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  1. No there is a middle ground. I know Tom is an asshole but I still very much enjoy his other musical projects (basically every AVA album aside from ...of Nightmares). I in no way believe he has any control over Blink and also don't believe his "big important UFO knowledge". Doesn't mean I can't look forward to his future releases in the hopes they are good
  2. Los Angeles might be the worst song ever written by Blink. Honorable mention to California and No Future. Love me some Rabbit Hole though I won't be surprised if that ends up winning
  3. I love FTG too! Such a different song from the normal Blink style
  4. This is a damn fine list
  5. I love Tom to death and I hate how he continues to be a manipulative asshole. Makes me feel like a shithead lol. Damn it Tom
  6. Up until the chorus it certainly is. At least IMO. My point being I wish Mark had more influence in that era. It seems they gave the token fast paced songs to him. Again, not a bad thing bc I love HAG and DED.
  7. I mean all the Tom songs vary in structure where in that period the first few seconds will indicate if it's a Mark song. When I first heard Dogs Eating Dogs (the song) I knew immediately it was a Mark song. Same with MH4182011 and HAG. Tom doesn't do that shit anymore. I'm not knocking Mark just commenting on the lack of variety it Mark songs from the era. You could count on a fast paced power chord punkish sounding song. Doesn't mean it's a bad thing
  8. I feel like all Mark songs in the Neighborhoods/DED era are all the same. Start with a punky type of power chord riff, very little variety
  9. After a month I still think this album is pretty solid. Hasn't dropped off at all for me. Although 6/8 has gotten worse for me. Other than that I like the songs around the same as I did on first release. Biggest grower for me has been I Don't Mean Anything. Super catchy
  10. So since both AoT and ILWY are tied how do we decide the "winner"?
  11. I didn't realize anyone hated that song
  12. LID. Sounds like a song Tom thought wasn't good enough for LOVE so he stuck it on here. This is Home is awesome! Don't understand the hate. Second choice would be EISF. So overrated the riff is cool but the song is just so damn boring
  13. I'm lost without you is maybe my least favorite blink song ever. I didn't realize so many people hated all of this that is without a doubt my favorite blink song ever. Robert Smith is the GOAT
  14. It's weird bc imo he sounds pretty solid most of the time but there are instances of him just shouting lines and it sounds terrible. Feeling This and Man Overboard in particular.
  15. Oh ok got you. Didn't think about that. IDK I liked the Adventure acoustic that came with the I-empire vinyl we'll see if it translates to a whole album. Either way I'm looking forward for it to be released whenever he needs the money (whenever his movie comes out and bombs).