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  1. just a quick question, how many albums have they actually sold
  2. theedge00

    Song Vs Song #2

    Going Away To College (my first blink song I really liked) uhm, new song 1 or new song 2.... i kid, i kid Emo or Sometimes
  3. Last night I had a dream about Blink. I saw the new video on TV and said to my mom ''don't change the channel'' but it was Blink and some other band. And the music sounded meh. Luckily it was just a dream
  4. you say that in every thread. it won't happen. really! I know, but it would still make me happy! that could be a new genre '' futuristic alternative rock'' (sounds pretty cool too)
  5. all of these rare videos suddenly on youtube
  6. it's synth, It's the 80's, the 80's was crap! oh oke
  7. I love Selftitled but the keyboard on Always is just meh IMO. I guess we'll see how they use it
  8. You can watch youtube in hd (if you have an HD camera), im just excited to see them play together
  9. there's a difference between recording and actually making a new song you know
  10. I hope not some deep meaningful name cause that would make me cringe... just something random would suffice
  11. I wonder if they respectfully can say ''hey that riff fucking sucks man''
  12. Here's the whole 4th song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rmGGlznSz8
  13. They can at least give some teaser of what they already have
  14. meh, he wasn't that good of an actor anyways
  15. in the back of that shop? I cant tell if your sarcastic or not
  16. WOW! thats awesome How much was it??
  17. Nah not Easy Target as an opener, the first song should be Whats My Age Again or The Rock Show
  18. So you guys are saying there is a possibility to see some jailbait at the concert
  19. do you think there are still any young fans? i mean when they broke up the average age of the fans was maybe 16/17, so now, 5 years later everyone is all grown up
  20. That would be cool i guess, it was their breakthrough record after all
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