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  1. This is what happens when you drink and start thinking about a former love. We've all been there.
  2. Not happening, Tombot 😉
  3. Dan Evans has failed a drugs test. Cocaine. What an absolute dickhead.
  4. Murray was fucking horrendous yesterday. Worst I've ever seen him play. Not great preparation for Wimbledon...
  5. MH 4.18.2011 What a steaming hot turd that song really is. The guitar in the verses is horrendous, as is the whole production on the song. It's songs like this which makes the Feldmann introduction seem so necessary.
  6. To be fair 95% of Blink songs are easy to play. If anyone asks me to play a song on guitar I bust out some blink to make myself look better than I really am.
  7. Misery is still so fucking good. Lately I've been starting the album at Good Old Days and skipping the first 2 as I listened to those to death when they first dropped. This morning I played Misery and it reminded me that it's probably my favourite post Tom song. Parking Lot is still pretty balls though.
  8. Personally I think I like that lyric. I think it's good.
  9. When untitled first came out ILWY was one of my absolute favourites. I guess with time the novelty has worn off and it's just another long drawn out Tom song. Nowhere near as good as anything on the first AVA album either.
  10. Went for All Of This. Just don't really care for it all that much. I'm Lost Without You was a close 2nd though, don't think it's aged well.
  11. Gen 4 is my favourite too. Platinum was amazing! Need to fire up that bad boy again soon.
  12. This one was easy. Voted 'Don't Tell Me That Its Over' purely because it's the worst song.
  13. Wooowwww! That was pretty much perfect tennis from Rafa. Unreal!
  14. Ostapenko smashed it!
  15. Great match that. As soon as Wawrinka managed to start firing freely it was game over. Cheering on Nadal though for the title. I'll be pissed off if Wawrinka manages 4 grand slam titles from 4 finals. Murray has 3 from something like 35!