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  1. *shrug* As with anything Blink do now, it would be a cash-grab and i’m not going to begrudge them that, even if it doesn’t excite me. Getting GATC and Wendy Clear would be cool though! What Tom songs from EOTS have they not done with Matt yet? Think just Aliens, Mutt and Anthem, so who cares really? Funny if they played Aliens considering everything now...Mark would have to at least dedicate it to him each night!
  2. I don’t mind the song, Blink is meal ticket now and they’re desperate to stay relevant, which this does. Could be worse!
  3. This is going to be...interesting. California was an album that desperately tried to sound ‘like a blink album’ and this looks like it will desperately try to create 2-3 hits, could be a disaster!
  4. To be fair to Pharrell, he has worked on some awful shite but NERD’s first album is a banger
  5. Just had a flick through it there - TTS has 10 employees and revenue of $370k in 2018, very small business. The huge losses are mainly due to how highly they’re valuing shares. Also, he’s hit his sister (Kari?) up with a $100k-a-year gig as CCO! Also, one of their risks is: ‘Telepathy. Research into telepathy may require scientific testing on persons, which will expose the company to different risk factors than its other proposed projects’ 🤔
  6. Mark put up a clip on his Insta, sounds like Matt singing ‘I wanna have the best summer ever’. This could be bad...
  7. In chronological order - Heart’s All Gone Even If She Falls Dogs Eating Dogs Boxing Day Cynical Bored To Death Misery Last Train Home 6/8 Long Lost Feeling
  8. Funny you should mention that - Wheatus played a tiny venue (250 people) in Dublin city last week and I was asking myself how they were making anywhere near enough off it to justify all the travel etc.
  9. Na nana na nana na na wooooooooooah Na nana na nana na na wooooooooooah Hey, here’s to you, California
  10. Bothers me every time that Mark’s ‘wooooah’s at the end drown out the crowd, would have been so much better if he stayed silent
  11. By the looks of it, this has always been Mark and Travis’ company only. It was formed late in 2004 (when all the tensions with Tom were at their worst) and the doc is a ‘statement of no change’. I presume Tom has his own company for royalties etc, maybe check the copyright info for Neighborhoods to be sure!
  12. And they weren’t wrong...
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