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  1. Do you care whether you get Europa or Conference league? I'd say this is a fairly big game for you as I'd have thought that being in the Conference League is pretty embarassing for a club of your size. Also the battle for top 4 is likely to be mental next year so Europa offers another route into the CL.
  2. Ah yes, those are three careers that we all associate with being 'awesome dudes' to be fair
  3. Good result for us yesterday, shame we gave up a 2-0 lead but would have bit your hand off for a draw at start of the game. Guarantees us European football for the second year in a row, cherry on cake would to get 6th but gonna be tough as need to better Man United's result and Brighton are our bogey team.
  4. Even from me? what's that meant to mean?
  5. Lot of jealous people here, sad to see.
  6. What the hell was that penalty decision about? ref had an absolute mare there haha.
  7. Yeah if Ten Haag can get a tune out of Van De Beek and also get De Jong in there it's streets ahead of McFred.
  8. Supposedly offered Declan Rice an 8 year contract on £200k a week. Our owners are fucking ridiculous sometimes, everyone can see what they're trying to do here.
  9. I just don't get it, he is an inconsistent speed merchant who like Bucko said, plays well in patches and is then awful for substantial periods after that. He is not consistent enough to play for anyone other than a midtable to lower midtable Prem team regularly. Barca needed bodies and he did a job for a few games but it's become clear he isn't the player they need if they want to get to where they want to be. He would be an absolute car crash at Man United, I'm certain of it. MAYBE he could be a decent option for Spurs, Conte turned Victor Moses from a pretty average winger into a good wing back at Chelsea but something tells me that Traore has notions and wouldn't fancy that. I'll happily be proven wrong though as always.
  10. They are all pound for pound better at football than Traore though aren't they? Rice will leave eventually as deserves to play for a team challenging for the league and the CL..I think any West Ham fan with half a brain accepts that, he is still giving his all every game though so that is what matters to me. Hope he gets a move to either Liverpool or City, deserves to be playing at a team that is at that level. Traore turned down Spurs to go to Barca which is understandable, they aren't gonna sign him by the looks of things - he will be lucky to get an option to go to a team like Spurs now. I think he will probably end up somewhere like Everton, Villa or maybe Leicester. Really can't see him playing regularly for any team who is in the CL or the EL - might as well save a few quid and sign up Usain Bolt.
  11. Fancy a season in the Europa Conference League?
  12. It's fucking hilarious. Don't think it's meant to be but couldn't help laughing, so ridiculous how it snowballs out of control.
  13. Any you Brits watched 'The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe'? Absolutely batshit true story about a bloke faking his own death with his canoe. Four-part drama based on the extraordinary story of how prison officer John Darwin faked his own death to claim life insurance and avoid bankruptcy - unbeknownst to his two sons.
  14. Glad some people agree with me, I also don't think Traore would 'laugh' at an offer from West Ham...if we're good enough for the likes of Rice, Bowen, Zouma etc...I'm fairly certain we'd be good enough for Adama Traore 😂 Squeeky bum time for end of the season, could end up in the Europa League again or if we lose both our games we could easily end up with not even Europa Conference.
  15. Me too mate, always been Rangers over Celtic. Hope they go on and beat Frankfurt now.
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