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  1. But who cares? If you're fit good for you who the hell here cares? No offense Oliver
  2. I feel the same way I never liked Paramore but my brother told me this was more 80's style which I fucking love and this album is fantastic glad I gave it a listen. I would agree it's better than Cali Deluxe
  3. I know this is off topic but it's been killing me for a while. What is your sig? It's awesome
  4. Parking Lot has recently been sounding a lot better to me. Sounds a lot better in the context of the whole album.
  5. Just came across this video. Pretty solid acoustic set couldn't find a better topic to put it in. HD quality. My apologies if this has already been posted
  6. WTF 2 pages on Travis exercise/eating habits? Cali Deluxe just came out so it's not even like it's a slow news week lol. Who gives a shit if he looks fit or not
  7. Misery, last train home (favorite), bottom of the ocean
  8. Cynical Bored to Death Sober Built this pool HISALP Left Alone Rabbit Hole TOTTM Misery Last Train Home 6/8 Long Lost Feeling Bottom of the Ocean Good mix of styles, around 30 mins prefect length
  9. SOOHM is the prefect summer single, not sure why it was released as a single in October
  10. I was thinking in terms of appealing to listeners of mainstream radio. Good Old Days would probably reach the largest audience. I agree with you though would love Last Train Home
  11. What I meant was Parking Lot for many was too similar to California's sound and showed no growth in song-writing from California, whether that should've been expected for a Deluxe version of an album is certainly debatable. I'm just giving my opinion as to why the reaction was terrible around here. If Misery and 6/8 waere released first and then Parking Lot I think the reaction would've been a lot better. Maybe I'm wrong lol idk just giving a theory. And a half-step in many directions is good enough for me, gotta start somewhere
  12. I think the hate stems largely from it being released as the first track and everyone saw it as a continuation of California with re-used riffs and shitty lyrics about teenage life. In the context of the album it doesn't bother me nearly as much knowing most of the album is good. Everyone was worried no progress in direction would be made off that. It was a terrible choice IMO to release that track first.
  13. Good old Days best bet from Deluxe. I'm guessing it wouldn't make any sense to make the previously released Deluxe tracks as singles. Edit: Sober is not already a single? That's probably the next one since it's become a setlist mainstay. I'm glad i saw them last summer bc I think you will never hear Cali deep cuts live ever again aside from Cynical. I heard SD, TOTTM, and KOTW at my show and in hindsight I'm glad I did
  14. I'm guessing the positive reaction will gradually become more negative over time like it did with Neighborhoods and the 1st Cali. Honeymoon phase always skews people's minds. I might be guilty of it myself with Deluxe but only time will tell
  15. I've listened to this about 10 times now. This is how I feel atm (compared to initial impressions): Excellent/Great: Last Train Home, Misery, Bottom of the Ocean, 6/8 (Moved up from Good tier) Good: Good Old Days (moved from OK tier), Don't Mean Anything, Long Lost Feeling (Moved down from Excellent Tier) OK: Hey I'm Sorry (Moved down from Good tier), Wildfire (Lyrics keep this from being good) Bad: Parking Lot Overall: 8/10. I'm expecting this to change many times over the next month. Just go damn glad there's different styles of music on here