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  1. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Yeah clearly punched his elbow in Pepe’s throat, not sure why the refs didn’t give a fuck.
  2. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Lol penalty after 3 minutes. This should be interesting.
  3. FIFA World Cup 2018

    Yeah especially looking forward to England-Belgium, gonna be a decisive match for the rest of the cup
  4. Jurassic World

    Yeah if you're a huge fan you should probably go watch it, but just keep your expectations very low. I still have hopes that the next movie in the trilogy will be worth it though.
  5. Jurassic World

    Honestly I didn't mind Jurassic World, for me Jurassic Park has always worked best in a Hawaii like theme park setting. The latest movie is kind of like The Lost World, in that the second half of the movie takes place in the mainland. Although this time it doesn't take place in a city, but in a stereotypical huge haunted mansion. I can't say much without spoiling the plot, but it will constantly leave you wondering how insanely absurd it is. The characters are unbelievably stupid (you even have a scene where this girl tries to hide from a dinosaur in her room, but instead of hiding in a closet or under her bed like in all other horror movies she just... lies in her bed and only covers her upper body and her face is clearly visible, it made no sense). The dinosaurs were not convincing at all, and it felt like you've seen all the scenes with the T Rex before in previous movies. There's a lot of throwbacks to the first trilogy to the point where you start wondering if they were trying to copy it. Overall it was just a mess, and it's a shame because I'm a huge fan of the franchise.
  6. Jurassic World

    Don’t go see this the new Jurassic world movie if you’re a big fan of Jurassic Park. It will ruin your childhood.
  7. The Official Football Topic

    I’m not too optimistic about our chances. We have very talented players but as a team they’re not playing in sync. Their defense is alright but the offense is terrible, they lack creativity to create chances and when they do, they don’t finish them enough. I’ll be glad if they reach quarter finals, don’t think they’ll go any further than that.
  8. The Official Football Topic

    🇧🇪 - 🇵🇹 tonight. Should be an interesting match.
  9. Blink on Kimmel

    Blink was never really exceptionally good live, but it was their chemistry that made the shows unique. This is still one of my favorite live moments of them: Matt kind of lacks a lot of personality on stage and Mark can’t really do anything on his own.
  10. Blink on Kimmel

    Yeah their live performances just keep going downhill to the point where it just makes it uncomfortable to listen to them.
  11. The Force Awakens is on Netflix as well.
  12. Top 10 Video Games

    It's hard to make a top 10, I'll just list the most memorable to me. - The Last of Us - Metal Gear Solid - Mass Effect 2 - Crash Bandicoot 3 - Final Fantasy X - Persona 4 - Danganronpa - CoD MW2 - Bloodborne - Loom
  13. Video Games Thread

    I enjoy playing Zelda, got the 4 beasts down and now I'm grinding to get the best armor for the final boss. Really good game.
  14. Video Games Thread

    I'm finally getting into Zelda: Breath of the Wild after a year of owning it. The game is fun but I don't like how it's not clear what to do next. Okay, there's 4 beasts that I have to defeat, but which one should I defeat first? I don't mind that there's no hand holding, but damn this is a huge open world, it would be nice to have some indication. So right now I'm just roaming the lands and clearing every shrine I can find.
  15. I wouldn't want to be the actor who's gonna play Han Solo. Everyone knows he's not gonna be anywhere near Harrison Ford's level and he's gonna get a ton of shit for it.