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  1. Yeah, I've always thought Mark has wrote the more mature songs even from 94-02. He's definitely capable of the mature & dark songs still. Shows in California on some of the songs, although musically all the songs are a bit generic compared to +44/Neighborhoods. I definitely get the idea now that he'd rather be writing darker songs or whatever. Wasn't it like 4-5 years ago when he said that he can't write happy songs anymore? I remember reading something about that, saying he struggles to write happy songs now.
  2. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    Listening to the new Chvrches album "Love is Dead". In recent years, I've been kinda getting into all that synth pop. The Naked + Famous is one of my favourite bands. Can't get into Chvrches as much as them but the new album is decent even if it is way more poppy than their previous records.
  3. What Should a Modern Blink-182 Setlist Look Like?

    Heart's All Gone Interlude + Heart's All Gone Feeling This What's My Age Again Bored to Death Los Angeles The Rock Show Misery Kings of the Weekend Adam's Song Lemmings Always/Down (Wild Card) San Diego The Only Thing That Matters Last Train Home Wendy Clear Wasting Time Sober Kaleidoscope Cynical/Josie/Dumpweed/MH (Wild Card) She's Out of Her Mind/Carousel/Wishing Well/Every Time I Look For You (Wild Card) I Miss You All The Small Things Violence/Not Now (Wild Card) Dammit California - 8 songs + 2 wild cards Neighborhoods - 2 songs + 2 wild cards Smiley Face - 2 songs + 4 wild cards TOYPAJ - 1 song + 1 wild card Enema - 4 songs + 1 wild card Dude Ranch - 2 songs + 1 wild card Cheshire Cat - 1 song + 1 wild card Only included wild cards to keep the set list limited to 20-25 songs. They'd be rotating the wild card songs for each show.
  4. Blink on Kimmel

    Yeah, I thought this was a good live performance for the Neighborhoods era. The mix needs to sound a bit less muddy though.
  5. Blink on Kimmel

    I actually loved watching that KOTW performance. It does have backing tracks, cause I can hear synths very slightly but it's very low down in the mix. Which is the way it should be. The guitar sounds huge. It's sloppy. Travis sounds great. Skiba sounds like an actual punk rock musician. Terrible vocals but whatever. The mix for KOTW sounds great. Mark's vocals have gone way worse in recent years, but no idea if that was to do with his smoking habits or if it's age. Or it could be 2 years of straining when singing California songs, since they are a bit high. As for I Miss You, the only thing I'm not keen on outside of the vocals is Skiba's clean guitar tone. It needs a bit more drive. Every time I hear him strum, it sounds like a bunch of metal objects clashing into each other. Feeling This sounds crap. What happened with the mix again? Why do mixers always make the guitar sound low and muddy for live performances? Sounded fine for KOTW.
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'd rather they go with a title similar to the Poo Poo Pee Pee tour they did in the Dude Ranch era. Suits blink way more than this Kings of the Weekend stuff.
  7. The blink-182 Safe Space

    Two songs that stand out for me from California: Bottom of the Ocean and Long Lost Feeling These two have ended up as my favourites from California, just like Kaleidoscope ended up being my favourite from Neighborhoods. I liked those two songs on my first listen actually. But usually it takes me about a year or two to find out if I love it or not. Those two songs are ones I've gotta play most days from my iTunes. Bottom of the Ocean is just everything I look for in music. As a songwriter that uses a lot of electronic elements in my own stuff, this song is massively appreciated by me. As for Long Lost Feeling, I love the sadness of it. I love the mellow sound and I love how the ending is. The drums pick up, Travis just smashing the hell out of that snare, then just nothing. Just a long lost feeling. Sounds beautiful. And the ahhhhs are what blink should be doing a bit more of rather than woahs or gang vocals, as long as it's not overused. Blink used to do that quite a bit in the Dude Ranch era. I also get a BCR vibe from this song. The guitars, the drums in the verses. It does sound kinda like BCR to me and I don't know why, but I love it. One other song that has grown on me is The Only Thing That Matters. On first listen, I found it trash despite it sounding like TOYPAJ era blink. I found it boring. But now, I listen to it and it's just a blink song man. I'm actually rating the song. It doesn't stand out but it's definitely a good song IMO.
  8. The blink-182 Safe Space

    I'd like to compare it more to Ross and Rachel from friends haha. Every time they get close, they always fight again which delays the chances of them getting back together.
  9. The blink-182 Safe Space

    I have a feeling Tom wouldn't even wanna play the California songs and would rather play First Date, since he tried to shy away from those kinda songs.
  10. The blink-182 Safe Space

    Yeah, Tom wouldn't be letting power chords ring out like he often has in his most recent blink shows, since Skiba would be playing haha. It'd be good to watch I think. But surely it's gotta be boring just playing power chords on rhythm? I get some blink songs are like that, but at least in the past Tom would sing over his parts. I'd take a guess that Skiba would only sing on the California songs or do harmonies.
  11. The blink-182 Safe Space

    If Tom ever did come back to blink, I really think it would just be Tom, Mark & Travis. Mark and Tom had no problem kicking out Scott. He has no problem ignoring the +44 guys. Tom himself didn't even have no problem trying to kick Travis. In Tom's mind, blink is his band. If he's ever back, then I honestly 100% believe Skiba is gone.
  12. Feldmann

    The only super hero movies I like are Watchmen, The Dark Knight trilogy and the first Kick-Ass. X-men is solid, nothing special. Deadpool is decent IMO but it's getting way too much hype, to the point it's overrated. Definitely not boring and terrible though like I find about most super hero stuff. I used to love super hero movies back in the early 2000s when I was like 7-11 years old. By the time the first Iron Man came out, I was already bored of them. I'd think to myself "man, there are way too many super hero movies nowadays and it's boring the hell out of me". That was in like 2007-2008. Fast forward 10 years later, I barely watch new films outside of like 2 or 4 a year because all that's ever released now are damn super hero movies. Saw Deadpool 2 last week and the 3 trailers they showed before. All shitty super hero ones. I just rolled my eyes and shook my head. Of course, it's a marvel film but I didn't know they would only advertise their own crap. Reminded me of Tom with his AVA love shirt. Advertising the hell out of it. As for Michael Bay movies, the only ones I find watchable are the Bad Boys movies. But i like early Will Smith movies.
  13. Feldmann

    I just burst out laughing at that scientologist comparison cause it's so true haha.
  14. Feldmann

    Wow, 5SOS really did that? Just confirms everything we knew about Feldman really, but 5SOS doing that makes it even more laughable about Feldman. Feldman is pretty much the Michael Bay of the music industry. Michael Bay is a shit director that knows how to make money with trash movies. Feldman is the music equivalent.
  15. Box Car Racer or alternate blink timeline? Pick one.

    Yeah, definitely. If they had stayed broken up, I think the general public would've appreciated them way more too. Not comparing them to the Beach Boys or ABBA, but were they bands that didn't have that respect? Obviously both were huge, both were mainstream, but there's a difference in between being mainstream than being a band that has huge respect. Nowadays ABBA and Beach Boys have that respect. They're considered legends. To the point of being in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Also look at Sex Pistols. Only ever released one album and they have a massive legacy. Also helps that they'd get a lot of negative attention around their lifestyles in the media too haha. I think the release of Neighborhoods and California hasn't helped in that regard, and if they're gonna continue to release these kind of albums, then they'll fuck up that legacy. But had they stayed broken up? Their work from 97-03 would've been a lot more appreciated. Hopefully they can release an album that is the same level as their stuff from before 2005. At the moment, I still feel that people will compare them with Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte or whatever, rather than Green Day & the Offspring both of whom have that classic rock band respect. It's weird. Cause like you say, people are starting to realise that blink were great. But blink aren't there yet. They still need that great album I think but the reunion hasn't given any of that so far.