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    Who the hell cares?! it happens to all of us
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    That's usually me at the dentist regardless of Blink.
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    Dude Ranch and Fugazi's 13 Songs are my immediate answers. Probably because of their influence to me personally...and just great albums I can listen to on repeat. On compilations, I bought Minor Threat's Complete Discography when I was younger and listened to it endlessly only realizing that it wasn't a single album until a few years after I got it (I thought it was just a unique album title) but I still listen to it as a full album today and is still one of my favourite CDs. I also struggle with loving every single song on albums, though - there are usually a few that are just okay.
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    Uh no thanks, and did you get these personally? Some of these look awful...
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    bottom of the ocean! how is that still on there?
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    if I start going bald I got serious problems, son.
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    Pearl Jam - Ten is utter perfection
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    For the time people is saying he's balding, he should be completely bald at this point. 😐
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    I went to a new dentist today. Blink-182 came up casually from the radio, she knew all about blink, Ava, simple creatures. This was me the whole time:
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    You're gonna be REAL bummed out by aging.
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    It's taken me 33 years and countless directions with countleas bands and musical ventures but I can finally confirm my all-time favorite album is Riverdales' Phase 3. At first listen it seems basic but I guarantee not even @Donald Trump's Bulge, in all his technical ability on guitar, could play this whole album front to back correctly. It's an album to make Johnny and Joey proud! Here it is in all its glory: What is your all-time favorite album (pick just one)?
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    Is your avatar and alien smoking a bong on a bong?
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    The trailer looks very interesting!
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    Schools havent released yet.
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    Oh man it's been a while since I've listened to Minor Threat. Definitely going to listen to that tonight!
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    The Only Thing that Matters is a bad Green Day song
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    Energy was an album! I think they recorded two versions one in 88 and one in 89. The one with all their stuff is self titled or the UK version.
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    I remember my parents being really into Rancid when I was growing up. Wolves was pretty much a car ride staple for a long time and I still love that album to this day but I couldn't really find a place for anything else they've done. I feel Wolves was the most commercially approachable of their albums (or at least up until Indestructible that I know of since that was really the last Rancid album I've heard in earnest). I think it's that is why it's always stood out for me as such a great record. It has an eclecticism and approachability about it that I really look for when it comes to music. I've always be the worst kind of punk ... I don't need slogans or chants, I don't need politics, deep lyrics or punk cred. I just need fun, catchy and fast.
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    That Operation Ivy album is a true 10/10 album.
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    I should say Milo Goes to College or Energy by Op. Ivy because they have always been my favourite albums growing up and still are but "The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me" is the epitome of nuance, the more I dig into it, the better it becomes even after all these years (despite what JL did)
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    i'm really digging 69 love songs right now though. fucking amazing album. insane it's literally 69 love songs...
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    probably still my favorite album. Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus said it was the best pop punk album ever and I tend to agree.
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    I have favorites in genres, I don't know about the ONE favorite of all time. Dude Ranch and Vulgar Display of Power would probably be my top two though.....or ....And Out Come the Wolves. That would make me happy for a long time if I was on a deserted island.
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    It's hard for me to compare the two. Just like it's hard to compare Untitled to TOYPAJ.
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    They’ve taken a billion out the club mate. Didn’t you know that or something? if the Saudis took us over they wouldn’t have to spend any of their own cash you know that right? The club is a monster that just prints money. The Glazers are holding us back
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    Left Alone, was so overrated when it came out, really dull song.
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    That’s exactly what I thought. Looks like toms retarded cousin nqat
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    I can think of a few where I at least 'like' every song but there's none where I'm like "every song is awesome"
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    Look at AC Milan as an example of a team with a massive name/history that are struggling to recover and cannot attract anywhere near the players used too, I agree football is about cycles but if you keep missing out on the CL, sponsors may not be as frequent/lucrative due to lack of success on the pitch, that leads to less money to spent etc etc...even this summer, your net spend was pretty low compared to years gone by despite your squad being wafer thin. I'm not saying this is 100% going to happen but it's arrogrant to think that you can live off your name forever if you don't start competing for major honours again soon. I still can't believe that you STILL have Ed Woodward running the show from a football perspective, needs to go back to signing up sponsorship deals and let someone with football experience come in to do his role. The fact that didn't happen in the summer says everything that you need to know about what the Glazers care about. Also is Ole really the right man for the job? Allegri is learning English supposedly...
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    Demon Days by Gorillaz. Damn, really? I can think of at least 15 or 20.
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    I played Div2 with some friends on PC. Had zero care for it as a solo game, but loved it playing with mates.
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    Was gonna make a similar joke, was happy to see you did it better! You sure are sexy lately!
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    Here’s hoping botw2 is the successor to majoras mask. First time in a while we’ve had a direct sequel. same engine. Darker tone in the trailer. I have hopes
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    Those are both embarrassing songs. Oses is great however! It does sound familiar though. Maybe it's a total ripoff, but a great ripoff!
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    I just like it all Its all great
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    I love everything about Run Away apart from the chorus. The chorus has that harmony which has Feldman's finger prints all over it. If it wasn't for that, I could deal with the chorus a lot more. Ransom has Feldman styled harmonies in the second half of the song too.
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    Tom really let his hat placement do a lot of his acting for him
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    Holy fan fiction, batman!
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    Dude same Freddy just bothers me, I don't trust him. When his arms stretched out across the street was when I officially said "Fuck. This."
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