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  1. He's having a really solid season so far, think he's relishing wearing the armband. Carragher said during the Spurs game that people underrate his passing which is completely correct. He's def influencing games more this season as well e.g. when he ran the length of the pitch against Leicester and hit the bar with a shot etc... Think he's suited far more to being box to box than the really deep sitting role that Southgate plays him in, although I think he could be very good at that for England when we come up against the top sides.
  2. Thought you guys played really well last night, def deserved the win - would have been daylight robbery if PSG got anything from that.
  3. I didnt mean money wise, I meant giving me an actual challenge for once!
  4. Anyone fancy making it a bit interesting in FPL this year?
  5. Haven't jumped around like that since I was 13, absolute madness - what a fucking goal to get the point as well. I know I said I am a bit indifferent to West Ham atm but you can't not go mental when shit like that goes down.
  6. Can't comment on Telles yet (although his goals and assists stats in Portugal are very good for a full back) but I think you need a better right back offensively to play a narrow diamond. Fair play to Maguire - had a shit month or so but did well to put in a performance like that.
  7. I glanced at this quickly and thought you'd got an interview with Ron Pearlman, shame.
  8. I'm just gutted Jordan Chase is dead and won't be able to appear in this.
  9. Thanks for the balanced opinion on this. Yeah the last couple of series were shite but 1-4 were gold and I actually thought 5-6 were pretty good as well. We know literally nothing about this other than what Casey is saying yet everyone's first instinct is to shit on it and say how awful it's going to be. Must be fucking exhausting being so negative about everything. END RANT.
  10. I do think he is playing really really badly at the minute, he isn't worth £80m but you have to account for the fact he's in awful form as well and most players will have a few rough patches performance wise throughout their career. Am I the only one who remembers Maguire having a bit of pace? he's never been rapid but I swear in the earlier days of his career he used to eat up the ground with his big strides once he got going. Since he's joined Man United it's like he's running on treacle. Poor bastard.
  11. He flattered to deceive for the most part, even during his first season. Was incredible in November/December but was average to poor before and after that purple patch.
  12. Looks like we're going to be getting Benrahama from Brentford in the next couple of days. Really hoping this happens, supposedly a 28 year old Josh King for £18m on mega wages is the back up option and I really don't fancy that. We actually have a great record of signing Championship players and them doing well in the Prem so hopefully this can be the same. Bowen and Benrahama on either wing with Antonio up top could be quite a dangerous front three.
  13. Anyone over the age of 14 that does '!!!!1111!!!!' needs help. Take some time out from here, regroup and come back stronger.
  14. I think it's called taking your time, I know you Skibabots think that churning out 20 songs in a few months is normal but it isn't for most artists. Good to see Tom taking his music serious again.
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