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  1. What's the next big movie genre?

    I prefer original stuff. CBA with constant remakes and sequels as well as constant super hero movies (love the Dark Knight trilogy and Watchmen though). Some sequels are great if they stay true to the first one. Although Mad Max Fury Road is a bit more over the top with it's action and violence than the earlier movies, it is what it is. They never toned it down or anything. They just cared about making a damn good movie, not taking money out of the wallets and purses of babysitters and parents that are with their kids. Same thing happened with Blade Runner 2049. Can't stand any of the Terminators after the first two but I've heard they're gonna make a "true" sequel to that and ignore the movies after the first two. I don't think there's gonna be any genres that'll lead the movie industry. Super heroes are making more money than ever. That said, I think cinemas and production companies will stop supporting the more original stand alone movies eventually. But I do predict that these original stand alone movies will make a rise more on streaming services. It's happening on Netflix with movies like Bright and the Cloverfield Paradox (technically a sequel to the other Cloverfield movies) but they never got the rave reviews. Annihilation is the next one coming out, which has a director who has a great track record in movies (2nd time directing but he's done screenplays that were made into good films like Dredd and 28 Days Later). If that gets good reviews and enough of an audience, then it could be the start of something completely new. I won't be surprised if it gets good reviews but I will if it makes a difference in the movie industry. By that I mean in the way movies are marketed, in the ways that they can be more attractive on streaming services than in the cinema. Atm I just can't imagine a streamed film reach the popularity, heights and level of a film like Avatar or even the current super hero crap.
  2. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Yeah I thought that myself, but I took it as part of his character even though he does this in most of his movies. Can't remember the name of his boss in the film but one of her quotes/lines was mentioning him about having no soul, so him being like that must've been a reason why he was cast I guess.
  3. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Am I the only one who actually loves Blade Runner 2049? I watched the first one a couple of weeks before the new one came out, and to be honest I was kinda disappointed. Like it's good, but for so many years, it was hyped as this masterpiece sci fi movie. It was one of those movies I've known of since I was a kid but watched it for the first time 3-4 months ago. I didn't understand the hype. That said, it didn't put me off seeing the second one. But wow, the second one blew me away. Yeah, it's long but to me, I was just glued to the screen for the whole damn thing. Went by pretty quick for me. Really enjoyed it. Don't know if it was because I had lowered expectations or anything, but I'd say it's my favourite movie from 2017.
  4. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'd consider California to be on the same level as AVA really. WDNTW has some great songs but them some songs I don't listen to. Same with I-Empire. I'd view TWD as a more solid album but outside of Tunnels & Mercenaries, and possibly Teenagers + Rituals, California has the better songs IMO. California's problem is that it has complete utter trash that I can't stand. AVA don't have any songs that I can't stand. It has songs that I find boring or barely listen to, but I don't find any of them complete trash. Love on the other hand, there's not really one song on them albums that do it for me, so I'd choose California over that.
  5. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Definitely agree with this. I remember a few years ago, playing the song "Fuck a Dog" out loud on my phone and someone took offence to it. He was like "I don't think that's funny. That stuff actually happens in this world." This was in like 2009, before all the PC crap started taking off as well. Man, I thought he was weird as hell. It's like saying Happy Gilmore fighting Bob Barker isn't funny, cause in the real world there's young men that beat up old men. I don't give a crap what anyone says but in the entertainment world, stuff like that can be hilarious. If it's in the real world then it isn't. The PC crap just needs to stay away from the entertainment world IMO. That song will always be pretty funny. Family Reunion, Blow Job, When You Fucked Grandpa etc I'll always find hilarious. Hell, not the biggest California fan but I like Built This Pool too. And also find Tom's Golden Showers song damn hilarious. Blink's ridiculous humour will always be something I enjoy, even if I prefer the darker & more mature side of blink But their ridiculous humour is pretty much who they are and it shows even when Tom is there playing live when they're all over 40. Hell, even in AVA that humour shows in live sets. Even in the current Tom interviews, his ridiculous toilet humour is there.
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I swear somewhere around 2014-2015 (can't remember if Tom was still in the band or if Skiba had just been brought in) but there was some logo of the exact same smiley face. Rumoured to be the new blink logo, but it had no arrows, I can't find it on google images, but I remember thinking it looked great. Had a background to it as well, can't exactly remember, cause it was ages ago. Edit: Don't worry just found it
  7. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I kinda like it on Kaleidoscope too. Suits the vibe of the song a lot. Also like it on FTG too but that's the problem with Neighborhoods. They're trying to sound ambitious and big on songs like Ghost on the Dance Floor/Snake Charmer but then you get that muddy/dull-ish sound when it comes to songs like Natives, Kaleidoscope etc I get what Mark was trying to do, +44 is mixed similar but it's also done way better. But the Tom songs also contrast with it. They really needed to work together properly and with a producer to pull it off really. It's not so bad on DED despite no producer, because they were working together and Tom is actually playing guitar on Mark's song, so the songs blend together better on that but Neighborhoods is apples and oranges throughout.
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Yeah, definitely agree with you there. The bridge in Disaster is lazy as well IMO. Feels more like a break instead of a bridge. I actually like the chorus of PLG but the rap is so forced. Always gonna be open for blink having a guest feature on their songs but it's gotta at least be more natural, like the way it was with Robert Smith. They literally wrote that song with him in mind, that's why it works so well. Can't say the same for PLG and Yelawolf. His lyrics also don't fit with Tom's lyrics either IMO. But PLG lyrically is fucking great outside of the rap. I think it's arguably one of Tom's best. Also wish they didn't have that folk/country thing going on in the intro and outro of Boxing Day, but the rest of the song is great. Mark really does sound great with Tom. Can't go wrong with WIWY and I love the DED song too but I feel like Mark wasn't even trying with that song haha.
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I also laughed when I first heard this. Surely Mark was taking the piss, but at the same time he had been having more electronic kinda stuff in his own songs from +44 and onwards.
  10. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    He'll definitely try get himself involved with blink or some form one day later, I agree. But the guy is too stubborn to give up with his dreams too, no matter how unsuccessful it is, that's why I believe he'll try get himself involved with blink again, since he sees blink as some form of promotion. It is pretty funny how everything Tom has been doing in the past two or three years is way more punk than California though. Kudos to him for staying true to himself, just he went the complete wrong way about it. Misleading Mark & Travis for years as well as fans of blink. He should've been honest about the situation right from the beginning.
  11. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Yeah, California is what it is, mainly forced pop songs to take blink back to their hey day, but none of the poppy songs are even close to the level of ATSM, Rock Show or even First Date. It has some great songs but half of it features the worst blink songs ever recorded. You don't need to listen to a song loads of times to like it. There's albums I listen to where I can't remember much of it, but then I'll listen to it and think "you know what? This album is fucking great". Then I won't listen to it for ages and I'll forget about it again, only to listen to it later, and still love it. Music is subjective. When Neighborhoods came out, I loved it. When California came out, I have the same opinion of it as I do today, half of it is trash and the other half is solid. Neighborhoods regressed for me. Now it has songs I'll never listen to, but also have songs I listen to regularly. When the smiley face album came out, I didn't understand it outside of 3-4 songs. Took me 3-4 years to fall in love with that album and just like darkarrow, it's now also my favourite album of all time. I loved Take Off on first listen whereas now I don't listen to half of the songs on it. Enema, I was mixed, similar to California, but eventually fell in love with every song. The truth is, you either love it or hate the album. People will love it on first listen or just not like on first listen. Doesn't take lots of listens for them to like it. They may like it eventually or may not. But we never know what our true opinion of the album is until like 2 years later usually. Least that's how it is in my case anyway. I don't have to listen to it loads to fall in love with it. Maybe 3-4 times that's about it. But if I still don't like it then, then it's most likely gonna stay shit for me. I don't wanna hear Wildfire, She's Out of Her Mind, Parking Lot, Sober, California, Don't Mean Anything, Rabbit Hole & Teenage Satellites ever again. 3-4 listens, 10 listens, 50 listens, those songs are complete trash IMO.
  12. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Definitely agree, I love that EP. Mark harmonising with Tom on that pre-chorus of Boxing Day is one of the most blink sounding moments since the reunion. Their voices contrast so much yet sound so great together. No matter how many back and forth vocals Mark did with Skiba on California, they don't compare to Mark & Tom even on their moments together on Neighborhoods. Mark in Ghost on the Dance Floor or the way Tom comes in on Kaleidoscope. Mark and Tom in When I Was Young, just great blink moments. Just wish those two did the same thing with Heart's All Gone like they do live. If that happened, that song could've possibly topped Feeling This IMO. It's already near perfect. The only California/DLX song that sounds close to the Mark & Tom harmonising/call & response vocals is Last Train Home in the chorus. But that's only cause Skiba is singing high whilst Mark is singing low. Skiba doesn't sound different enough to Mark to pull of what Tom did with Mark IMO.
  13. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I listen to some California songs now and then. Bored to Death is still a great song for me. Los Angeles is still great for me too, never understood the hate of this song but I've loved it since day one. I liked Bottom of the Ocean since day one too but that has grown into one of my favourite blink songs since the reunion. Long Lost Feeling I still listen to regularly. 6/8 is still a great listen. All in all, these are the songs I'll listen to quite a bit Bored to Death Los Angeles 6/8 Bottom of the Ocean Long Lost Feeling Then these are the ones I'll still listen to, just nowhere near as much (still think these are great songs though) Last Train Home Misery Home Is Such a Lonely Place San Diego One song I just thought was boring when I first listened to it, but now has grown on me, The Only Thing That Matters. As for the two others that I like Left Alone & Hey I'm Sorry, I just hate the choruses and the woahs of these songs. The verses are fucking great for both IMO. Good Old Days is ok, it's not as catchy as it should be IMO. It's trying to be a pop song the way ATSM, The Rock Show do and hell even First Date but it's nowhere near as memorable as those tracks. The other songs are trash IMO. That includes Cynical, never understood the hype of that song on these boards either. The only other song that could've been great is KOTW but the lyrics let that down way too much for me.
  14. Yeah, I uploaded to a private link on Soundcloud, just assumed you could send attachment files that's all
  15. haha, mine is 16 seconds but i think you'll be let off for that, maybe send it through the pm