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  1. yeah I play I just mean as professional musicians recording ...its hard to track as precise as someone who has recording 12 albums or whatever he has done. Not his live playing.
  2. Oliver don't be a dummy. Mark is a professional bassist and would play circles around any bassist here...deep down you know that. Same as Tom. They may not have the dexterity and technical skills we perceive as "great" but they are pro musicians in that (maybe more importantly) they can play in proper timing better then most on the earth. Im not saying Mark is Jaco Pastorius and Tom is Paul Gilbert but they are way better then we think. They just think its funny to suck as they pointed out.
  3. I am gonna guess alot of it is re-recorded on the guitar side. Tom doesn't play as consistantly live as he does on that record.
  4. I saw some video where they showed his yearbook...he was written down as Matthew Thomas Delonge Edit: he was written down as Matthew Delonge
  5. hmm...cmon Mark/Travis change it up a bit! As I think Oliver noted earlier...Tom did have a good assessment of Mark getting stuck in nostalgic mode.....dont be afraid to play around 6 new songs!
  6. good lord who is that lady in your signature!?!
  7. I honestly understand why everyone likes Matt Skiba more then Tom...I don't listen to Alkaline Trio at all so I'm coming from a different direction I guess..but... He doesn't sing this song great at all. His stage presence is lacking. His guitar tone is bland. He plays in timing well though. Not saying he doesn't sing better then Tom, cause he does. But if we wanted an upgrade...get an upgrade. Don't get someone who is barely better if that. Get someone who can hear pitch and has good vowel definition. Idk...maybe I'm missing something but I can't hear it.
  8. oh man that was terrible...he got lost timing wise sounds like and just played haha
  9. sorry...im so curious...who is the lady in your sig pic?
  10. hmm..that is nice! Mark and Travis can at least control Matt so we should have a new album soon
  11. You're friend is mistaken. Tom songs are not played a step down... Mark had to bring WMAA a step up in the 1999-2010ish range...but he sang it at proper pitch recently.
  12. His first baritone was a strat with a baritone tele neck....ive never seen it but that looks look it. Maybe it hasn't been on stage but that may be the first prototype for his alternate tuning guitars which is kind of cool.
  13. 100% sure they rerecorded vocals, bass and guitars on MTTS. No question. listen to it..every palm mute is perfectly 8th notes. Mark is barely ever in the pocket with travis and he is actually grooving on that record.
  14. At this point a live DVD would be like a new album in terms of how much time is spentLiterally everything besides maybe Travis's drum tracks and the backing tracks would have to be rerecorded.
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