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  1. I'd go to see Neck Deep to be fair, would probably leave after their set though.
  2. I think this most of the times I go into the Tom Delonge Meltdown Thread.
  3. I was out with work drinks that completely escalated and didn't get home until about 4am on Saturday morning so my usual getting pissed for Eurovision didn't happen, still watched the whole thing though. Iceland were my highlight 100%, our entry wasn't great but it def wasn't the worst of the night. Madonna was awful, flat as a fucking pancake and her interview before with the presenter was so awkward, was cringing the whole way through their banter.
  4. When you're the best you earn the right to manage the best, he's not exactly going to take over Leyton Orient is he? To be fair he hardly took over a City side at the peak of their powers, they had just scraped 4th on goal difference and had an aging squad. Sure he's had a lot of money but as you guys have proved, you have to spend it right and there is no denying that he improves players, Sterling is 10x the player he was before Pep came. Supposedly Pogba is willing to take a pay cut to force a move to Real Madrid, that's pretty damning as we all know how much footballers love money. What's happened to this Dan James story? he was meant to be signing like a week ago but all seems to have gone dead?
  5. I haven't seen it either, probably should get round to it at some point...
  6. Star Wars is for virgins, selfish virgin pricks.
  7. I'm sure he meant that literally, definitely wasn't a joke or anything.
  8. Mark is laying the groundwork, calculated as ever. He knows the latest album is an absolute stinker deep down and knows that blink need Tom to work, wouldn't surprise me if they completely scrapped what they've recorded and got Tom back to start again - would make sense to be honest, give the real fans what they want.
  9. I was thinking this, this guy, Dippy and a couple other new members make the posts that Bucko bumps from 12 years ago look mature.
  10. That was one was so shit it actually worked and made me laugh out loud...
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