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  1. Shame it took a rapper who can barely play guitar to do it, would have been nice if the pioneers of pop punk could of done it tbh.
  2. When MGK replaces Skiba, probably once Covid passes a bit.
  3. Anyone else watched 'The Serpent'? Joint Netflix/BBC thing - will be on Netflix soon as well I believe.
  4. This season feels a bit like the old school Premier League where teams used to lose 5/6 games and win it with 75/80 points. I think if a team gets 80 points this year they will probably win it, although I have a feeling City are ready to go on one hell of a run. They are only 7 points off the top with 2 games in hand and a glorious run of fixtures in the coming weeks.
  5. My thoughts exactly tbh, we just don't have the financial clout to bring in players who can play that way. The two players we did drop mega bucks on who do were pretty much flops, Anderson is on loan at Porto and can't even get in their match day squad and Haller left for half the price we paid for him. It's no coincidence that the players we have signed that have worked recently are all hard working/honest players who give their all. I think Moyes has done great job, we were looking dead and buried when he took over last season and he kept us up with a few games left and this season
  6. It's hard to say, it felt like a backwards step getting him back after sacking him to bring in Pellegrini to play a more expansive type of football which didn't work out at all and we're left with the very expensive legacy of that (Anderson & Haller for example) One thing I will say about Moyes is that he's got his signings spot on. Coufal Soucek Bowen All been big players for us since his arrival. Sure it would be great to play more expansive football at times but we have played some decent stuff this season as well as picking up some very good points against the
  7. Title race looks interesting this year. Liverpool can't stop drawing, Man United look in contention but Ole is a bit of a streaky manager and City now look like they're ready to put a bit of a run together. Can't see Spurs really competing and Chelsea are already out of it imo. Leicester while having a decent start will also fall short again for me. Really happy with our start to the season, I think a lot of people tipped us for relegation (I for one thought we would be down there) but I think 3 more wins and we're safe and can start looking up. Coufal has been a great signing and R
  8. Good win on Friday, should have been 4-1 at least though (and even then that would have accounted for us missing a few great chances) Need to start putting sides to the sword a bit more but no complaints with our current form and being 6th over a quarter of the way through the season. Don't expect to keep it up but I think we will avoid the relegation battle a lot of people tipped us for. Get Antonio fit again and get Benrahma in the team regularly and we will give anyone a game, Rice has been fantastic this season - taken his game to another level.
  9. I'm glad beating us is that important to your season, think you'll struggle to find any West Ham fan who disagrees about us being bottlejobs. Not sure why Shaw started, looked woefully off the pace at points and as someone said at the end, he is known for taking a few weeks to get back up to full fitness. AWB is one of the best in the world one v one but I'm noticing more and more how bad his positioning can be and on the ball he is simply not good enough. What the hell was De Gea doing for the third as well, was like he was fielding a cricket ball pea rolling towards him rather than
  10. @Scott. what you think of Pogba and Raiola this time? surely you have to bin him now, trouble is what sort of money win you get for him with 18 months on his contract and the state of finances in football? PSG maybe?
  11. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158827238785502&id=507105501&sfnsn=scwspmo
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