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  1. Okay, but you have to understand that I want this place run a very specific way... when it comes to banning actual users, or play accounts.... when it comes to wanting new sections or admins or any decision that might affect the entire community I as the person who runs this place don't have the power to simply execute those things. It's gotta be discussed and agreed upon. That might not make much sense to you, but before you got here a lot happened that left a lot of the community feeling wary and unsure who to trust sonchanges were made to make things here more joint-decision based.
  2. Pauseeeee, the understandable conspiracy theory here is enough to warrant its own topic in a debate type of section. Speedo was never made a secret Admin. When I was, I think in the ninth grade, I came up with the dud that was the lyric battle section and Taylaw set it up, and made me the mod of it. sio (happy birthday) came up with the sex section, and was made mod of it. when speedo came up with this add-on that people genuinely seemed to want, I made him a mod on it. It was never meant to be a secret, and he was never an admin. ive gotta really sit down and read through everything and catch up on not-a-cell-phone-but-a-laptop, but the quick thing I was able to note was in regards to fake accounts getting banned-- as someone with probably a hundred play accounts, they're a huge part of these boards and are always welcome here. They're either hilarious, or ignored. In fact, getting banned on here in general should be no easy task at all. I really strive to make this community as kick back, shoes on the table as possible, leaving bans mostly to spam and legit-malicious trolls. Hell, Wally lied about his whole entire life and wasn't banned. Lets all smile, breathe in, then out and have a good time here. If there's any issues, or anything anyone on here would like to discuss, please PM me. I'd never make anyone a top secret administrator and I'd be more than happy to provide anyone who doubts that with visuals. The only secretive thing I've done in the past year involves the re-instatement of AD.... kidding. or am I. yes, Oliver I am- don't worry (but you will, dammit ) Much love.
  3. I thought Charmer was amazing. I just find Ben's voice really boring after a while.
  4. God I miss Adam.... This album really disappointed the shit out of me. Easily their worst album. June and Escape Plan are good, but in general I duuunno. Maybe it'll grow on me. Doubt it though.
  5. Lmao yeah, they have some jams but that song is hilarious "IM SEW UNAPPEALING"
  6. Every time I get drunk I do the voice and change the words slightly and we all crack up I'LL PAIN CHEW A PITCHER
  7. I get the India thing, but reallllllly? Jinder fucking blows. And half-side note: Alexa Bliss is the going to go down as the best. Because she is. And Bayley is embarrassing/totally blowing it as part of the main roster.
  8. I just reallllllllly wish the line was "I don't want to think about it". lol.
  9. I don't think that's a girl. I think it's Jack.
  10. They need to hold on to that Last Train Home sound moving forward.
  11. Stay in this direction please. This is the one.
  12. When it comes to wrestling, I've never felt more at home as a fan of wrestling than I do while watching Smackdown lol. It's an insane, awesome feeling.