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  1. Vegas shooting

    Understatement of the year.
  2. Vegas shooting

    Arguing with Oliver and Clarke is like trying to explain to a kid that the world is round, but the kid refuses to believe it and keeps telling the world is flat by giving stupid irrelevant arguments that make no sense. Just a waste of time to argue with them, hence the one liners.
  3. Vegas shooting

    Violating people’s rights? I’m sure that’s what slave owners used to say back in the day when they were taking their rights to own slaves away from them. Dont be so dramatic about an assault weapon ban, there already was one in the 90’s and it did a lot of good.
  4. Vegas shooting

    Yeah and we're still waiting for an interesting argument coming from you that doesn't sound like it's made up by a toddler. Life sucks, doesn't it.
  5. Vegas shooting

    Someone watched too many James Bond movies.
  6. Vegas shooting

    Actually the assault rifle ban did work in the bill clinton presidency. Lowest crime rates in generations.
  7. Vegas shooting

    Why are these gun lovers saying that there's an assault rifle ban, when the federal assault weapon ban was expired in 2004 and not renewed since?
  8. Vegas shooting

    Oh yes because one person can kill 60 people and injure hundreds more with his bare hand , a knife, a bat, a car, or a plastic bag. All that in a few minutes. No wonder you fear a gun ban, if they do a background check on you they'll find out you're too retarded to own guns.
  9. Vegas shooting

    What are you talking about? What could you possibly have to fear from your glorious leader Trump. You should stop getting your material from that right wing jew on youtube.
  10. Vegas shooting

    I'm not brushing radical Islam under the rug. He was clearly talking about Islam, not the radical Islamic terrorists.
  11. Vegas shooting

    I love how you’re trying to pull religion into this. The Las Vegas shooting was much deadlier than the Manchester bombing, you better start hating Christianity bro.
  12. Vegas shooting

    Difference is that they react to it, you just got another mass shooting and don’t do anything about it because apparently guns don’t kill people.
  13. Vegas shooting

    No, more likely he was just scouting the area and thinking about how he could kill as many people as possible.
  14. Vegas shooting

    “Guns don’t kill people” is probably the most retarded and cringeworthy argument that these brain dead republicans keep on mentioning.
  15. Vegas shooting

    It's obvious that James here is a Fox news watcher. You have to be that retarded to start talking about alcohol bans after the deadliest shooting happened a few days ago. Hey idiot, watch this guy instead.