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  1. As a professional mixologist, I can verify that the mix is perfectly fine and within acceptable ranges.
  2. I’d have to listen to it again, I have no idea what the chorus is anymore.
  3. You’re just afraid of having feelings ‘cause you don’t want people to think you’re a wuss.
  4. There was a hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant in Comfort, Texas that had a jukebox. On that jukebox is a variety of music that includes 3 songs by Green Day … Warning, Waiting, & Jackass. This jukebox had an odd quirk. While all songs play at normal restaurant acceptable volume levels, Green Day’s Jackass plays at what can any only be described as tarmac jet engine levels. With a 2 song selection you could lull unsuspecting restaurant patrons into a safe and soothing atmosphere with a slow and soft song. Then position yourself in the corner back by the restrooms to watch everyone get the shit scared out of them when the drums and band kick in on Jackass at 7 seconds into the song.
  5. Be super cool if everyone shut the fuck up.
  6. Why? We are just gonna make fun of them here too, might as well keep it in one place.
  7. Mark said something about practicing new songs but didn’t give a definitive on whether they would be added or not. I guess we will find out soon enough.
  8. You should have changed your name to More Jan You Know
  9. These people got cum between the ears or what? Fucking dunces, amirite?!
  10. LAPD can run security and Scott can join the fold too
  11. Pardon me, good sirs, but perhaps you could spare some Grey Poupon?
  12. That’s because it was pre-recorded!
  13. To be fair, it’s not really something most would talk about or really even notice as a first.
  14. because drummers get all uppity if you praise them for anything.
  15. That song is about building a pool to attract naked dudes, it says nothing about them actually being in the pool. Get it together, Fap!
  16. Tom: We saw the whole world. South America: …
  17. A little over two hours left.
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