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  1. omg scott!!!! is man overboard about you?!?!
  2. listen to the first album which dave did every instrument by himself, and then listen to this shit. it's not even close. really, ever since chris schifflet joined the band they havent been as good. maybe its just a coincidence because dave writes most of it. i dont know. the first 3 albums are all special in their own way. the first is like totally garage rock. TCATS is like total perfection. has something for everyone. the 3rd albums just has some great songs on it, and dave used an AC30 for all the guitars and it sounds so cool
  3. first 3 albums are awesome. then all filler until wasting light. sonic highways was awful. and this isnt much better.
  4. oh yeah, not even close. at least we got the two albums out of it
  5. tom is such an idiot. i mean i personally think all of this shit is lame, but whatever, if he's into it then thats cool. but he doesn't realize that he needs blink to be huge again for him to get the word out there. if this stuff came out at their peak, it'd be huge. it really is a shame blink broke up in 2005 or whatever. they were on their way up. now they are has beens, they could have potentially been rock n roll hall of fame worthy but not anymore.
  6. this. i got tayf the same time i got the used first album. i might have even gotten the used a little before.
  7. i get on a tbs kick every few months. mostly the first 3 albums...but really the 2nd and 3rd.
  8. nolan really isnt that great. their music is lifeless now imo. a few decent songs but thats it. and the two singer thing is kinda gone.
  9. and adam would start a new band with fred mascherino. their chemistry was just fantastic. they complimented each other so well. fred was almost a 2nd lead singer, it just worked so well. not to mention fred is such a sick guitarist. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WpPtSwXukA >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR6lDl4Zo5g new TBS is okay. thats it. they play dad rock now. sorry for my venting.
  10. oddly enough i think matt skiba abuses that chord progression wayyyyyy more than blink lol.
  11. everything SINCE the dreamwalker album? isn't that just like 6 or 7 songs on his shitty solo thing?
  12. exactly. you can't act like everything else he's ever done never happened. to take something from a private conversation and make it public is fucked up. i know i say horrible things at times (all in good fun) and if someone took a snippet of something i've said i'm sure i'd be in trouble too.
  13. def messed up what he said, but he doesn't deserve to get fired for it. anything to do with race these big companies just back away and never back up their people. hulk kinda made the WWE big and they just threw him under the bus.
  14. because blink was mark and tom. they really haven't been blink 182 since 2004/5 i'm open to new music, and i'm sure i will like it. i just wish they would make a new band. but i'm sure there is more money in it as blink.
  15. they can give it what ever title they want but it won't be a blink album
  16. LOL a few months ago he put a picture that looked like a girl or something i forget, it's down now. that facebook is hilarious
  17. i want to hear new music and everything, but it using blink 182 as a name doesn't make it blink. blink is mark and tom. they are splitting hairs. just start a new fucking band. you'll always be mark from blink 182. it's not like travis left. it's one of the 2 most important dudes, and honestly, the most important dude. blink was more tom than mark, but still the two of them.
  18. i totally thought it was gonna be brand news new album.
  19. truly a legend. what a bummer.
  20. it's so mishmashed. and towards the end of the song it has this fade out then it goes into the main riff of the song again- kinda similar to the bridge in obvious. but in UAN its just the lame quick fade out that sounds like nobody gave a shit. it's like that at the end of if she falls, the last song on the album you expect it to end big. nope. a lame fade out. should've at least let the notes ring out
  21. neighborhoods was alright, most of the good parts were tom. but up all night might be the worst song they've ever done.
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