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    The more we hear about this project the more I'm curious if it will be Mark's eventual pivot to "retiring" Blink sometime soon. In the past he talked about Blink as if it was the only thing he wanted to make music for. BCR was a huge bummer to him because he thought Blink should be the outlet for all of their music, any side project ideas he had were always in response to Tom dragging his feet or quitting. Now he's got this new project that he seems really stoked about and talks about how it lifted him out of the doldrums of the past few years and how freeing it is to be able to write different styles of music with all different types of people, all after 3 years of having pop writers/producers filtering in and out of Blink already, it doesn't seem like he has the same view of Blink 182 that he used to and he might be itching to let that be his past and move onto new projects that don't come with the same expectations and/or baggage. Just the fact that Blink has a new album supposedly coming out in the next 3-4 months and he's preempting it with a Simple Creatures release and tour and interviews about how this project took him out of a depression because it was such a great change in pace, it's unusual to me. He used to be very protective of Blink and very defensive of their legacy and how much it defines who he is as a person, now that seems to be a little different. I could be totally wrong of course, maybe when the Blink album comes out he'll be just as energized as ever. But there's just a kind of strange vibe right now in my opinion.
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    No one cares about message boards anymore. Any new fan would be too young to sign up to post on a fossil website like this
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    1. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 2. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 3. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 4. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 5. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 6. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 7. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 8. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 9. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy 10. Lit - My Own Worst Enemy CAN WE FORGET ABOUT THE THINGS I SAID WHEN I WAS DRUNK. I DIDN'T MEAN TO CALL YOU THAT.
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    This is sadly true, I honestly feel like message boards are by far the best/easiest/most fun way to have an online community and have discussions about bands. Reddit, twitter, instagram, those platforms don't even come close in terms of familiarity and easiness and even just web design for this purpose. It's kind of strange how boards like this have gone away, I used to belong to a bunch of them back in the day and it's not like the technology has outpaced them or something. Props to you guys for keeping this place alive when it would be much easier to just let all online discussion be filtered out to facebook comments or some shit.
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    Simple Creatures is anything but trashy. Literally sounds like mainstream pop music. This is why I could never trust Mark's words when he's describing blink's upcoming album as experimental. Also hate these comments from Mark: We had some ideas and were going to work them out in the studio while we were recording, and that’s how we’ve stuck with it now. That’s transformed into having other writers in the studio throwing ideas around. For me personally, I enjoy writing with other people because I’ve never felt like other artists diminished what I brought to the table. If I’m just left to my own devices, I just do the same similar tempo, rhythm and patterns. Having someone in the studio saying, “What about this?” and pushing me off-center is really valuable. That's not blink to me. Blink should always be 3 guys. Or just solely Mark & Travis if they're gonna limit the 3rd guy like they have with Skiba. +44 is closer to being blink-182 than blink-182 under this method. This is why I've got low expectations on the new blink album. Like 6-7 other people that aren't Skiba, Mark & Travis involved in this "experimental" album. Don't get me wrong, having 6-7 people suggest ideas is fine. It was that way with the smiley face album but they were such little suggestions. These co-writers in the Feldman-blink era are just as involved in these songs as Mark, Skiba & Travis are it seems. Even if I like the songs, it still won't feel like blink to me. I don't wanna hear a song that's 50% written by some jackass which happens to have Mark singing on it. I wanna hear a true down to earth Mark song, coming from Mark & entirely all Mark. With input from Travis & Skiba of course. And since Skiba is the guitarist and other vocalist, I also wanna hear a Skiba song, coming from Skiba & entirely all Skiba with Input from Mark & Travis of course.
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    So apparently new album out before Warped Tour the latest. I am really hyped!
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    Not true. Only a few months ago we had some new guy in here trying to sell his used hat collection. This place is buzzing with activity.
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    Ironic that he feels working with other people stops him from doing "the same similar tempo, rhythm and patterns" when California was literally them trying to sound like classic blink-182.
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    These aren’t my favourite songs. But these are what I remember being on music channels a lot in the UK as when Pop Punk was at its peak over here. 1. Blink-182 - Dammit 2. Green Day - Basket Case 3. Blink-182 - What’s my age again 4. Green Day - When I Come Around 5. Sum 41 - Fat Lip 6. The Offspring - The Kids Aren’t Alright 7. New Found Glory - Hit or Miss 8. American Hi-Fi - Flavor of the Week 9. Alister - Somewhere on Fullerton 10. Green Day - Minority
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    And a guy from Italy came over to tell us Mark blocked him on social media for critiquing blink!
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    Obviously that's why Feldy uses the nana's too
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    poor mark. tom was and still the only one who could pressure him to write something decent. nobody will ever come close. it's funny how mark talks about progression, when he never really wanted to do untitled styled record. and he's still insecure about anything he writes. describing SC as a trashy and wierd music, lol - way to go Mark, already making excuses when nobody gives a fuck about SC after a week it's released. well, no tom around - mark doesn't have to try hard. everybody's else making it for him. what a joke. still can't believe he's so afraid to write whatever he wants, when there's nothing really to lose.
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    It is pretty strange, but I try to keep in mind that this project came to life ~1 or 1.5 years ago. It seems like it was super casual and they just sorta had to figure out when to fit it in between ATL/BLINK "down time" with the release and a few shows. But yeah, even the whole "post tour depression" is still kinda weird/sad to think of Mark being so down coming off a successful tour/comeback album. I guess it's weird being loved in every city with screaming fans for basically 2 years of solid touring, and then one day just sitting alone in your house with your kid grown up, being 45, going grey, etc. All while Trav/Matt have successful side gigs and plenty of fun... I still think Blink is def the priority, but I see this as more of a "I have to get out of this house and create something" project with friends that turned into a band, as opposed to a way to expand artistically or rebel from Blink's sound. (a la BCR) Either way, happy for him, and I really dig the 2 songs out so far and look forward to March 29th. I don't think they expect much out of it, neither are quitting their day jobs...lol
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    I felt the same about the IMDB boards. They were so popular as well. No clue why they got rid of them message boards. Can't find any decent message board for movies anymore.
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    Do you remember when Neighborhoods wash delayed two years or so?
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    They haven't even finished tracking yet. You're telling me the are gonna finish tracking, mix it, master it, do the artwork, market it, release a single and have merch all by June 8th? Oh, okay, Travis.
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    I would of expected this posted here back in 2002...
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    Yeah, even when I was 6-7 years old I found the video hilarious and knew it wasn't serious. I live in a weird town though. Blink isn't real rock to the musicians of this town, especially if they're over 35 years old haha. Yet they like Green Day. Never understood it.
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    I've literally never met anyone who didn't understand that the ATST video was a parody. It's blatantly obvious. Now, there are people who lump them in together with the bands/artists in the videos they were making fun of because the song is poppy, the video got a lot of play on MTV, they're conventionally attractive guys and many fans during their heyday were pre-teen and teenaged girls. Anyone with an IQ above 60 could tell the ATST video is satire.
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    Doesn’t it say a lot there hasn’t been a new poster here since before California came out. No one cares about this band anymore.
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    Frenkie de Jong looks like an absolute baller too, Barca have got a player there. Shame they will probably lose De Ligt this summer too, as always the Ajax team will be stripped for parts, would be great if they could go even deeper into the tournament - they deserve too, such a likable club.
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    I wonder if it'll be even more or less cringey seeing his dancing in person.
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