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  1. Top 10 Video Games

    It's hard to make a top 10, I'll just list the most memorable to me. - The Last of Us - Metal Gear Solid - Mass Effect 2 - Crash Bandicoot 3 - Final Fantasy X - Persona 4 - Danganronpa - CoD MW2 - Bloodborne - Loom
  2. Video Games Thread

    I enjoy playing Zelda, got the 4 beasts down and now I'm grinding to get the best armor for the final boss. Really good game.
  3. Video Games Thread

    I'm finally getting into Zelda: Breath of the Wild after a year of owning it. The game is fun but I don't like how it's not clear what to do next. Okay, there's 4 beasts that I have to defeat, but which one should I defeat first? I don't mind that there's no hand holding, but damn this is a huge open world, it would be nice to have some indication. So right now I'm just roaming the lands and clearing every shrine I can find.
  4. I wouldn't want to be the actor who's gonna play Han Solo. Everyone knows he's not gonna be anywhere near Harrison Ford's level and he's gonna get a ton of shit for it.
  5. Video Games Thread

    Save your mom jokes for someone who's mom is still alive.
  6. Video Games Thread

    I never played Shadow of the Colossus so I'll probably pick up the remake next week. I hear it's a pretty good classic.
  7. I didn't really enjoy Rogue One because I didn't care about the characters. Even when they all died I couldn't care less. The prequels aren't as bad as most people think they are. One of my favorite Star Wars scenes is still the epic fight between Anakin/Obi Wan and Emperor/Yoda. I wish the new trilogy had moments like that.
  8. I'm sure he'll return in some form in the next movie. Could be that he used the same trick as Luke did. This movie introduced new "Force tricks" that we didn't know about so it's certainly possible.
  9. I thought she was excellent in this movie. The fact that she passed away made her stand out even more in every scene. Partically the scene where she met with Mark Hamill was heartbreaking.
  10. A lot of fans are crying because they've been waiting for Luke to return since 1983, and they had a different idea of what would become of him. ROTJ ended with him being a hero, and now we found out that he's not that hero at all anymore. But on itself, it's an enjoyable movie. Of course it has plot holes, but what Star Wars movie doesn't have plot holes. People just take these movies way too seriously.
  11. Yeah that ending wasn’t really a cliffhanger, I actually liked it. You clearly saw the kid use the force to pick up the broom, kind of proving the underlying message of this movie. Even without the resistance or the Jedi, there’s always gonna be good people rising up against evil.That’s also kind of the point that code breaker was making. Today they blow you up, tomorrow you blow them up. That’s how the force stays in balance.
  12. Saw the movie tonight. It was better than TFA, up until the end. Kind of suffers from being the second movie out of the new trilogy, answers quite a lot of questions but leaves some hanging for the next movie obviously. I feel like it’s not as good as most reviewers say it is. But definitely worth watching.
  13. Video Games Thread

    I have the ps4 pro, xbone x and switch. I keep on buying games that I don't have time to play. Still need to finish mario odyssey, but recently started playing Horizon Zero Dawn again to get through the expansion.
  14. Video Games Thread

    Yeah same here, I don't even nearly have enough time to play Destiny 2. Did manage to get my main character to level 300 though. Now I just want the full gear set and I'm good.