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  1. I enjoy most post-reunion shows a lot more than most on here but this show did not sound great. Especially if you watch the footage of Obvious where he sounds like he's literally taking a massive shit during the chorus.
  2. I hate this show because the backing tracks are so fucking obvious in spots. Why are they turned up so loud? I'm convinced that's why Tom sounded so good during the untitled shows. His studio vocals are being played on the higher tracks.
  3. So... is this correct? They played Adams song the other day? Edit: It's since been taken off the setlist. NVM
  4. Might've found a new contender for worst Tom performance of all time
  5. He probably reached a breaking point with the painkillers. Long term abuse of them can damage vocal cords.
  6. The only instance I can think of is that very first show they did after the reunion where he looked like border line blackout drunk and fucked up everything. If there are more than I have no problem admitting I'm wrong about that. Holding out notes is just being lazy imo
  7. To be fair Tom rarely fucked up on guitar even super drunk.
  8. Yep. Matt sounds really good here not as much shouting, There was actually quite a bit of between songs stuff, esp for this era. Huge improvement from the March Madness live stream, where they sound legit awful. Edit: There was really only 3 minor screwups, Matt forgetting to play the bridge in Rock Show, and then Mark fucked up Cynical and Anthem pt 2 briefly. I don't get why Matt just wont' look down when playing WMAA, he's hitting the right notes but the same problem happens to me from time to time where if you don't lift your hand high enough you'll drag it over the other strings
  9. So just watched it and I have no idea what you people here are talking about. This is easily the best performance of the Cali-era I've seen. Vocals are on point for the most part. Few fuck ups here and there but didn't detract from the show (I'm way more surprised Mark fucked up quite a bit). And they had tons of energy more than most of the shows I've seen with this lineup, they look happy to be playing. And this is coming from someone who is lukewarm to the Cali-era. Sure the setlsit is stale at this point but I really enjoyed this show
  10. Haven't had time to watch this yet but Jesus people are ripping this. I agree with most people here that Tom wasn't great sounding but way more entertaining. That being said the live performances are what they are at this point and I'm going into it with that in mind. Not expecting anything mind blowing but a competent musical performance, although based on the comments Matt was drunk? I thought he got sober? Didn't he have a problem?
  11. Hmm just double checked it has Blink for 9:55 est but then Crystal Castle at 10? Are they just showing 5 mins? If they are my bad CC was not on the schedule yesterday. Although I love Crystal Castles so I'm not complaining too much. Unless there will be multiple options as a few acts are scheduled to broadcast at the same exact time. Edit: It appears there will be multiple channels.
  12. Here is the link to the live stream, which is taking place tomorrow at 9:45Est. Not sure how long the stream will go on for but Blink's slot is 9:45-11 so I would assume it should cover all of it. Was gonna post tomorrow but I'm not going to be around, hopefully I'll get back in time to watch
  13. lol at this fake setlist Edit: Since taken down
  14. TBH I'm surprised Tom is killing this poll
  15. But is the actual performance of songs that much better? I would say no it's not like Tom's guitar playing was shitty. Tone you could argue but he performed the songs well at least imo