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  1. The Great Brendino

    Official Podcast Thread v1

    Mines better.
  2. The Great Brendino

    Official Podcast Thread v1

    Figured I'd make a thread where we can all share our favorite podcasts whether it be a whole series or just individual episodes. One of my favorites is the Productive Outs Podcast. Its about baseball and its hosted by Riley Breckenridge (Thrice) and Ian Miller (Kowlooned Walled City/various other stuff). While about baseball they usually have a musical guest every week which is just a band they decided they will play during breaks. They are pretty funny and its a good light hearted look at baseball as well as some music talk. This is also where Puig Destroyer started. https://overcast.fm/itunes509842949/the-productive-outs-prodcast
  3. The Great Brendino

    Knuckle Puck

    I listened to the music video song. Sounded like a Misser song but not anything as good as what that band did.
  4. The Great Brendino


    Came in here and wanted to talk about them but did a basic forum search like a good little boy. Bohangles was ignored so I'm bumping this. New album is killer as is their old material. Got a couple of songs for you guys to check out. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex7-l5Mrn68 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZfdYH-LZCQ
  5. The Great Brendino

    New Found Glory. New song.

    Its like they almost disowned Coming Home when it blows everything out of the water they have done since then. I don't even think I have listened to the whole album that just came out last year. Probably going to see them with Yellowcard since NFG do put on one of the better shows but I think they unofficial realized they are a legacy act. Also I think the Chad/Haley thing is weird. She is my age and I assume got into them around the time so it must be weird dating someone from a band you listened to since middle school/early high school.
  6. The Great Brendino

    New Found Glory. New song.

    Their last album was a complete regression for them. I think the response to Coming Home has made them to afraid to really change things up. I remember really liking it when it came out but for whatever reason I only really go back to everything before it. Coming Home is probably my favorite song by them though.
  7. The Great Brendino

    Matt's Perspective

    I remember being in elementary school or something and a golf course was opening (what was opening is fuzzy, just something outdoors) and everyone was excited to be there because one of the owners or who ran it was someone from Flock of Seagulls. To this day I'm not really sure who he was or what the place was.
  8. The Great Brendino

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Why is that? I get the guys name is Adam but it has nothing to do with him.
  9. The Great Brendino

    blink-182 Quits Tom Delonge

    March 1st - No It Isn't Pt. 2
  10. The Great Brendino

    blink-182 Quits Tom Delonge

    Why is everyone talking about the legalities of this? Bands kick guys out all the time and still play their back catalogue no issue. Of course Tom would get a cut every time someone bought and album he was on just like Scott gets a check for all pre-Enema sales.
  11. The Great Brendino

    blink-182 Quits Tom Delonge

    I know who Atom Willard is, but who is that other guy?
  12. The Great Brendino

    blink-182 Quits Tom Delonge

    Travis and Mark should start a pop punk super group. From like early 2000s.
  13. The Great Brendino

    blink-182 Quits Tom Delonge

    I was thinking about this as I read through all 90 pages on the AP.net thread, I honestly have lost my love for this band during the last 5 or so years since they came back because it was a whole lot of hot air. Wasn't a big fan of the new stuff and their live shows from what I understood were lackluster. Then they did the 10 year anniversary tour and i was like damn maybe they are making a comeback. And then nothing again. I hope this redeems them in my eyes. And I'm officially in the camp of I don't really listen to them anymore.
  14. The Great Brendino

    blink-182 Quits Tom Delonge

    I loved the Rolling Stone article. Glad they called him out. It was nice to see them be honest. This does effectively end blink as we know it. There is no coming back from what has gone down.
  15. The Great Brendino

    Japandroids - Celebration Rock

    Any word when something new will be released.