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  1. MH is so bad I think if it was up against Sober it'd still be an easy choice. It's THAT bad.
  2. Left Alone by a mile.
  3. Banjo-Tooie was incredibly tedious! Remember spending about 500 hours in that factory level trying to get all the notes and jiggies. Was on a whole different level of difficulty compared to the original.
  4. My older brothers favourite bands growing up were Offspring and Linkin Park. That was enough for me to dislike both.
  5. I can't do all that heavy shit, too much for me. Me and the Mrs watched American Reunion tonight and laughed our little willies off. That's the only sort of films I can handle unfortunately.
  6. Wishing Well is one of my favourites on Neighbourhoods. HISALP I enjoy but the overproduction kinda spoils it for me. Think it could have been so good had the acoustic guitar actually sounded acoustic. Wishing Well, but only just.
  7. Yeah by far the best song released since Tom left. Hoping for more of the same now.
  8. Yeah the 4 beasts and the final approach to Ganon. You can actually skip all 4 dungeons and go straight to the final battle if you felt like it but you'd have to fight all the dungeon bosses before facing Ganon. The current World Record for completing the game is 41.25 which makes the game seem less intimidating! Fuck that though, there's so much to do and explore.
  9. Haha to be fair your strat seems way more exciting and intense! Just running for your life until your burned alive. Wish I'd done that haha.
  10. Haha I brought fireproof elixers from someone at the stable leading to death mountain. Think that was the intended solution 😂
  11. Heya Shreya, welcome to the boards.
  12. Misery still has me excited for the album despite this hiccup of a joke song.
  13. Rob Delaney?! He's fucking brilliant! I like you less for thinking otherwise.
  14. You ever watch Catastrophe? That's another brilliant comedy. Season 3 finished last week, would recommend it if you haven't seen it.
  15. The wife pretty much begged me to let us watch the rest of the season but we've waited ages for this to come back, gonna enjoy it week by week. She's fuming at me. I bet she watches it without me and doesn't tell me.