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  1. 2point5

    The tennis thread

    Easily our greatest ever sportsman. Kyle Edmund is for sure our next guy to make it to the top. Already playing at such a high level and seems to have the same level of focus and commitment as Murray. After that from what I’ve seen Cam Norrie looks promising. Only really watched him in Davis Cup matches but there seems to be real promise there. Other than that it’s just a few bang average kids. They’re still young though so can’t say for sure.
  2. 2point5

    The tennis thread

    Think the surgery is just more for better quality of life moving forward. Reckon his career is over now. Great fight today though. Always had that in abundance mind you. What a player and what a career.
  3. 2point5

    The Official Football Topic

    Didn’t see the game as been out all day. What was the game like? Yeah from what I’ve seen of Rice he looks a real talent.
  4. 2point5

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Since Scott hasn’t replied to this yet I think it’s safe to assume he’s wanked himself into a coma.
  5. 2point5

    The tennis thread

    Absolutely gutted mate. The greatest British sportsman in my eyes. What he achieved in this era of players is absolutely phenomenal.
  6. 2point5

    The Official Football Topic

    We’ve got that in the other tie with Spurs pinching the 1st leg.
  7. 2point5

    The Official Football Topic

    And those same fans will be just as hurt if they lose 1-0 at home to Gillingham on Saturday. Should we call up the Gillingham manager and let him know to go easy as the fans are still recovering from a loss to one of the best teams in the world? Behave yourself. These young fans got to witness their team in the semi final of a major cup competition against the current champions. The score line is irrelevant. They’ll look back on it with fond memories.
  8. 2point5

    The Official Football Topic

    Nothing to do with being nice. It’s professional sport. You perform to the best of your ability, it’s what you’re paid to do. Fans have paid for tickets or sky subscriptions. If City would have gone 3-0 up and just knocked the ball around for the next 60 minutes then THAT would have been a disgrace. There’s no mercy rule in football. Burton got themselves to the semi finals of a cup and got drawn against the current Premier League champions. Fair play to them but it was never going to be pretty. And they’ll learn a lot more about themselves as a team and individuals losing 9-0 than if City would have taken their foot off the gas and just seen the game out at a canter. If it were United you’d be loving a 9-0 romping so I can’t help but feel there’s slight bias to your opinion too.
  9. 2point5

    The Official Football Topic

    This is a professional sport. It’s ruthless. If you’re good enough to win 9-0 then you go out and do it. There’s no place for compassion at this level. It’s not City’s fault they had to play Burton, so why should they have to lower the standard of their own game to please everyone else?
  10. 2point5

    Does anyone like Busted?

    It went well with the 10 year old insult of calling you g-a-y. I like to be consistent.
  11. 2point5

    Does anyone like Busted?

    @Scott. I caved and listened to it. Instantly love it. These boys can do no wrong! @...Dan... You’re g-a-y. Pwned.
  12. 2point5

    Does anyone like Busted?

    Waiting til the albums out now mate. Gonna have heard half of it already otherwise. Excited though.
  13. 2point5

    What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    @Scott. nah not seen it. Will check it out for sure though. @...Dan... haha yeah I’ve been following Sunderland’s results since finishing the series too. Definitely want to see them do well this season and get promoted. I wonder if they’re currently filming the follow up for this season too. Seems a no brainer as they would have been a good shout to come straight back up and would make for excellent viewing.
  14. 2point5

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    I said I liked you, you cunt. Give me a shout out or like my post you ungrateful bastard.