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  1. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    I'll be pissed for months if that happens, hope it's in the next 10 years so I can really enjoy it - don't want to be winning our first major tournament when I'm 80 and shitting my pants constantly. Planning on going to the States in 2026 for the WC, I'll be 39 which is a bit savage to be honest...
  2. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

  3. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    Declan Rice is English, what a day! Has the potential to make that anchor position his own, it's an area where as a country we are a bit short.
  4. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    Agreed, was saying to my mate last night that he was so card happy giving the first yellow to everyone but didn't have the bottle to give anyone the second. Kimpembe could of walked twice, Pogba could of been sent off before he was as well and Young maybe as well. The Pogba sending off was an easy cop out, doing it when the game and potentially the tie is finished. Thought the ref was poor overall to be honest and could easily of let the game flow a lot more than he did.
  5. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    Game was over when Lingard and Martial went off. Mata is not a winger and Sanchez is absolutely finished, such an alarming decline - I know he's 30 and had played but a lot of football but what the fuck has happened to him? Can't remember the last time I saw him even beat a man. I think you would of stood more chance against them with Neymar and Cavani in the team, they're all good playing them both against a load of French farmers but in the big games against good opposition PSG often look a lot less solid as they basically have three players acting and defending like strikers with them and Mbappe.
  6. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    Matteo Darmian on a five year deal next, need to get Smalling tied down until he's 35 as well I think.
  7. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    @Scott. what you think of three more years of... ?
  8. ...Dan...

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Don't make gaz mad, you won't like him when he's mad.
  9. ...Dan...

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    People that are obsessed by categorising music into genres are virgins that have baths with their mum.
  10. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    I completely biased and realise this is pretty irrational, but right now I wouldn't. I just love the little fella and he is so important for us in the big games. Lukaku on top form banging in goals is obviously a different proposition but at the minute he looks like a fucking body builder and just seems slow/sluggish and lets face it, his footballing intelligence and touch has never been the best. Would you swap? how about Guendouzi? miles better I hear, hehehe...
  11. ...Dan...

    Rank the Pop Punk Bands of our time

    Ghent likes Mumford & Sons and Taking Back Sunday as well, don't forget them!
  12. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    Haha maybe at the right price... To be honest, the Diop and Balbuena partnership looked class until he got injured so looking forward to getting him back in the team. Ogbonna was good last night has been pretty shite this season, was tempted to find out where he lives in my building and kick the door down after the Wimbledon game tbh.
  13. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    He's looked good in recent weeks to be fair, we will have Yarmelenko back next season too who will add another option. I think it will be Gomez in and Arnautovic out in the summer.
  14. ...Dan...

    The Official Football Topic

    I can't believe Klopp is moaning about the referees decisions... That offside was shocking and they could of got another offside goal in the last minute if Origi didn't fluff it! Yeah, would of def been happy with a point but a shame to not get all three on the balance of chances, can't wait to get Lanzini back in this team - if Arnie can get his head back on Lanzini, Anderson, Antonio and Arnie could be a pretty formidable front four for a team like us.