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  1. What do you feel could be improved on this record, out of curiosity?
  2. Didn't Tom do that song in Australia?.
  3. Also one of my favorites. The live performance on Conan is great
  4. How does he still have difficulty playing these songs? Going on year 4
  5. I keep asking myself this question. I guess it doesn't fit the summer vibe they wanted on California. But that's all I got. Misery and 6/8 are so much better than 75% of California
  6. I'm gay and mothers day are two dark horses here
  7. A shame but i think you're right. I wish however we could trade out some of the singles for after midnight, hearts all gone, kaleidoscope, even if she falls
  8. Mark is afraid and I think it's because of the lack of commercial success +44 had but that's a great record. In the blink ava +44 boxcar pantheon it's top 4 for me album wise
  9. Chapter 13 is a God damn masterpiece. That whole album really I can still listen to it this day start to finish
  10. At the same time let mark have his own tracks too. Some of the best blink songs are hoppus tracks. We don't need split vocals on every track
  11. Its more concerning to me that he can't play these blink riffs after 70+ shows and who knows how much rehearsal time, plus studio time with Mark and Travis. I believe we are at a point where he just is what he is. Not an insult he's just not as good as I thought he would be in the band. Sorry I should have quoted you I was honestly just too lazy to go back and look for who said it
  12. Can you imagine we live in a world where Mark hoppus is by far the best guitarist in blink? I believe someone earlier mentioned Mark should write the riffs. Which is fine he's had some good ones over the years. But I don't think Matt could play them live. It is jarring to me how limited of a guitar player skiba is
  13. Let Mark be Mark. Let him overthink lyrics. That's his best work. Less rushed choruses. Better guitar work. Some darker songs than we got in California.
  14. Sober Tom is a far better guitar player than skiba
  15. How do you feel that only Mark remains from that record? Just seems off
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