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  1. Just got home from Pittsburgh show. They said lil Wayne's bus broke down but I think was just an excuse for him to close. Seems people really wanted to see lil Wayne and not blink as much. Was great though I ended up within 10 feet of mark for acoustic part of show. Good news is I got to beat the traffic. Bad news is I didn't get to beat my meat
  2. Most of the song is pretty good but the chorus needed more lyrics than just repeating "happy days" so much.
  3. Serious question. How was lil Wayne?
  4. Lol sum 41 have like 3 or 4 really good albums. Best shows I've gone to have been sum 41 and new found glory. Blink has been very lackluster for a long time now. Sad to think about actually.
  5. Dumb question. Is Mark vegan/vegetarian? I think lack of meat may be wearing on this band (srs).
  6. Not a super fan of it but I like it. Definitely different. To me this sounds like something that could go mainstream/radio etc so good for Mark.
  7. I don't necessarily think she is a gold digger. Too me I feel like she was a very big influence to Toms ego blowing up. After her from my perspective blink became TOMS band. Not just a band Tom was in. Everyone wants to blame drug addiction. In my experience drug abuse is the result of a problem not the cause. Basically I think it's the age old case of a chick getting between a dude and his friends. So maybe not a gold digger but definitely a bitch.
  8. This dude may have just hit the nail on the head. She DOES look like a cunt. She is a interior decorator or whatever. Yeah what ever sounds like a spoiled annoying controlling bitch. Guarantee she is the one who pushed Tom to try and take control of blink with boxcar and everything then the hiatus. Me and my girlfriend have long blamed the demise of blink on Jen. end rant
  9. Yeah I was gonna go to Columbus show. I live in Pittsburgh area. Very happy I didn't book a hotel or anything yet. Kind of expected this though. Also had tickets for blinkin park. Was psyched to see blink and MGK at one show. Oh well guess that's life.
  10. Yup. People seem very sheltered as far as alcohol and drugs are concerned here. Very strange to me
  11. This kinda scares me that Tom may not be as crazy as we think.
  12. Yeah I don't get people on here. Been a long time lurker. I just don't get all the love for untitled etc. Enema, dude ranch. That was blink. That's the sound I fell in love with. They do 1 experimental album and now everyone wants that all the time? I think overly artistic is overdone these days. Just play me something fun.
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