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  1. 4 points out of 6, GO MOYES! Manager of the season in my opinion... Good win against Chelsea (you're welcome Man United fans) but yesterday was frustrating as fuck despite a point being a decent result, that's now 26 points lost from winning positions this season... Positives are that Rice has been superb since the restart, think he should be captain but almost seems pointless as I think he will be off in the summer. Antonio is a pain in the arse for any defence and is scoring again as well.
  2. I just can't fathom how it made you not want to finish it, even if you're not liking the story that much - the gameplay is still really fun, the graphics are still amazing and you do find your self getting more engrossed as the game goes on imo. I admire the fact that they were quite brave with it, would of been a lot easier to just have a rehash of the first one. Also seen that the voice actor who plays Abby has been getting death threats on social media, what the actual fuck is wrong with people?
  3. Don't bother, the bit with the tsnumai ruins it.
  4. Completed it and loved it, not sure what the beef is tbh. I actually enjoyed the second half nearly as much of the first, was quite cool seeing the other side of the story. Really can't see how it was enough for people to not finish it/delete/snap their discs in half for attention - fucking pathetic. I will def play through it again in the next few months.
  5. Think we might end up getting relegated and to be honest I don't really give a toss if we do. Club is run like a fucking circus and l take the pain of relegation to fuck our terrible owners. Over his two spells at the club Moyes had a worse win percentage than Avram Grant (who relegated us in his only season at the club)
  6. I fucking love 10, it's my favourite one after 7. Combat is great and the sphere grid is one of my favourite ways to level up, especially when you use the advanced one that gives you more flexibility to customise how you level up your characters. I also really liked the story, didn't think it was that bad at all...
  7. I've finished the story now and am now up to chapter 6 on hard. Just making sure I get everything I missed in the first playthrough and checking stuff online as I didn't use any guides on my first playthrough. Really enjoyed it but fighting Sephiroth in Midgar just felt wrong.
  8. Left my flat for my daily exercise today and walking down to the seafront there was a group of people outside their house blasting 'California' (the song itself) from a speaker, was happy to hear blink being rapped but also equally disappointed that it was one of their worst songs...
  9. I'm quite deep into this now, did you do all the side quests and the research to get the new materia? I'm currently on level 48 at the Shinra battle simulator where I've been doing some serious levelling up. Need to try and take down Bahmaut but he's a right little cunt.
  10. I am watching and enjoying a lot. Obviously didn't grow up watching basketball but I love a sports icon/controversy doc (like the Aaron Hernandez one for example) even if i dont watch the sport itself regularly. Would MJ be regarded as the greatest of all time? How would the likes of Lebron, Kobe and Shaq compare?
  11. I'm kind of used to it now tbh, I'll be happy when it's back but my time is occupied by looking for a job, playing PS4, catching up on a million tv series and exercising.
  12. Not sure this has been posted anywhere else but: https://www.kerrang.com/the-news/the-pentagon-has-officially-released-tom-delonges-ufo-videos/
  13. Seriously? Travis just loves drumming, he'd probably drum over a load of recorded farts if given the chance. He's featured on some absolute garbage rap songs over the years, I'm sure he'd have no issue with doing some slightly AVA sounding BCR.
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