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  1. When it comes to wrestling, I've never felt more at home as a fan of wrestling than I do while watching Smackdown lol. It's an insane, awesome feeling.
  2. I loved his debut, but I loved the fact that AJ wasn't on RAW even more. They're going back and forth on whether or not AJ is going to RAW or if the club is moving to smackdown and I feel it's incredibly important Styles stays on Smackdown. Putting him on RAW would mean he's removed from title contention for over a year.
  3. Anyone here see that tickle documentary? I'm really curious/have heard great things but I'm looking for more opinions.
  4. That is so fucked. Wow.
  5. What a moment , wwe. Hardys are back.
  6. Shane deserves some mad fucking props....
  7. Bummed this is the first match.
  8. If someone here who's posted predictions wants to take the opposite gamble that Hogan will appear, I'm willing to bet four of my points if you are willing to do the same. I'll also gamble 2 of my points against somebody if they want to claim Joe/Balor won't get into it at Mania.
  9. Here comes a long post, but let's start with a ... bonus point gamble- Joe gets involved in the hunter/Rollins match only to get matched by Balor. This is one of those things where on paper it looks rad, but I saw that feud in NXT and don't need it rehashed on the main roster. Now that that's out of the way.... WWE fucked up royally giving Goldberg that belt and the fuck-up will become a total cluster when Lesnar beats him. It's completely unnecessary to the match itself and yeah, the argument can be made that Brock would bring added credibility to the belt, but you've got so many A-LIST young guys on the roster who can add dare I say MORE credibility.... Look at what is going to happen here; Brock is going to hold that fucking title until next Mania where the supposed plan is to have him drop it at next mania to Reigns. That is the most ridiculous thing I could ever imagine and that isn't only because the end of this plot line involves Reigns getting the belt. You have Joe on the main RAW roster, Owens, Balor... etc - guys who will in all likelihood achieve no shot at that belt for an entire year. This is why RAW is going to continue spiraling downhill. SMACKDOWN is completely on top right now and that shouldn't change. Shit, I thought they got the short end of the stick in terms of women wrestlers when RAW was handed Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha.... But then I got to watch Alexa Bliss enough to turn me on to the women on Smackdown far, far more than the three top women on RAW. Please God..... Do not have AJ beat Shane, hand AJ the mic and have AJ quit, thus throwing him on RAW where he'll coast with the rest of the great talent for an entire year. As far as this Taker and Reigns match is concerned, am I the only one who thinks Reigns has a zero percent chance of winning this match? There's so much fear going around that Reigns is going to beat Taker, thus ending his career, but I don't see it all. I see it as another one of those streak builds, where the odds stack up against Taker and Taker pulls through with the win. I'm not a die-hard Taker fan. When he had the streak, I was always curious to see if he could keep it going, but there are so many things about the guy that annoy the shit out of me, the biggest being his twenty fucking minute walk to the ring. Roode, Shin, Balor can take 45 minutes if they'd like because their introduction is entertaining as fuck, but Taker's is boring as fuck. And he's old. And he's slow. But Reigns sucks and the mere devil's-advocate thought of him going over in this match disgusts me. Final note tonight: bonus point gamble- Hogan does NOT show up.
  10. this is one of the greatest matches I've seen in I don't even know how long. What a fucking story.
  11. this NXT tag team triple threat are you kidding me lmao. Amazing shit
  12. I marked out sooo hard when he did the "Broken frickin neck" line.
  13. To make things more interesting for our boards prediction series, I think if you come up with a BONUS tidbit that would gain you a bonus point should it happen and it DOESN'T happen, you lose a point. With that said, who's gonna gamble a bonus point on Hogan appearing?
  14. HOF was great. Only super awkward thing was during DDP, it looked like HBK was asleep? Fantastic speeches across the board, but Beth really knocked it out of the fucking park.
  15. Fucking A, that +44 album was so good. What could have been, man.