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  1. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    The only album I feel like I've outgrown is Take Off. Enema & Dude Ranch always will be way more to me than that album. As for the smiley face album, that album is literally my bible. There's just no way California is all Mark and Skiba can do. Travis, he does anything. He's amazing on everything. But Mark? He wrote the +44 album with no help, he wrote some kick ass songs on Neighborhoods which I also believe are the best Neighborhoods songs. As for Tom, I don't think he's lost it musically. Maybe as a solo artist or when he's not got Mark & Travis by his side. We have to remember Boxcar Racer was the first time he tried something completely new. I think it was just a bit of a fluke that he happened to write great songs by himself. If it wasn't a fluke then AVA wouldn't be nowhere near as inconsistent. There's not one great AVA album in my opinion. Solid maybe. The Dream Walker was solid to me because it felt more like a band. Just it wasn't with the usual AVA members. It was with the Rubin brothers. I also believe another reason BCR worked so well is because of Travis. That album would be insanely different without him as the drummer IMO. He's helping to carry the sound. Hip hop is on that album. No way Tom could get that Brooks guy or whatever and have hip hop drums clashing with punk rock guitars. Maybe he'd be able to do it but nowhere near as creative and as great as what Travis did. BCR also has that angst that blink always had. There's none of that in AVA whatsoever. I just believe Tom was never meant to go solo or to another band. His best will always be in blink and it shows. The dude can just turn up for 5 minutes and give Mark a riff to play around and it's probably gonna be amazing like 80% of the time. Neighborhoods is so damn good but it has the inconsistencies. But on that album they do show how great they are. I don't hate California. Has some great songs on there, but apart from 2 songs I hardly listen to it. One of the main things missing from it is honesty. That album isn't a blink effort IMO. Yeah, they worked hard, but it has Feldman's fingerprints throughout. Can't say that with Finn. Finn worked differently with other bands. He treated every band different, so we can't say about Finn. I'm glad that the album has earned the Gold thing. Blink do deserve it after all. And California is decent. But it shows how shite the music industry is nowadays when that's one of the better albums of the year, because to be honest, I actually do believe it was one of the best albums last year. Maybe now they've gone Gold they won't feel the need to prove their relevance, and just write an honest rock album. I do believe what Tom said around 2013 or 2014 or whatever year it was. "We have nothing to prove". Blink had nothing to prove before and after the release of Neighborhoods and they had nothing to prove before and after California either IMO. They've already done it. So they can afford to write albums that aren't written to sell records.
  2. Gotta love Fighting the Gravity! One of the best Neighborhoods songs IMO.
  3. 20 years from now

    The singer reminds me of the Yellowcard singer in this song.
  4. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    I'll probably get back to you with this movie, not yet seen! I ordered it from Amazon last week along with John Wick 2 and the Sons of Anarchy series. Looks like it's my type of film. Last movie I saw was Blade Runner 2049, wasn't a big fan of the first one, but I appreciated it. For an 80's movie that has some fucking great visuals too. But Blade Runner 2, had my attention for the whole thing. Was amazed by it. Definitely more of an acquired taste type of film IMO. I know a lot of people did complain about the length but I had no problem with it. Watched Area 51 on Netflix pretty recently, which I thought was crap. I love the whole idea of the Cloverfield filming style, but no film pulls that off nearly as well as Cloverfield. I'm sure I've watched like 2-3 other films fairly recently too but I can't remember them off the top of my head.
  5. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Dunno what topic to put this in to be honest, but does if anyone know if the bass guitar in this song is double tracked? Huge fan of the Mark Hoppus sound when it comes to blink recordings. I honestly can't tell if it's double tracked or if he's accidentally plucking other strings when he's meant to be just playing on just one string.
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'd guess 2004 as well. Definitely can't be during the recording of the smiley face album otherwise we would've heard snippets or whatever on those cheetah videos. The production of the song sounds a bit different to the smiley face album too. Really wish they would've recorded a Letter to Elise like they did with Another Girl Another Planet. Both are damn good covers.
  7. I just laughed at the thought of this. Honestly, I would not be surprised if that actually happened one day.
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Travis always came across as so innocent during the Enema days haha. I agree, wouldn't surprise me if Travis didn't become a player until around 2001 and onwards.
  9. I've seen this kinda stuff before (more of a greeting way than this fangirl of Tom) with friends and hell even seen my own mother do that. Usually it's girls who kiss another girl on the lips as a way to say bye or hello or whatever. Kinda like a hug in a sense. Never seen guys do it to guys like that though, unless they're drunk as hell and snog each other as a joke. As for a guy kissing a girl like that, I have seen it before, people in relationships kissing another person, with no meaning or feeling to it. Exactly like that video. Although if it was more frequent and more than once with the same person, then it's probably worth assuming something is going on. But I have seen it, kisses like that even with the most loyal people. Kinda like the French stereotype of kissing on the cheek.
  10. WHAT IF: Enema was released today

    You reckon the Man Overboard video would've caused a stir if released today? I'm sure i've heard more midget jokes in past 3-4 years that have been criticised and stuff.
  11. Definitely gonna be interesting! Can't remember what Clarke's favourite era of blink is, but I remember Oliver saying Enema is his style, davey obviously with the earlier blink and me with the smiley face, Neighborhoods, BCR/+44 style sound.
  12. I do use a lot of Logic Pro when starting off a song, so virtual drums I could do. Oliver could write a drum line or something, and I'll just listen by ear and copy it exact for exact or something haha, but whatever works best for our team.
  13. WHAT IF: Enema was released today

    Having a porn star on the album cover might be taken differently too. Not sure if in a good way or bad way though since porn is way more open nowadays it seems.
  14. WHAT IF: Enema was released today

    I also think had blink never broke up in 2005, they would've garnered respect as a rock band too. The way Foo Fighters and Green Day have that respect. They were well onto that level after the 2003 album, and despite that album shedding people's opinions of blink being some lame pop punk band known for running nude, they still had a lot to do to convince the music industry to give them that kind of respect. I really think another album would've achieved that, especially considering how AVA could've sounded if it was for blink (one of the biggest let downs, because all the ideas of AVA were fucking great, obviously another topic though). Saying that though, I think blink have always had way more respect than Limp Bizkit and Creed, just not on the Foo Fighters & Green Day level. Considering how huge Sum 41 was in 2001 and 2002, I'm surprised they never really reached that kind of level too, especially after the Chuck album. That album has everything that rock fans love. As for Enema, if it was released today, it wouldn't be nowhere near as huge as that album was back in 1999. Blink defined pop punk, probably more so than Green Day with the Dookie album. I do think Sum 41 probably would've latched on to a bit of that kind of success but not at the same level. Enema was just unique. Nothing had ever sounded like it. Blink weren't just part of the music scene back then. They were a huge part of pop culture. Fashion, MTV, cameos with movies like American Pie. If Enema wasn't released back then, there would probably be no New Found Glory, no Fall Out Boy, no Panic at the Disco, no All Time Low, no Good Charlotte. Well, those bands would still exist probably, but blink massively influenced all of these, so their music would be mad different. Even Jerry Finn's career would turn out completely different. Even bands like ADTR would be effected as well as Five Seconds of Summer. Maybe I'm overrating the success Enema had in 1999, but blink weren't just a band. They were one of the faces of the music industry back then. Eminem, Britney Spears etc, they were literally on that level of fame at the time.
  15. WHAT IF: Enema was released today

    If Enema was released today, that means there is no pop punk album to define the genre in the early 2000s. Pop punk wouldn't have been as mainstream IMO. Green Day would probably be bigger than they were around 2000-2002 as well. I don't think the album would've been nearly as successful. Blink were largely supported by MTV. Perhaps they would've been on a similar level of fame as ADTR or something. But a few songs definitely would be criticised as sexist. Dumpweed like the guy above mentioned. The line from Dysentery Gary "your mum's a whore" would've been offensive today too. The Party Song would possibly be criticised too for the lyrics in the chorus. Women would probably say something like "we can wear whatever the fuck we want". The humping dog line in Anthem probably would be considered offensive too.