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    Kinda looks like he’s going for the “serious artist” look like Tom was in the early days of angels. Ironically, mark has a stupid fucking haircut, just like Tom did. Weird to see 47 yr old mark taking a stab at pop superstardom. b182.com- “if you could say one thing to Tom right now, what would it be?” Mark- “what’s with that haircut?”...
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    I wouldn't put LA in the same category as FTG in my opinion. FTG is far superior and more trippy than Fall Out Boy rip off.
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    Lillian is a highly underrated song.
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    Defending pedophilia jokes is an even weirder hill to die on than defending the Dave Matthews Band. Congrats @NJansaid you no longer have the weirdest hill title.
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    That sounds like a nightmare to me.
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    Mark's style in Simple Creatures fits him way better than the silly octopus shirts he wears all the time. Don't get me wrong, I like his brand, but he looks way better and "adult" in a plain black shirt and jacket.
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    you would be right if it wasn't a far fetched interpretation of what really happened... in my opinion the "general obsession" you mentioned was not about the band members' kids, it was about bad parenting. the way he formed his thoughts was not the best, but i don't think it was outrageous. just lame trolling.
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    Yeah, if he's 47 then it changes everything. I assumed we were dealing with a mid-20s guy trying to be a speedo style edgelord by making people uncomfortable.
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    Not to sound like herpes-boi, but they'd never get away with talking like that nowadays. The obsession with his kids IS strange, I never said it wasn't, and looking through his old posts the guy seems pretty weird. If he really is 47 then that changes my mind considerably about how I feel about his posts. A comment about her appearance isn't surprising, I remember being grossed out that Travis would let her dress the way she does at that age. I'm just wary of a Speedo-led charge to ban someone; he just advocated to ban CC for no reason like a week ago.
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    You can be critical of how Travis and Shanna are raising their kids without sounding like a predator. It's actually very easy!
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    Every blink-182 online user outside of JarJarBinks house!
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    Rachael Leigh Cook is the only kink, fetish, sexual obsession I will ever have; she is my holy grail and the fact that I will never have her means every day I have to find a new excuse to keep living.
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    Los Angeles sounds too much like modern-day Fall Out Boy for my taste. 😕
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    He'd look okay in whatever shirt if he'd cut that stupid looking hair.
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    john feldmann 100% wrote those shit fuck lyrics lmao he looks like a hitler youth sperging on a band i use to love
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    LA is awesome, I'd love a whole album with songs like that and Fighting the Gravity.
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    I had to stop watching the video because it was negatively affecting my impression of the song.
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    i don't know who this feeling_kids guy is, but i think this discussion has been super idiotic. what happened? years ago he checked out some insta accounts related to the band members. then he wrote sarcastic comments shaming travis and/or shanna because he thought pushing a 11 years old kid to the music industry is incorrect behavior. as i remember it all started when travis' daughter had her own music video, where she was dressed as an adult, wore a ton of makeup, etc... although i'm a fan of travis, and i don't give a fuck about feeling_this_1, i think the wrong team in this story is the barker family. (there was a sickening tv show about bored golddiggers who used their preteen daughters to get fame, they pushed their daughters to beauty contests, dressed them up like they were grown up whores. the barkers kinda did the same thing. judging things like these is far from being a pedo. even if the judging is a bit obsessed.)
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    I can't tell if this is satire or not... didn't you have some inappropriate interactions with a 12 year old on here? seems like you only care when it's your feelings at stake. I do believe you said "it's the internet, get over it" or some shit.
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    YEP. I should have just had you type my responses instead of taking Jan's mantle hahahah.... 😕
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    I get JarJar because up until the other day I thought it was probably some kind of obsession with the way those kids were raised and the fact that he didn't like it, even though there have been some red flags. Now it's just a weird situation that feelingthis could still address but he's not doing it. Instead he took the troll route and that was another bad idea 🤷‍♀️
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    Maybe if he'd backed down when pressed, but he only continued to dig a deeper hole.
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    I actually quite like the first song. Its pretty catchy. Im not really into this song though. I like the chorus melody but the musical side of it sucks. Also Mark dancing in the video is cringy as fuck edit: since i posted this ive been listening to it lots and actually really like it now
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    @Feeling_This_1 birthday today says hes turning 47 ... it just gets creepier and creepier!
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    Yeah, it's a very good soundtrack too. Apparently that was more popular than the actual movie.
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    FTG and Kaleidoscope are my two favourite post reunion blink tracks. I don't see that changing either.
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    Haha I remember that haircut comment!
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    90% of Sandler films. I love the guy. Guarantees a smile or feel good factor.
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    the melody of this song sounds like turn me on by kevin lyttle lol
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    I enjoy that Mark is trying new things. Probably boost his confidence in writing some more and hopefully allow him to take new approaches to all his music. Whilst i dont love this stuff I did think California had some gems and hope to see more
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    1. Samurai Cop 2. The Room 3. *insert any cheaply made horror movie* 4. Snakes on a Plane 5. Tremors I went through an obsession of these a while ago. I also remember debating Patient (I think) on why intelligent people enjoy shitty movies. There's articles on it.
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    What an absolute banger of a tune. Instantly love this. Looking forward to this EP more than new blink in all honesty.
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    alex: "♪♫ i cannot live, i can't breathe unless- ♪♫" mark: "leave the room now!"
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    I do love Mark, but this music does absolutely nothing for me.
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    Oliver needs to come back! The discussions in the debate thread have been way to reasonable and constructive.... Sick of it!
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    It's nice that we're getting an update, but my gut is telling me that the only different thing will be more produced and poppy songs.
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    So cringey to put so much emphasis on it being in 6/8. How does one go backwards in life like that? Mark wrote the song of his life in 2005 in 6/8 (Lilian) and never acted this desperate.
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    Man, this band is actually pretty awesome. I assumed with Mark loving indie-pop and Skiba loving Bowie THIS is the kind of thing that would be brought to blink; synth-pop electronic shit. Time to just put Gaskarth in blink, get it over with.
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    This attitude isn't really healthy if you also want the board to grow and attract new members? I'm not upset. I was never upset, hence not making an argument about it during the weeks of it's entire existence on here, or the months before that with the 'Ethan' issue, but as it was brought up and Jan suggested all the women think it's hilarious, I felt it prudent to weigh in.
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    KD ain’t staying.
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    Tom tried to save Mark's writing ability by trying to break up blink-182 again. It didn't work this time. Thank you for trying though, Tom, I appreciate it.
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