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  1. Lyrics you're the kind of girl that people write about I bet you'd turn my life around I can see it now till you let me down love doesn't come easy but it happens fast and it kicks my ass it kicks my ass I can feel it now tell me what you think about when I'm not around when you're by yourself move aside your bull shit cause it's in my way you're too depressed and not ready today come on, baby give it one more chance I'll be everything you wanted from that asshole ex-boyfriend why get ready if you're gonna stay in why divulge to me
  2. These are the completed songs so far. Hoping to write and record ten songs for it. I'd love whatever thoughts.
  3. Literally downloaded it cause I would definitely listen to again lol.
  4. Oh man, you nailed that second verse too! So awesome. Bridge is great too. I'm honestly super impressed, dude.
  5. man, blast from the past I haven't gotten to dive into your music in forever. Such improvement over time, brother. The chorus in Dumb Reminiscing is super catchy, and I love the MUSIC. happily sticks in your head.
  6. The original draft of this movie that sold, then got re-written into what it is now was written by my favorite writer!
  7. Reaper The reaper, it plays inside my blood and lingers up and down my spine You devil, it’s you I’m thinking of each time I chase after the light death is too far to keep me down but life is too hard to want around fear is the why I stick it out I want an excuse that makes me proud How come I want to let you win each time you kill me with intent How come I choose to let you in knowing each time you leave me spent I’m crashing each wave before their time I’m playing this god as if she’s mine I’m stealing the light from other’s eyes as if that’s what keeps
  8. Eight Hour Drive we kissed in the car you seemed distant, confused and your gum in my mouth tasted flavorless too it felt like a sign, still I’m me, and I do tend to analyze things that may not be true but I held out my hand and you slept like you knew my hand was out, shaking and waiting for you have you ever cared half as much as you swear because you’re never there or look back when I stare and it isn’t unfair, I’m just far too aware and in love unprepared to accept what’s not shared you deserve better, but I deserve more and I try to be
  9. Monster I meant to call you back I'm not sure why I didn't I know you probably stayed up wondering where I went I don't mean to get loud I don't want to seem rude I know you're worried right now it's hard to pinpoint my mood Everything is okay darling things will be fine I'm here for you always forever yours and you're mine I'm sorry I'm an asshole I can be so mean I know you don't deserve it and I don't know a damn thing I swear I have a heart, but it's just narcoleptic it can fall asleep at any given moment I should fix the porch light
  10. Tommorrowland You're more brave now, but far less than when you were just a little kid when problems were detention slips and not getting to see your friends the real world's wide with viciousness you weren't prepared to face so quick you try your best to deal with it, but anxious one, you're ill equipped you try to sleep, but cry instead and can't embrace your worried head there's meaning in each tear you shed that's lost on you, cause you pretend that it's okay, it never is though like all things pain has to end and morning's just a day away the sun w
  11. Don’t kill me, but I cannot stand Nightmare Before Christmas.
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