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  1. Sounds like a great night, gutted I missed out to be honest.
  2. Rancid cover of Stickin in my Eye > NOFX original version
  4. Give me 5gb by the end of the day or I'm quitting this dump.
  5. I'm still loving Vigilante Oliver, solving crimes one shaky handheld YouTube video upload at a time.
  6. You should of made a vlog of this ordeal and uploaded it to the James Stone channel, I'd would of 100% watched it.
  7. So you're a vigilante too? Is there anything you can't do?? fucking hero!
  8. I remember Oliver and the old owner Aria showered naked on webcam while talking to each (both separately in their respective houses on different sides of America) and uploaded it here, that was quite strange to say the least...
  9. You think that's bad then you're lucky you missed 'the champagne room' which was essentially a load of men sharing photos of their dicks to see an average looking girls tits...
  10. Feels like the calm after the storm, see you in a couple of weeks James!
  11. Worth another watch for sure, just subscribed to 'James Stone' - looking forward to seeing more great new content such as this, I'd advise you all do the same! @Bucko - watch and don't laugh, bet you can't...
  12. I like how people who have lurked for years and not felt the need to sign up have decided that they simply cannot let this ridiculous Oliver argument pass without making a comment about it.
  13. Yeah that's all well and good but he could he play it while wearing a suit while being recorded by a potato?
  14. Fucking hell, I've missed a lot. Oliver, you're absolutely mental, it's fucking brilliant. Could read this all day, keep it coming!
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