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  1. Do you want some attention, sweetie?
  2. I didn't expect or even want a BB-style finale. And I'm fine with what happened in the end, I think it made a lot of sense, I just think they could have gotten there in a better way.
  3. I thought the BCS finale was kind of meh.
  4. Poor old Gomez died at the same time as Hank. And yeah, the show has had so many dramatic and entertaining court scenes, I'm sure they'd want to do Jimmy's trial justice, so it doesn't seem like that will factor into the finale.
  5. Interesting. I don't think he's going to die (unless they go really far into the future) just because it might feel too similar to the Breaking Bad ending, but that's the only reason I think that lol.
  6. Looking back, it's clear to me that Travis was never cool. I used to think he was, but we were all fooled because we were kids.
  7. Child sexual assault material (the preferred term to child pornography).
  8. It is interesting that they found no evidence that he downloaded anything. But I also find it odd that a lawyer advised him not to report anything... it was nearly 20 years ago, so maybe things have changed, but I thought there were procedures in place to report CSAM.
  9. If "trio" is in the band name and the extra guitarist isn't on stage and is never introduced or anything, that makes it seem like they're trying to hide it. But I agree that the other guitarist was probably just beefing up the sound and not playing all of Matt's parts (although Matt's guitar parts are mostly rhythm a lot of the time).
  10. Do you think Skiba has a secret backup guitarist when he plays with blink like he supposedly did with Alk3 (according to Laura Jane Grace)?
  11. I bet MGK's guitar is super low in the mix though.
  12. @Johnny Fappleseed's idea of the coolest thing ever.
  13. You're the one who started talking about discord today, buttplug.
  14. I just know Diddy watches MGK videos while furiously jacking off.
  15. Looks like Ry recently got his 5th or 6th blink-related tattoo (of course, that's only tangentially related to Mark).
  16. He felt alienated by the discord clique and left. 😢
  17. You're right. There's nothing more nefarious than trying to foster more interaction between community members with a Discord server that's open to all regular posters.
  18. As far as I can tell, complaining on the boards about discord has generated way more discussion than anything that might have been lost.
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