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  1. Lol what are you talking about he was never better than this for example He just went downhill year after year
  2. Coke wouldn't make him say other bs than what he usually says. That said, he could very well have been on coke but it's almost impossible to tell. He wasn't THAT energetic too. Definitely not on X lol. But he's starting to look cool again though.
  3. This is clearly on purpose and sounds cool Imo. Agree with everything else you said
  4. Who would want to work with Mark Hoppus at this point?
  5. Wow the first 2 albums did REALLY good. I'm impressed.
  6. Did it bomb this much. I thought it was one of his best albums.
  7. Ehhhh.... That's the best he can get out of his voice nowadays guys. I'm sure he tried his best. Guy's aging, never was a great singer, AND destroyed his voice 10 years ago.
  8. Who cares? When is WDNTW acoustic coming out it's been more than a year since the anniversary lol, how long can it take to record 10 acoustic songs for pete's sake?
  9. I wonder what people would think of me if they knew I read this.
  10. Everything Tom puts out shits on everything Mark has done since 2006 Really don't understand the debate here. Mark is stuck in 1999. He's not even trying. That's both sad and embarrassing. Tom is kind of embarrassing but he's trying new things; Give him credit for that. And his music is MUCH better
  11. This song is pathetic. Just kill the band now please. Sounds like a mix of all the generic garbage we heard in the 2000's
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