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  1. The resilience of your team is what would worry me, you go one down and just collapse like a deck of cards. If you start well, you seem to do okay but if you start poorly you get absolutely pummeled. I get it's City who are a completely different level but you still shouldn't be collapsing like that. 6-3 flattered you being completely honest.
  2. I've found this with playing Zelda: BOTW - just cannot get into it, had moments of enjoyment but kind of got burnt out by the same old trapsing across an open world to try and figure out a shrine puzzle. RD:R2 is fucking great, one of those games where you feel like you're actually in a real and breathing world. Feel like I need to replay it at some point.
  3. I'd be personally embarrassed to post here anymore if I were you after how much you were crying about people being mean to you the other month. Now go crush some bitches and spend that six figure salary you make!!!
  4. I think the truth lays somewhere in between with Varane. He is Man United's best defender but he isn't the player he once was, which is why Madrid were pretty happy to let him go. Looks like we are signing Paqueta from Lyon now for £50m, we've done some great business this summer - now just need to actually score a fooking goal in the Prem. Have to get something against Villa on Sunday.
  5. So you'd bring Ronaldo back in the starting 11 for the next game? the early pressing set the tempo for the game and while it wasn't present for 90 minutes (which is near impossible for any team) they still chased balls down/won 50/50s and carried on winning lost causes. Martial Rashford and Sancho has to be the front three next game for me. 2 goals and an assist between them, let them get some momentum and find some form together. I agree the back four were great though and Maguire/Shaw should be seriously worried about getting back in this team. I agree Elanga wasn't great and deserved to be hauled. I feel like I didn't notice McTominay to much which is probably a good thing. Disagree about Bruno though, yeah he made some mistakes and acted like a shithouse but he was flying into every tackle and covered every blade of grass for the team. A player putting himself about for 90 minutes is something that you shouldn't take for granted as you haven't had many that do recently.
  6. Looks like we were both right doesn't it! Better and more solid without Maguire and Shaw, also more exciting/unpredictable/dynamic and can press better without Ronaldo. None of them should be getting back in that team now. Thought Man United were fantastic last night, can't quite believe the difference between that and the Brentford game. As much of a shithouse he is, I thought Bruno Fernandes was also superb yesterday - was fucking everywhere.
  7. Really worrying start to the season, something isn't quite right and even Rice isn't playing well. Bowen has been pretty poor as well and Soucek, Coufal and Antonio all need to be dropped ASAP. The former two have been playing shit for close to 12 months now. Still never beaten Brighton in the Prem after 11 attempts now, mental.
  8. Well the core of this team went from 2nd to 6th so something certainly changed. Not saying these aren't players without flaws but you can definitely get a better tune out of them in my opinion. Do you not think you should get rid of him then? Ronaldo now saying he is going to reveal the truth in two weeks and let drama hang over the club even more? Self serving bollocks. He wants to leave mainly because he wants to preserve his CL scoring record right? More self serving shite. You've linked two Man United supporting hopeless romantic journos to counter the bloke who has wrote the greatest book ever on the history of football tactics. Hmmmmm...who to trust?
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2022/aug/06/erik-ten-hag-first-task-manchester-united-biggest-mistake-resigning-cristiano-ronaldo Great read from tactics guru Jonathan Wilson.
  10. Look I guess we're never going to agree on this but I honestly think there is a strong chance you'd see improvement from a lot of those players. Assuming they get rid of him completely and don't have him stinking out the dressing room with his attitude.
  11. The season with Cavani you did better, because he actually ran about and pressed defenders. You're kind of just proving my point here tbh. He also didn't score 25 goals but others around him chipped in from all angles, that's the potential difference in having a more dynamic frontline. A team can't just be geared up to play a certain way and then completely change if that one player isn't in the team...the whole Man United set up was geared to go through Ronaldo so of course it suffers when he isn't there. My point is, could plan A without Ronaldo be substantially more effective than the existing Plan A with Ronaldo? in my opinion I think it can and most other Non Man United fans agree as well. You have a lot of players who aren't up to the required standard but there is no way that a lot of them are this bad. You can't get rid of all of them right away, just not possible. You have to deal with the cards dealt and try something new. The game has changed a lot, players are more pampered, struggle with criticism and are millionaires for achieving barely anything in the game. Never saying players can't sulk either but a player so clearly wants out that has such a presence in Ronaldo, I think you just have to let go. My MLS comment was tongue in cheek but he is 37 and you can't get away from that, you can't build a team that is in a huge transitional period around a player of that age - it is just counterproductive, especially when the player wants to go. It's not like the whole Chelsea team relies on Thiago Silva, as good of a player he is and has been hence why they have bought in Kouliably and look like getting Fofana...he is going to be phased out.
  12. It's not as black and white as you make it though, you didn't have the 25 goal a season striker before and as a team you scored a lot more goals from different positions. Team balance and chemistry is much more complex and removing certain players/adding certain players can change the whole way a team plays. Ronaldo wants out and a player with that influence and presence sulking around is going to do nothing for players who are lacking in confidence. You can't get rid of all of them, so it makes sense to get rid of what has turned into the bad apple, if only to save morale - it's all good saying about Roy Keane being that way but players and the game have changed in the last 20-25 years - like it or not. Also he doesn't press anywhere near what a Ten Hag team would need a striker to, this was a stat taken after 22 games last season: Ronaldo averages 6.71 pressures per game, 2.01 of which are successful. That is… err, not great. In fact, it puts him in the bottom one per cent of Premier League players. A really strong pressing forward would make over 20 pressures per 90. - https://www.planetfootball.com/quick-reads/cristiano-ronaldo-manchester-united-stats-facts-goals-assists-form/ He's only getting older and he's going to become even less mobile as time goes by. Time to go enjoy the MLS Ronnie, you've had an incredible career.
  13. How does it get worse than this currently? in all seriousness. You have to take away what you think about him as a player. Him being there still against his will is clearly not helping anyone...when you have a bad egg that wants to leave, you just have to let go. Maybe be a different question if he was 27 and at his peak with so much more to give but he is 37 and the end is nigh. Will him going get a better tune out of the other players? maybe? maybe not? but I think it's worth a fucking shot. If you want to give Ten Hag a chance then you need a player who can press from the front and wants to do it/is part of their game. You've got a manager in who has a football identity - no point having a star player who doesn't want to be there who can't so what he wants. Don't get me wrong, there are PLENTY of other players who need replacing as well but I think this one has become a no brainer now. Completely agree with De Gea needing to be replaced - isn't good enough with his feet and his shotstopping isn't as good as it once was, Maguire is getting there as well for sure but I think you can still get a tune out of Bruno in the right system.
  14. He completely fucked the balance of the team Solksjaer was building in hindsight. I get it's one for the romantics but I'm nigh on certain you'd be in a better position now than if he never came back. You scored more goals in the previous season without him and they were spread a lot more throughout the team. I think there is def some truth in the other players being better without him around as well, I know its only preseason but the performances seemed to drop when he joined up with the squad. I think just his presence there like you say is now detrimental to the team, and he's nearly fucking 38... Never go back to your ex, it's never the same unfortunately.
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