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  1. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I think the raging Tombots should find their way to Tom DeLonge's house to get their money back. But knowing the antics of Tom DeLonge in the past year or two, something like this video would probably happen.
  2. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Haha, I never thought of it like that. Hilarious now that I'm thinking of it.
  3. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    I love Tom, but I think I'm just lost for words at some of the stuff coming from him. Whatever rocks his boat I guess. Definitely a unique character. But to me, sounds like what he was doing in 2006 when he was talking about AVA being the next big band... except this space academy or whatever stoops that down a level. This academy thing takes the full cake.
  4. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Did Tom DeLonge watch the sci-fi movie "Looper". The telepathy thing sounds almost like the telepathy that goes on in that movie haha.
  5. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2016 (Meltdown Subsided)

    I do agree that neither probably don't have each others numbers. But one of the blink guys did say it felt like a friendly divorce. The split in 2005 seemed more personal and bitter to me. Mark has never fully denied welcoming Tom back into blink either. And Tom this time acts like he didn't quit either compared to the first time he quit. Dunno why he's acting different this time though haha. But you're right that they seem super happy with Feldman and even Skiba, but that's only because Mark seems to judge happiness based on popularity or something. The guy barely even talks about the amazing work he did in +44, meanwhile Tom is so proud of Boxcar Racer despite it having a similar level of mainstream success. Travis is just happy as long as he can play drums. And Skiba is just happy that all his hard work has paid off. He deserves to have his work be more known IMO. Alkaline Trio are a great band. Tom is probably gonna have to prove himself with some solo album or something and a proper one, not like the demos one or whatever it was. Cause Mark definitely wouldn't trust Tom right now, hell even I wouldn't if blink was my band.
  6. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2016 (Meltdown Subsided)

    I'd actually love it if they didn't announce Tom rejoined and they secretly recorded an album, then just announced the album one day or one week before release or something. I'd be hyped as hell.
  7. Definitely agree. The only thing that let's Love is Dangerous down is a few of the lyrics. Literally the melodies, every instrument all are great IMO. Maybe the production could be better but can say the same with almost every Neighborhoods songs. Production doesn't make a song worse though.
  8. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    That's what Feldy probably told Mark and I don't think it turned out well. Mark isn't the same guy he used to be IMO, where he could write a great song in 10 minutes.
  9. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    To be honest, it's good that blink are taking a break. I was kinda worried they were just gonna rush into another album straight after California. They need inspiration and time. I'd happily let Feldman work with blink on other projects, for eg the record of Travis' kid or that joke song he did with Mark, whilst blink take time away from each other, focus on other stuff and then come back to each other with ideas and work as a band without Feldman there. But can't see that happening. Feldman seems like he's in for the long haul.
  10. I really wanted to vote Sober. I despise that song but Wildfire is just... Unexplainable. What the hell were blink thinking with that song? It makes bands like All Time Low & Panic at the Disco sound like rock n roll legends. Just terribly bad IMO.
  11. The most non-Blink sounding song?

    I love this. Can imagine them high, bopping their heads up and down to the enormous drums of Travis, then all of a sudden Go kicks in, like it's out of place. Did they ever listen to Fighting the Gravity?
  12. The most non-Blink sounding song?

    I do think the riff is kinda blink sounding. Very pop punk styled riff at least but I do agree. Sounds like the Naked + Famous trying to be a pop punk band with the synths being a big drive of the song. The guitar on the chorus kinda reminds me of the guitar on NOFX - The Brews. Like the tone of it I mean. The only part of the song I'd view as classic blink has to be the bridge, when Mark is playing the power chords. I'd probably view the song as a AVA trying to be pop punk or something.
  13. Cereal Killers?

    I like to think that it became the California album. I'd honestly not be surprised.
  14. Annual - List Your Top 10 Blink songs!

    I'd take out Los Angeles and add in Don't Mean Anything. That song would make Kurt Cobain proud.
  15. Annual - List Your Top 10 Blink songs!

    Can't put it in order, can barely make a top 10 either. Gotta pick like 20 of my favourite blink songs to go into the top 10, but here is my attempt. Feeling This - No brainer, I consider that song to be the half way point of blink's evolution. Has all the upbeat pop punk stuff of the songs before it as well as the experimentation and uniqueness of the songs after it. Not Now - Same with Feeling This. Pop punk & that experimenting. Halfway point of blink's great evolution. Kaleidoscope - Arguably the most blink song on Neighborhoods, but without actually sounding like blink. There's no song that sounds like it. Mark is on form and Tom makes this song even better. Love how Tom has a pre-chorus before the second chorus, but there's none of that before the first chorus. Great structuring and love the raw indie rock vibe of the song. Violence - This song is in my head every single day. It's a live staple and although it doesn't represent the band too much, my god what a song. Great build up/intro then a great weird verse. The outro when the octave chord is going down a step after each second as welll. Just a great song. Dammit - One of the most memorable blink songs you'll ever hear. A song that defines them. Everytime I Look For You - I think this is the best song on Take Off. The only song that doesn't sound forced outside of What Went Wrong. Pop punk but different to the pop punk of Enema. Dumpweed - Like Dammit & Feeling This, it's a song that defines the band. It has the skate punk style of Dude Ranch & Cheshire Cat but has all the poppier melodies that exist on Enema and later albums. It's a song that is part of their evolution. Should always be a live staple. Pop punk at it's finest IMO. Travis also is a huge reason why I love this song. Pretty much just introduces himself as motherfuckin' Travis Barker with this song. Heart's All Gone - Might not be the most popular choice for a top 10 blink song. Hell, it doesn't even define blink. Tom isn't even on the damn guitars. But it is a great blink song and actually is about blink, or Tom should I say. Arguably has the greatest lyrics out of the blink catalogue and the drums are insane. Generic song but that's what you expect with Mark on the guitar. I also love the raw vibe in this song. Might not be the best sounding song from a production stand point, but it does seem to fit the song. Definitely one of the songs from Neighborhoods that doesn't suffer from them not working as a band. Infact, that reason alone adds to it's charm, like Kaleidoscope. Great song. I Miss You - I don't think it's the greatest blink song. But you know a song is good when it sticks in your head and include it as a good reason to listen to blink. It's a live staple and it's one of the few blink songs that should ALWAYS be played live IMO. Not the most obvious song to represent blink but it's a song that helps define them in a way, especially with the Cure influences. Arguably has the greatest chorus out of the whole blink catalogue too. Adam's Song - I view this song as one that makes a point. At the time people probably thought blink could only write skate punk/pop punk stuff. I remember reading Oliver's view on this song. I'm sure he said it was art or something. Have to agree. If it wasn't Oliver that said it, was someone else on these boards that said it. Definitely a song that's very personal to blink. I really think they should play it live. It deserves to be heard more. Great lyrics, great song.