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  1. Girl In The White

    Conjuring an idea of you that I can’t explain like Je ne sais quoi You're still wracking my brain But now I’ve got you on the ta-ta tip of my tongue I want to paint you like one of those French girls le petite mort You came and went Girl in the white dress You brought the light like Sookie Stackhouse. You wanna do real bad things with me A little stranger than fiction You’re my strangest addiction The only one I’d ever spill my True Blood for From here until the true death le petite mort You came and went Girl in the white dress Mesmerized by them Lake Michigan Eyes I saw everything I fear and everything I desire You got me right where you want me right where I want to be like a willing sacrifice le petite mort You came and went Girl in the white dress You were my favorite femme fatale forcing me to face this fiery finale You and me enlightenment-to-be Like Nirvana come on blow my mind
  2. Loving the new album. It's like they got their mojo back.
  3. Against Me! - Shape Shift With Me

    Great album. Loving Norse Truth
  4. i wish taking back sunday would break up......

    Death Wolf is such a good opener
  5. Game of Thrones Season 6!! Spoilers are in here.

    I think that whole Jon getting trampled was meant to trigger something in the viewer. I know I was getting the worst claustrophobia with that scene haha
  6. Say something positive about Tom

    He's about a mental breakdown short of full blown shamanism. So he's got that going for him. He obviously understands the divine nature of his own madness, just hasn't found the perfect conduit.
  7. The Menzingers

    Yeah their songs will hit your soul in the right spot. Check out "Bad Things" from Rented World
  8. Good Charlotte

    Bloody Valentine was legit
  9. Good Charlotte

    f'n Lindsey Harris back at it again with her bs
  10. The Menzingers

    I started with "On the Impossible Past" Check out "Sun Hotel" and "Gates"
  11. Brand New - I Am A Nightmare

    In Bloom is my fav Nirvana song haha
  12. Brand New - I Am A Nightmare

    I need to be living where they play music like this on the radio. All we get are those Bastille/21 Pilots/Arctic Monkeys esque bands on our alt. stations.
  13. Brand New - I Am A Nightmare

    Daisy had some cool songs. I could do without Bed tho.
  14. Farmer Jah Misery

    Finally listened to this guy. I know I heard him before but kinda forgot about him until he was in Lana's music video for "Freak" I enjoy this.