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  1. I agree there needs to be more regulation but these clubs are meant to be run by smart/business savvy people. It's completely ridiculous that these absolute cash cows are built on a house of cards, they make so much money yet they manage to burn through it all and still go into insane amounts of debt. Feel sorry for agents, I'm sure a lot of them do a great job for a fair price but then you've got parasites like Raiola who earns more than what a lot of top players do in one year by doing a single transfer. I think what you're saying about the Europa League and FA Cup is true from a
  2. Barca and Real are the worst, their business models are completely unsustainable. The transfer fees and wages they spent over recent years have been absolutely obscene and it's now all catching up with them. Perez then has the audacity to claim that the Super League is for the benefit of the whole of football in the long term rather than bailing Real Madrid out of all their financial problems. Fucking pig of a man. Good to see the Prem sides have pulled out but this shouldn't be forgotten, these owners haven't pulled them out because they want too, it's purely because of the backla
  3. The momentum needs to continue to get them out. I hope for your sake that they do get forced out. Still nearly £500m in debt 15 years after buying the club and spending £60m servicing the debt they saddled the club with. How were they ever allowed to buy the club?
  4. Just stating my point of view, not directing at you in particular - just a passionate fan saying what I think about the whole thing. Especially considering the decisions that these clubs are making is likely to have a pretty big impact on the team I support. If you can't tell the difference between a team having some investment pumped into it and a moneybags league where 15 teams have guaranteed participation irrespective of performance then I cannot help you. It's anti competition in every sense of the word. These big teams, despite being the richest and most successful still have
  5. You're really clinging onto this whole 5 teams can qualify every year, oooooo 5 teams are lucky enough to get the invite every year, what an honour to be able to compete with European juggernauts like Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal! It's not about that anyway, it's about the 15 other teams who are guaranteed to be in it every year no matter how they perform. Also thank God we have Florentino Perez with football's best intentions at heart, sure it isn't anything to do with Real Madrid being saddled with debt - good idea would be not to spend £130m on a 29 year old Eden Hazard and not
  6. Fair play to Milner coming out and saying he doesn't like it, although probably a bit easier to be brave when you're 35 and coming to the end. Feel sorry for the players and managers having to bare the brunt of the questions while their owners release BS statements/don't say anything at all. Man United and Man City didn't even have the balls to post the announcement on their social media sites, just hid it away on the website. Shows the absolute contempt they hold the real fans in. Seen the traditional fans who are from the area and that go to games are now being referred to as
  7. You threw out a petty insult calling me a 'top fan' so I thought I'd lower myself to your level and throw a similar petty insult back, I don't think my opinion carries more weight than anyone elses. Guess time will tell with this but I'm pretty worried about what this means for football as we know.
  8. Like I said, what we have now isn't perfect. Is being a 'top fan' believing that the in principle that a European Super League is bad for football? Lot of top fans out there then, including most of yours (those that actually go to games at least) - you should try doing that one day, cracking fun!
  9. What facts do you want to know? what facts could make you think this is a good idea that has footballs best intentions at heart? I have no issue with money in football or even clubs being take over and having money pumped into them, I have an issue with the idea of a competition that teams have guaranteed participation regardless of performance. Teams have ups and downs, look at Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal, all have had periods out of elite European competition over recent years due to performance despite them being huge/rich clubs and they had to deal with the financial conse
  10. Okay then, you win. It's a very restrictive open shop that heavily favours the clubs who are already the richest with no consequence on performance. Sound good to you? Football is about dreaming, you probably wouldn't understand as a Manchester United fan as you've had success served up on a plate for your whole life but shit like this just makes those great football stories like Leicester winning the league even less likely to happen. How is it business as usual? teams currently get additional revenue on performance, e.g. prize money for qualifying for the CL and then more dependin
  11. Semantics, 15 teams who cannot be relegated. 5 teams who would need to qualify every year, one of them could win it and not be guaranteed a place whereas someone like Arsenal finishes bottom and keeps their place. You think that's what football should be about? Yeah...my point exactly, they cherry pick the best players ALREADY, now they're all going to get even more money to do it...making the gap even bigger between these teams. Yes, it could be a ploy but it seems like it's getting pretty official to me. Rumours that Jose has been sacked because he took a stand against the Super L
  12. 15 teams who cannot be relegated no matter how bad they are, that is anti competition all over. Greater distribution of wealth = gives the bigger clubs even more money to cherry pick the best players from other teams. Can't believe actual football fans are willing to consider this. Bonkers.
  13. Here is all you need. It is a closed shop, anti competition league that protects the already richest clubs right to make money irrelative of their performance. They then intend to use these vast amounts of additional money gained from this closed shop and compete in their domestic league. Noone is denying Sky/BT are greedy, this is so much bigger than that - it's a complete attack on the competition of football in this country. Never before has there been an elite competition that a team has had a God given right to qualify for despite their performance.
  14. Are we honestly trying to justify/defend this? I get things have changed a lot over the last 25/30 years when it comes to money in football but this is completely different - it's the first time there has ever been a closed shop to the already biggest and richest. Football in its current form is far from perfect but this is a completely different level of bullshit. Absolutely stinks.
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