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    Tom is an unlimited tank of decent ideas - but needs Mark and Travis to really get there. He's tried for over a decade to do it alone and proved he can't - even in his prime (The Adventure). But jesus, Mark literally cannot produce any original or thought provoking ideas. Tom pushes Mark, and actually pushes him, to become a better musician. IT MAKES ME SO MAD - HOW DO THEY NOT SEE HOW MUCH BETTER THEY ARE TOGETHER! Ugh.
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    Apparently a lot of people. Here's a quote from her about it: "The problem with the lyrics is not that I had an issue with someone I went to school with. That's just high school and friendships and breakups. It's the way I tried to call her out using words that didn't belong in the conversation. It's the fact that the story was setup inside the context of a competition that didn't exist over some fantasy romance," Williams said, adding. Translation: omgz i called a girl a whore when i was 17. it was totally authentic then, BUT: the over-PC crowd is pissed. must never play my most popular song liver ever again.
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    It's almost like Tom cares again. Almost.
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    there are wild boars where I live and I try to stay the FUCK away from them.. the song would still make sense
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    saaaaaame, those were my favorites! rickshank was disappointing to me at first until i realized how brilliant it was, but eps like ricklantis and even morty's mind blowers were winners for me all along. it felt like a lot of the season was trying to bite off more than they could chew story-wise and it just became... not as funny. and pickle rick, while not funny in the first place to me, was also lame to me because the family therapy stuff felt so forced. it ended like s2e03 but without any of the buildup
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    My favourite show of all time will always be The Sopranos, it's endlessly rewatchable, I've done the full series at least 6 times and I could talk about it for days. At the moment I'm watching the weekly episodes of Better Call Saul, Shameless and The Deuce. And I can't wait to binge watch the new season of Bojack this weekend.
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    IIRC he butchered their first show, couldn't make it through songs, forgot words, way out of key. People demanded refunds. His family was in attendance as well, and he was so messed up they were asking him afterwards if he was on heroin... which was a wake up call, and he went to rehab right after. Most stuff got yanked, this is supposedly from it: Report from someone who was there: "I attended the first ever Matt Skiba & The Sekrets concert at the Metro in Chicago last night and it was an absolute TRAIN WRECK. Just search Matt Skiba on Twitter or look at the group’s facebook page to see how absolutely pissed off everyone was/is. Tons of people left after the second song. There was a guy who even made his way to the front only to rip his ticket up and throw it at them on stage before exiting. The band came out to start with Voices and Skiba was so fucked up he couldn’t remember the lyrics or music. His voice was half gone so he also couldn’t hit any notes. They stopped and started the song twice and still couldn’t get through it so they said they would come back to it later (and they did at the very end and Skiba STILL couldn’t manage the fucking song). He actually had a music stand on stage with lyrics for the whole set but he kept accidentally knocking the sheets off, and seemed to be forgetful of when he was supposed to change guitars and how to deal with his own guitar strap (his poor tech guy had a rough night trying to baby him through everything). This was hands down the worst concert I have ever been to. People are in the right asking for their money back. Skiba made a complete ass of himself. For the record, the Sekrets were fantastic. They were all prepared and knew their shit. Skiba apologized throughout and said something about being able to get away with murder in Chicago, but jesus. His bandmates wanted to KILL HIM. He was supposed to do a solo Alk3 song, too, and he couldn’t remember the starting chords so his bandmates just came back out on stage to rescue him."
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    A tad late to the party but I’m about to start Mario Galaxy for the first ever time. Hope it’s good. I’m also looking forward to playing Mario Odyssey in 10 years time.
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    This is so spot on. They truly do balance eachother out. Tom pushes Mark out of his comfort zone, Mark mellows/organizes Tom out, Travis' crazy drums just fits on top of simpler music to make it more interesting.
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    Looks like he was in studio with that guy from One Republic
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    Hayley Williams doing something for attention? Well colored me surprised...
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    Yeah i only found that out the other day too. madness. I don’t care for the hands like houses cover.
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    It's definitely better than what was on the demo odds and ends EP and most of Neighbourhoods / Cali. It's a shame cause the bass sounds very Mark.
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    I do quite like Neck Deep but this cover is missing something for me. he original is an absolute banger though so was always gonna be quite hard to live up too it.
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    As always, I question whether this will lead will lead to anything substantial but as a clip I quite like this. Main riff sounds very Box Car Racer and I'm rating the cool little riff in what sounds like the verses. I'd much rather a sound like this for Blink than the polished bubblegum All Time Low Snrs stuff we're getting now.
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    Mark back to having to record his own guitar stuff...? lol
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    Shit. Dogshit. Grow up. You get a pass
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    Ive fallen in love with the wolfpack so much right now. The demoes especially. After that girl pulled on the heartbstrings then bailed im finding the lyrics super relateable. I never even knew what the song was about before tbh.
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    I would love it if Blink played Flyswatter.
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    That clip instantly made me think of Elevator, as interesting as it is it does sound quite typically Tom. not hating on it, but it isn't anything new. which is fine by me, all I want from Tom is some "eh, it'll do" music at this point.
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    Just the shame the bloke is a Grade A wanker.
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    Says the guy who doesn’t like experimentation and wants the same thing over and over again...
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