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  1. Yeah that's probably not a bad option either.
  2. When @Ry-Breadactually gets this set up he should move the Mark questions to it's own thread to make it easier for him and just everyone in general. Hopefully Mark will let you do a multiple part interview.
  3. Damn man now you're like BFFS!!!!
  4. So their new merch company sucks major ass.. I placed an order in October that is FINALLY shipping.
  5. I love that you get to game with him @Ry-Breadthat's pretty bad ass.
  6. Yeah at this point i think they're just turning into their next album. I'm not betting on a release anymore this year.
  7. Did you go home and tear down all of your posters afterwards?
  8. Man i wish i could land one of the Mark replicas but i can never land one when they go one sale.
  9. I haven't even gotten a shipping notification on mine yet.
  10. Yeah this album is REALLY fucking good. Still really love Bloody Valentine.
  11. Lmao I hope so. I thought you and Oliver were close outside the boards.
  12. Fuck man for real? Hope the dude is ok.
  13. I actually really enjoyed this version. He did a First date version too.
  14. Damn this is a lot of fun watching him do this.
  15. You would think Matt would want to be involved. I know he's gone to Feldmans at least once. But damn why wouldn't you just get a simple set up to continue to write.
  16. Yeah i really don't take how he describes the new songs too serious. Best just to wait until they come out.
  17. The thing that pissed me off most about those was he really only needed one. There was no real reason for him to do two albums other than to delay working on Blink. I could easily find 10 songs between both albums that would of made for one solid album.
  18. I remember when Madden came out and i think i still have that game too. I actually shut off all the other songs on the game and just left "Action" playing at all times.
  19. If all you do is bitch go him about Tom then yes.
  20. Mark just said on Twitter it’s not a blink song. So y’all can chill.
  21. LOL true it is Blink after all.
  22. Xmas release really isn't fall though lol
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