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    hey check it out here's a version of the new drum beat with vocals by Mark!
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    They all look like they need a shower and a good nights sleep.
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    We want a Sugarcult reunion!
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    Sugarcult was underrated.
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    Here's what we've got so far: What does your girl think about you copying Tom? What do you do for a living? Are you still a bus driver? How did you perfect the Tom eyebrows? Can you walk us through the process? What was Tom's reaction when you met him? If he told you to stop copying him, would you? If you found out Tom was circumcised, would you get a circumcision? Do you feel like you've made a mistake replicating Tom based on how crazy he has become? What was your childhood like? How do you feel about Mark Hoppus? What are your thoughts on Brexit? Why didn't you marry someone who looked like Jen? Are you interested in UFOs? Did you donate to To The Stars Academy?
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    It's not even that the lyrics are ALL bad ... its like he had placeholders on some parts, never got around to finishing the lyrics and just recorded the placeholders instead.
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    A Little Enough is good, lyrics are shit but the music is good. Classic AVA really tbh.
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    Exactly what I thought from the beginning
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    It definitely sounds more blink than AVA, I've always liked the song because yeah, it's a mess but in a good way. I think if you're not paying attention the lyrics aren't too bad, like the chorus, and I like parts of lines but when you look at it as a whole it's just a confusing meaningless durge, like most of his lyrics of the last decade or more. It's why I've always struggled with AVA, Tom acts like it's full of meaning and purpose but they barely make any sense thematically or even grammatically a lot of the time. He isn't intelligent enough to pull off poignancy in lyrics, if it isn't jokey or just down to earth and human expression he just falls flat imo.
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    Being vegan doesn’t automatically mean you’d be skinny. Pretty simple.
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    no chance this interview will be real.
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    At the very least, ask him to take a picture with a piece of paper saying blink-182online or something.
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    I think he's pretty pumped for the interview. should be good times. Here's a teaser: "They want me to be the guy from their sick stories...the mental TD clone with no life Haha.. it would make them feel good.. but sadly the reality is different," Leo Dehoe
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    You're welcome! I'm happy that people enjoy it. Otherwise, it would have been a pretty good waste of time, hahaha. Have any favorite bootlegs on there?
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    I’m almost more excited for the Leo Dehoe interview than this album. Almost.
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    This is A Little's Enough isn't it? I always thought this was quite possibly the worst AVA song of all time. It's full of cringe lyrics and awful vocals. It genuinely reminded me of Simple Plan when I first heard it, vocally. I still think "Your smile is gone, I noticed it bad" is one of the stupidest fucking lyrics ever written.
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    Remember the fake Mark interview? That was wild.
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    That F1 series gave me back the love for the sport. I was obssessed as a kid, loved Michael Schumacher, when he retired the first time I lost interest, but I've watched both races so far this season and will hopefully be going Silverstone.
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    Watched two brilliant things on Netflix recently The first was Dawn Wall about these two free climbers, it sounds shit but it was fucking amazing. Loved every second of it. Made me emotional, I was willing them on and punching the fucking air. Please watch it. 9/10 the second was the formula one series. I’m not a F1 fan, I know bits and bobs and some of the racers etc but wow this series is fucking awesome, I binged the fuck out of it. So cool to see the teams and rivalries etc it’s made me interested in the sport. It was excellent, hope they renew it. 9/10
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    THAAANK YOU! So many people were down on Of Nightmares and I think it might be my favourite release of AVA overall. I love all 4 of them, even Into The Night which I hated initially has grown on me loads. it's such a great collection of songs, but View From Below is my favourite one, probably in my top 5 AVA songs overall.
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    I was about to type - "I actually think Mercenaries has some of the better lyrics on that record" but realised I was just remembering snippets, so I looked it up. nevermind. the lyrics are as bad as all the others haha
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    How many times have you been Boomer for Halloween? Did you invent porn-punk?
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    How does Matt, the vegan, manage to look fatter than Tom?
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    https://instagram.com/mattmalpass?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1lq33xw5fiyc2 In this guy’s story, there’s a drum clip and about two seconds of background music after Mark messes up a vocal take. I hear some weird sample but I’m grasping at straws here.
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    AVA definitely have enough good songs for an album but the problem I feel on majority of their best songs, the songs are still way way too long. I feel +44 is consistent from start to finish. Not one song has a part where I hate it or find it too repetitive. The Adventure is so damn good and arguably the best thing Tom has done until up to the 2nd chorus. After that 2nd chorus, it just gets so repetitive and doesn't go anywhere for me. I feel the same about Valkyrie Missile and Do It For Me Now. Start the Machine is the only one I feel that is perfect on everything. Lyrics, structure and length. Oh and Sirens is a pretty fucking good song throughout too. If songs like Valkyrie Missile, Do It For Me Now, The Adventure and The War were 3-4 minutes long, rather than 5-6, then I'd call them as good as +44. With the Dream Walker songs, they started to become 3-4 minutes long and I enjoyed them more for it. Mercenaries is so damn good except for the lyrics, but cause they're not cringe lyrics like California blink, I can deal with it. Don't get me wrong, there are 5-6 minute songs that I love, hell even I've written and recorded a 5-6 minute song. Blink's ILWY is perfect for me. 30 Seconds to Mars have done great long songs. Green Day have pulled it off, although I couldn't use them as examples, cause their long ass songs sound more like medleys than actual full songs. But for AVA, I don't think it worked as well. As they recorded more albums, I think they improved on some aspects but regressed on others. Consistency is a huge problem for them whereas I feel +44 was just so damn perfect on every song. I like to think of WYHSB as the ending of the perfect blink trilogy. Started off with BCR, then the smiley face album but finishes with WYHSB.
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    We have to win today. Then we'll play the rockets or blazers on the first round and probably nuggets if we actually managed to win the series in the second. With PG out I want an mvp performance by russ and ferguson, shroder to step up. They are the too most inconsistent. All we need from ferguson is like 3-4 three pointers per game and make his free throws. Shroder needs to shoot less when his shot isn't falling. Sometimes he seems like a second Westbrook when his shot is off. And I can live or die from westbrook and his greatness but not fucking shroder please. You're a pg if shots aren't falling make plays.
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    Erik, Nikola and Mathias from Millencolin talking about the Warped Tour 1997 in Europe with Blink as well as talking about Tom too in the latest episode of the Mike Herrera Podcast (starting at 25min) 8/15/1997: The band performs at ? in Cologne, Germany as part of the Bizarre Festival. Poster 8/16/1997: The band performs at Colossium in Munich, Germany. 8/17/1997: The band performs at Arena in Vienna, Austria. 8/19/1997: The band performs at Le Dome in Marseille, France. 8/20/1997: The band performs at Bullring in Pamplona, Spain. 8/22/1997: The band performs at Little John's Farm in Reading, England, as a part of the Reading Festival. Poster 8/23/1997: The band performs at Kempische Steenweg in Hasselt, Belgium, as a part of Pukkelpop. Video 1, Poster 8/24/1997: The band performs at Spijk en Bremerberg in Dronten, Holland, as a part of Lowlands Festival. This completed their stint on Warped Tour 1997. http://www.mikeherrera.net/ New date to add : XX-03-1998 Blink 182 are featured on the cover of No Cover Magazine.
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    Just wanted to say, thanks for putting so much work into this and sharing!
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    oh shit, I didn't recognize him at all. I miss Sugarcult.
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