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  1. Lol I was watching the Road home, Tom points out at Poway the Blink marking he wrote under a desk in 93. But Blink wasn't even a thought until after he was expelled.
  2. Ah so good to know there’s another weezer die hard here!
  3. Crazy to hear a new WMAA studio recorded.
  4. Honestly, I think Upside Down Mountain is the best album he's ever made. I'm gonna message you on Facebook, because I love Conor talks, but I'll also say while I loved Better Oblivion (got me one of those flyer things tooooo) I really disliked both Ruminations/Salutations a lot.
  5. Damn Chesire so bottom of the list, and Dude ranch so top?
  6. 1. Enema 2. Chesire 3. Dude Ranch 4. Toypaj 5. untitled 6. Neigbhorhoods 7. California. Anyone else slightly annoyed at how Nine changes things as far as release-timeline goes sort of?
  7. Yeah, nothing I can do. I called him out though.
  8. man, does anybody remember the blink-182 book guy lmao?
  9. Yeah, my hero is Conor Oberst, and there was this old, now defunct message board where a portion of the members were only fans of his very early stuff, but primarily - more than that, fans of the musicians he was a fan of, who were very very lo-fi. Anyway, they, a guy named John Boulay in particular would record music, cassette only, and make it as hard-to-listen as possible, with horribly cut and paste covers clearly modelled after how that kind of artwork used to be when people didn't have programs they have today and were forced to make due. I recall one of them being a greek statue inverted? Typical bull shit. I hate it lol.
  10. The M+M's cover was great, which is why this is so disappointing. It's try-hard lofi. Like to the extent of a gimmick. Even the cover art. It's like she tried to "cool-make-it-shit". Waggy felt so weird, and hurt my brain with how slow paced it was.
  11. new ava song in 11 days too. Seems like Blink is really pushing out songs before the album drops. have they dropped this many in the past? I don't remember.
  12. Friendly reminder that Plus 44 was fucking amazing.
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