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  1. I love the guitars in this song. Love the BCR Cat Like Thief styled guitar in the pre-chorus. Just a damn catchy song. Dunno why it was never a single.
  2. Haha, I know not many people on this board like that song. I've always liked that song though but can understand why people would hate it.
  3. I'm a huge fan of that style of music. In fact that U2/Cure kinda sound that AVA do is actually an influence on me. I really wish this style of music was used in blink a lot more though. Every AVA song has some great ideas. But their early stuff is very repetitive at times. Lyrics are decent outside of a couple of cringe lines here and there (I find they've gone even worse in the more recent AVA stuff when it comes to lyrics). I'm a fan of the long build ups. But I just don't feel the songs go anywhere. Like on True Love. That build up is fucking great. But the song as a whole is a total let down. Call to Arms sounds great throughout, but the song is way too long and repetitive. I feel that's the problem with the early AVA tracks. They're just long and repetitive songs. Even the most rated AVA song the Adventure is a huge let down to me after that 2nd chorus. By having Mark and Travis there, I get the idea that the songs wouldn't be massively different. Probably a bit more punk rock sounding, less longer and no where near as repetitive. 30 Seconds to Mars were another band that were doing that sound as well, but I felt they pulled it off well. I like all that delay U2 styled guitars in AVA. The riffs on the Adventure and Valkyrie Missile are killer. Love the heavier riffs that AVA do as well like on the War, Intertia and Flight of Apollo. I like the slower AVA tracks like A LIttle's Enough. Start the Machine is one of my favourite blink related songs. I love the chorus of Sirens which I find catchy as fuck. I love the pre-chorus of that song too. I actually think Breathe is a very good song. Heaven is a song I like too. The Moon-Atomic also sounds amazing. I love the atmospheric sound and synths in it. Some Origins of Fire is a track I like from start to finish. Saturday Love has some of the best ideas Tom has ever come up with but I think the song could've been way better. I love how weird the Revelator sounds in the verses, then it just goes all nice and poppy for the chorus. All That We Are would've been the worst ever song out of all the blink guys if it wasn't for that amazing solo in the outro. Just imagine blink having a solo like that. So much lost potential. That's what I feel AVA is. Amazing ideas but the songs never reach the full potential. There's like 10-15 AVA tracks that I love from start to finish.
  4. I like it on Lifeline the most from that album. In the chorus, he's great.
  5. Yeah, I love that song. Lyrically it's good too. Love the riff from the Machine but I don't like how it's a remake of Start the Machine. Could've done more with that song.
  6. I'm one of the few who loves how his voice sounds now too. The way he sounds on Invisible Parade is fucking great. I don't like that song, but his voice is very unique on that track. I do like how he sounds on WDNTW cause I love his voice no matter how different it's become throughout the years. But it was weird hearing that transition. It's like he's trying to sound like the vocals from the smiley face album and I just feel it could've been better suited if the songs were a lot more guitar driven. I remember hearing I-Empire and thinking his voice sounded weird. At least with WDNTW you can still hear that he kinda sounds like a more croaky & deeper version of himself from the BCR/smiley face album. But then all of a sudden he went high pitched and more sing-ish for I-Empire and it just felt like a weird transition to me. Still, I liked hearing it but that's the worst he's ever sounded by far IMO.
  7. Do you not like The War, The Machine or Secret Crowds? Basically the more guitar driven songs of their earlier stuff. Just curious to know haha. But yeah I do agree with you, AVA at the beginning was way too pretentious. I do like some of their older songs though. Now they're not trying too hard and are just writing decent rock songs. I mean I love the ideas of every song AVA have done with their first 4 albums, but like 80% of them weren't done well at all. So much potential that wasn't used. Mark and Travis being there to offer their input would've made early AVA songs awesome.
  8. Definitely agree with this. Sounds like they're reverting back to the I-Empire/Love kinda sound just with a more punk rock edge? Out of the sound clips I've heard so far, I'm not convinced. The first sound clip was decent, that's about it. But the other two are boring. Hopefully Tom can prove me wrong. I've been looking forward to new AVA stuff since TDW/Chasing Shadows. There's some great tracks on the recent AVA stuff.
  9. Nosferatu

    AVA General Discussion

    Valkyrie Missile is a very good song IMO. Just don't like the whole first minute of the track. They could've done without that. Maybe shorten the second verse as well. But the rest of the song is perfect as it is. Sounds like an actual modern blink song, especially in the outro with the octave chords. I would've been fine without the "we're angels & airwaves" part too.
  10. Nosferatu

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    As much as I love the main version of that song, I really wish they would've done a studio version of the acoustic one. That could've been even better IMO.
  11. Nosferatu

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    The video was kinda like these videos, except instead of walking around, they're on bicycles. But the shooting/filming style was the camera being pointed at the front of the singer, as he goes around his bicycle, meanwhile there's others riding with him. The band, as well as other people of the neighbourhood.
  12. Nosferatu

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I'll check it out. Based on that photo though, that video seems quite old. The song I was thinking of was more modern pop punk. Last 5-6 years or so, maybe a little bit longer. Edit: Yeah, definitely not this song. I like it though haha.
  13. Nosferatu

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I dunno where to ask this but I'm looking for this song. There was a song that I can't remember the name of (or how it goes). Can't remember the band either. I just know it was pop punk and the music video was a bunch of dudes riding bicycles in a Neighbourhood, kinda wrecking havoc at the same time. Anyone have any idea? I've googled but that hasn't helped either.
  14. Nosferatu

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I think he might've been watching one of those straight to DVD American Pie sequels. Sounds exactly like one of the scenes from it haha.
  15. Nosferatu

    Alkaline Trio

    I do like the song but it isn't amazing to me. Prefer Blackbird. Both songs aren't anything special IMO but they're solid.