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  1. I really think it is. There are so many different types of emotional shit- and they do different things to you, but this is the type of emotional thing that really, not just teaches you things, but...I can’t see a scenario where you don’t grow after watching it. You appreciate things in a far clearer way, and I truly don’t think any documentary or film in general will ever come with an impact like this one does.
  2. To me, nothing touches Dear Zachary. Nothing gets me more emotional. Nothing has affected me like this. I just got teary-eyed watching the trailer again, it's that insanely gut-wrenching and important. If anyone has seen it, and would like to discuss it please be very cautious about spoilers because I really, really hope those who have not seen this yet take the time to watch it. Do not give any spoilers without hiding it. One warning though: This documentary will without a doubt bring about a lot of rage and heartbreak from you. It's worth it though, because it truly is a special work of art. DO NOT research this movie before watching it. If part of you is considering watching it, take the chance and do not allow yourself any knowledge past perhaps the trailer.
  3. Frasier is in my top favorites. I've seen the entire series like four times.
  4. It can try to be whatever it wants, but nothing about Friends makes any logical sense, thus I can’t for the life of me understand its high praise. It also— I’ve never seen a show ignore character flaws so much which is one area in which Seinfeld blows it out of the water. The characters on Seinfeld aren’t the greatest people, and they face consequences regarding that in nearly every episode. Things do not go their way. They’re also not just magically rich to fit the show.
  5. i just think it's amusing to troll crab a post that isn't a troll. Comes off a bit whiney.
  6. And as fun as I’m having with this topic I find it...something... that when somebody simply expresses how they feel in regards to something you stamp the troll crab on it.
  7. You’d put Friends before Seinfeld- You’d put how I met your mother above the wonder years- You’d put it’s always sunny above cheers? You...think Negatively about Roseanne?
  8. This. This so much. Hey, fun song though. But I never clap.
  9. The Office doesn't hold a candle to Seinfeld. And really @ that Friends assessment? I genuinely find that show the epitome of overrated for several reasons. Seinfeld is the show about nothing where everything happens, Friends is just the show where nothing happens. The funniest thing about Friends is how insanely silly the idea of the whole thing is.
  10. To love Seinfeld is to understand that with every event that occurs in your life, you can point it to Seinfeld. It's ridiculous, insane... This show has an episode for everything you've experienced or can imagine yourself experiencing or every moment you ALMOST experienced. This last one is is typically summed up as "Man, I totally almost had a (insert Seinfeld character here) moment. For me, it 99 percent of the time always falls into George moments.
  11. in my top 3. So proud to have you on the team, buddy. *wipes tear*.
  12. @Melty MarkWelcome to the many, the as confident-and-proud-as-they-should-be, the Sein Field Marines.
  13. All day. Any day. Period. End. Of. Story. I about had a heart attack when I popped open that ...Friends... **shudders** thread and read the Seinfeld hate. Look, I knew going in to that topic I'd run into it. There are either or's in this life. You either adore Bright eyes, or you adore Death Cab For Cutie. Back in the day, half my friends rocked outward love towards TBS, while the other half, BN. Me, I skipped around holding my Straylight Run CD in the air like a flag for a country I'd be proud to be from. The most accurate to anything either or in this life is you're either ride or die Seinfeld, or ride or die Friends. Well FUCK friends. Bashing Seinfeld is UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTABLE. Let's go to war, assholes. I'm ready. I'm hungry. Seinfeld is the greatest sitcom of all time. That is not a subjective feeling, that is a mother fucking fact. I will gather up all of my reasons shortly, but I wanted to put this thread out there first. Also, if we're going to war I also need an army. Any volunteer recruits? @wannabe corn dog wanna be my top general? We gotta...find a nuke or something. That'll be in the examples of why. ,
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