball movement is beautiful I love it. Obviously the Heat still have a lot to prove and improve on if we want to make the playoffs or even be a competitive playoff team but with the way we've been playing since the win-streak started (and I've seen every game) I honestly think we're at least a top 4 team in the East right now. I look forward to the rest of the season Edit: The Heat went from 11-30 to 30-34, that's 19-4 and they've beaten the Rockets, Warriors, and the Cavs during that stretch
  10. NBA

    13 straight win for the Heat and now we're 1 game behind the Pistons for the 8th spot and also have the longest winning streak for a team this season. It's really been a lot of fun I'm glad I've been able to watch the games and even though I can't predict the rest of the season I'm really proud of my team for never giving up (I know there's the argument that they should've tanked but I support them no matter what and they're doing something that's never been done before so it's pretty amazing and I'm just glad they finally found an identity)
  11. NBA

    Heat on a 12 win-streak and our next three games are against the three worst teams in the East
  12. NBA

    In the comments of the video where Curry missed a game winning layup (which wasn't even as bad as this miss lol) I remember there was a ton of people saying that LeBron would NEVER miss a game winning layup like that but like 2 days later he does just that lol. Those two fanbases sure love to go at it
  13. NBA

    Dion Waiters most likely out for tonight's game, the rest of the players are gonna have to step up if they wanna win tonight's game (which I think they can and really hope they do)
  14. NBA

    They've been playing amazing team ball, it's crazy how consistent everyone has been playing during this streak they've really been the best versions of themselves it's been fun to watch (and I'm happy my team finally found an identity hopefully they can keep the consistency up). They're not the only team hot in the east though Wizards and Celtics have also been balling and even though it doesn't make a huge difference I'm kind of rooting for the Cavs to lose that first seed spot lol.
  15. NBA

    What a time to be a Heat fan! hahahahahaha rip