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  1. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Hugo LOLris
  2. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Massive lolz you cunts.
  3. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Gutted beyond belief.
  4. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Not even thinking about the final at all. Tonight is all that matters. So fuckin nervous already, more than any other game in my life. Will never get another chance like this.
  5. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Strong, disciplined performance from France.
  6. FIFA World Cup 2018

    You’d better believe it, Bucko.
  7. FIFA World Cup 2018

    So ridiculously pumped. Semi finals was way beyond any of my wildest imaginations. Now we’ve got a genuine shot of actually making the final. Madness. Never thought I’d see the day. I fucking love Gareth Southgate.
  8. FIFA World Cup 2018

    God l hope you’re right. Although if I’m feeling this bad for a 1/4 final match there’s no way I could survive watching the final!
  9. FIFA World Cup 2018

    The most nervous I think I’ve ever been for a game of football. This is ridiculous. Come on England!
  10. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Uruguay 1-2 France Brazil 2-1 Belgium Sweden 0-2 England Croatia 1-1 Russia (Croatia on pens) More excited then nervous this time. Until tomorrow of course, by then I’ll be a mess again.
  11. FIFA World Cup 2018

  12. FIFA World Cup 2018

    In bits right now
  13. FIFA World Cup 2018

    I’m nervous as fuck and struggling to function today. What a huge opportunity we’ve got in front of us. No idea how I’m gonna make it to kick off, let alone watch the match...
  14. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Fancy Mexico to turn over Brazil today. What a World Cup so far.