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    Are there any blink songs you feel very differently about now than you did years ago? I was listening to TOYPAJ the other day and most of the songs I loved back in 2001/2002 are my least favourites now (e.g., First Date and Story of a Lonely Guy) and the songs I didn't really care about are some of the best (e.g., Every Time I Look For You and Online Songs). I'm mainly thinking about songs that you like a lot more or a lot less than you did when they first came out. So, I'm not counting songs you loved/hated when you first heard them if you still feel the same way. I'm also only considering pre-Neighborhoods songs since I was younger and less critical then, but choose whatever era(s) you want.
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    I'm honestly not sure Neighborhoods is that much better mixed than Dude Ranch, I love them both but Neighborhoods always sounded almost demo-quality to me
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    I’m not a betting man but i see this being pretty accurate in my later years.
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    Yikes. Next time you guys think I have a terrible opinion, remember this post.
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    My opinions of the super popular singles (All the Small Things, I Miss You, etc) have brightened considerably over time. Tom and Mark sure knew how to write a hit single. And a lot of the songs on Neighborhoods (GOTDF, Up All Night, EISF) seem a lot more mechanical and forced to me over time.
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    I love the 3x speed mode on the ff7 remake. I dont really have time to grind so this helps
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    Cynical for me too. It’s so try hard over the top cringe. Get in the bin. The intro is ridiculous
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    There is a night and day difference on which songs were recorded by either Tom, Mark, or the both of them.
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    keep doing what you're doing, thibaut! even if you're adding something that has been added before, it's hard to keep track of that.
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    Great win, although the Finns made it a pain to watch for the last 15 minutes or so. I live in an apartment that has a view of the city on the horizon (about 2 miles away) and it was dead silent from around 7pm to midnight. Then at midnight sounds of traffic got really loud as people started their (drunken) migration toward the town square.
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    Have to say Giannis is looking more and more like A Westbrook as that series went on.
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    I love Leonard and I can't believe I'm going to be rooting for the Warriors just because I hate the Raptors douchey fanbase aka Drake telling us to shove off when you just got a trip to the finals? I don't care about trash talk but you just won and bucks are a classy team..
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    There was no picture or cool stuff for this date yet And now there's the poster ! I'll keep in mind though to not repost any dates where there's already information by the way ! Thanks !
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    Do it, you won't regret it. I've got it on my tablet and phone and I am about 12 hours deep, still so much left to play. I usually just do battles while on the toilet at work and my characters are far too strong for where I am in the game so it's become a bit easy with the battles so am trying to scale back how much I do that...
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    Sounds great, I like the sound
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    The whole album is pretty cringe to be fair. The new album isn't any better either
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