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  1. I want a video like this from Oliver!
  2. To be honest, Hot Fuzz is well written for a movie that's meant to be a spoof of action movies haha. Great acting & character development.
  3. I always liked Hot Fuzz. I'd give it a 7.5 or 8 like you. Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz are way better than the Worlds End or whatever it was called though. Something about that movie seemed off to me. Same producers, same people, same everything pretty much. Yet it didn't feel like that when I first saw it.
  4. Yeah, they are ernie balls haha, but I think they're recent. They have Tom DeLonge testing them out on youtube. Where he's just making shit loads of noise.
  5. Might be like 10 years too late, but recently started watching Dexter. Needed a new series to watch after finishing Spartacus. Finished season 1 yesterday. Was very good IMO. I've also been watching Better Call Saul. I've not seen the last episode yet though!
  6. Covenant is closer to the original Alien than any of them, so get watching! It's sci-fi horror, has some action parts but it's not like an action movie the way Aliens was. But I have the opposite view. I prefer Aliens to Alien haha. I got bored a little bit watching the first one, takes a while to get into it. Felt the same way about Covenant too. Slow, suspense movies, then eventually all hell breaks loose. Nothing wrong with that though, I can appreciate them. Aliens is more similar to the original Predator movie in a way. Except shit loads of aliens rather than just one.
  7. I'd definitely watch Prometheus before Covenant. Covenant IMO is way better though. Still Prometheus is solid, and suits the style of the Alien movies. Not ridiculously stupid like AVP or Alien 3-4 (hated those).
  8. I'm buying a set of the "unbreakable" strings this week, then setting up one of my guitars next week for recording. I don't actually care if they're breakable or not. I'm more into the sound I hear when I'm strumming. Anybody else used these strings yet? What's your opinion on them? I've asked local guitarists I know etc but they don't really seem to care about what equipment they use or whatever. They're just glad they have a guitar.
  9. Some of the riffs. Ghost on the Dance Floor has my favourite riff from Neighborhoods. Always liked the Up All Night and Wishing Well riffs too. Some delay (I know some blink fans don't like this) but in Pretty Little Girl, that worked perfectly IMO. Some of the way his voice fit in with Mark (Boxing Day in the pre-chorus or Tom coming in before 2nd chorus in Kaleidoscope). Although if blink keep up with the Last Train Home vocals then I wouldn't miss it so much (that's the song that has proven to me Skiba and Mark's vocals can work great together just as good as Mark & Tom). Some of the experimental stuff like Snake Charmer. I'd also love for him to bring the electronic vibe AVA had going for Dream Walker & Chasing Shadows too. Mercenaries IMO has the closest blink sound with them electronic vibes though. But if I was to make a list of Neighborhoods/DED songs with Tom, then here are the songs. Not counting Kaleidoscope as that's obviously a Mark song that happens to feature Tom singing. Guitars definitely sound like Mark is playing. Ghost on the Dance Floor Up All Night After Midnight Snake Charmer Wishing Well Pretty Little Girl When I Was Young Boxing Day Never liked Even If She Falls apart from the riff. The rest of the song just sounds like an AVA B-side to me. This is Home was damn catchy but the song is so forced/rushed IMO. Disaster could've been done way better. Cool intro, cool verses though. Natives had great verses but the song falls flat I think. Love is Dangerous had bad lyrics, a boring bridge but the song could've been great if blink worked like a proper band for Neighborhoods.
  10. Just put these two tracks onto soundcloud. Not exactly sure when the next song is gonna be finished, but I'll be working on the album for the whole summer. Will probably be ready by the end of this year.
  11. Good song man!
  12. Definitely agree! I mean I've showed people Ghost on the Dance Floor, yet they thought it was heavy. Then they thought songs like Stockholm Syndrome & Obvious were too angry or something. The only time really I've seen people in UK hate on blink-182 are the dad rock people. People who are around 40-50 that play in pub cover bands, playing songs from Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, people who just judge blink-182 on the All the Small Things/What's My Age Again videos, not understanding the joke behind those videos. There are "dad rock" people who literally think blink-182 are homosexuals or something. These are the same people that think Green Day is a good band, and love the American Idiot album, yet haven't heard blink's smiley face album. If that album was the first ever blink-182 album, older people would respect blink a lot more IMO. But blink unfortunately enough will always have that reputation, they were on the way of being looked at differently until Tom left in 2005. Ironically enough, a lot of younger people, or people around my age 20-25 consider blink on the same level as Green Day, Foo Fighters etc.
  13. My God, I laid out a whole track on vocals once, only to figure out a little too late that it was peaking. Pissed me right off. Had to redo that shit.
  14. In my case, when I work on this stuff my own songs, I nitpick everything. If it's other bands, I don't mind so much. But I've recorded shit and hated how it sounded, yet other listeners (audio engineers included) have liked the very same thing I hated. I'm one of the few who actually doesn't mind the production of blink's California era, despite not being a fan of both albums. The only time I've really found it a bit overdone was in HISALP. I do get that others will find California very overproduced though haha.
  15. I'd have to make two utlimate albums. The pop punk variation of blink and the blink of the last 15 years or so. But they'd need to flow and work well together too.